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Poor oral hygiene, dietary habits, and other factors can lead to tooth and gum disease. For this reason, experts recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and consulting a specialist dentist at least once a year. In fact, the number of people with dental and gum problems today is very high. One of the most common complications is gingivitis, which, if left untreated, can lead to a worsening. Gingivitis Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah must be done in the early stages of the disease; otherwise, it will lead to additional inconvenience.

What is Gingivitis?

This is a disease that causes irritation, redness, and swelling of the gums around the root of the tooth. It is usually caused by a plaque coating or a buildup of bacteria on the teeth. Gingivitis should be taken seriously and treated promptly. This can lead to much worse gum disease and tooth loss.

Quick Tip! Unlike periodontitis, which is an inflammation of all layers of the soft tissues of the gums, gingivitis affects only the outer layers of the epithelium that covers the gums.


The treatment outcomes will be visible immediately after the treatment, but some symptoms may take some time to disappear.

Best Clinic of Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi  Best Clinic of Gingivitis Treatment in Dubai  Best Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Best Gingivitis Treatment in Dubai  Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi  Gingivitis Treatment in Dubai


Both children and adults can get sick with the disease, the main signs of illness are as follows:

  • An evident redness is visible in the area of gums where the inflammatory process begins
  • Swelling of gums is observed, and slight bleeding may also be noticed
  • An unpleasant odor is also felt
  • Unhealthy blue-purple hue
  • It is essential to understand that the above general symptoms appear either separately or in a complex.

How is it Diagnosed?

As in other diseases, early diagnosis is of great importance in gingivitis. Because early diagnosis significantly increases the success rate in treatment.

People having the disease have complaints of sensitivity, swelling, inflammation, and pain in the teeth, and dentists can quickly diagnose the disease with a physical examination.

During the examinations carried out by dentists, some checks are generally carried out on the teeth and gums. In addition, the same controls are made in the tongue and mouth. In addition, dental pockets and spaces between teeth are also examined.

When to See a Doctor?

Key symptoms are noticeable already in the first days of the disease. It is recommended not to delay the visit to the doctor:

  • Increased gum bleeding after brushing your teeth and eating solid foods
  • Increased bad breath that persists even after brushing your teeth in the morning
  • Redness of the gums around the edge
  • Swelling of the gums, particularly evident in the interdental spaces

Treatment Options:

Treatment of gingivitis varies depending on the patient’s condition and the underlying causes of the disease. The dentist determines the most appropriate treatment for the patient, and the earlier the diagnosis is made, the easier the gingivitis is treated.

In the treatment of gingivitis, depending on the patient’s condition, antibiotic use, professional dental cleaning, and surgical treatment are recommended depending on the condition of the patient. Some are mentioned below:

Professional Cleaning:

One of the main methods in the treatment of gingivitis is shown as professional oral care. For this reason, dentists first take the first step to remove inflammation by cleaning teeth and tartar. Thus, tartar, plaque, and other bacteria on the teeth are eliminated.

Laser Treatment:

The doctors target the pathogenic flora that provokes gingivitis with laser radiation. The laser beam burns all microbes, cleaning the surface of the gums and, if necessary, even periodontal pockets. The treatment has a disinfectant property that prevents further development of disease.


If all else fails, the dentist may recommend getting a surgical treatment which will involve cutting the diseased gum tissue away from the gumline. Targeting the roots will reduce swelling and discomfort of the gums.

Gingivitis Treatment (FAQ’s):

In itself, gum inflammation (gingivitis) is not very serious and can be treated using at-home remedies. However, if left untreated, it can evolve into periodontitis, spreading the bacterial infection to the surrounding gum tissue and eventually damaging the bone as well as leading to tooth loss in severe cases.

Gum inflammation can result in throbbing pains and tenderness. If these issues persist, they can eventually turn into more advanced stages of gum disease-causing infection and bleeding.

Gum inflammation can lead to even more buildup of plaque and tartar which can cause infection and may cause gum recession as well. These can cause sensitivity and the exposed roots may get cavities leading to eventual tooth loss.

Gingivitis can affect people of all ages including children in their early teens if proper oral hygiene isn’t followed. Signs and symptoms of the disease can become increasingly prominent as the disease progresses.

Look for symptoms such as bleeding gums, redness, and tenderness in gums which seem to pull away from the teeth. If you suspect that you have any of these symptoms, consult a dentist to get thoroughly examined.

Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease (call it stage 1 for better understanding). If left untreated, it can evolve to periodontitis (stage 2) which can lead to bone deterioration causing loosening of teeth which may eventually cause tooth loss. 

The average Gingivitis Treatment cost is between AED1,200/- to AED 1,500/- depending on your choice of location. The cost may vary depending on the severity of gum disease and only a careful examination by an expert can evaluate the approximate cost for your particular case.


The cost of Gingivitis Treatment in Dubai can range from AED 1200 to AED 1500. The cost of the treatment is impacted by several factors, including the surgeon’s experience and expertise, clinic level, and location. The doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation.

Tips for Prevention:

The key preventative measures are consistent and high-quality oral hygiene. For gum care, dentists recommend:

  • Brush your teeth in the morning and evening
  • Do not use hard brushes or toothpicks
  • Regularly clean intradermal areas with dental floss or floss.
  • Visit the dentist at least twice a year
  • Treat caries in a timely and timely manner

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