Gum Recession Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Gum Recession Cost

The health of your gums is as vital as the health of your teeth. Brushing your teeth or eating hard foods like apples, pears, nuts, and hard sweets can cause gum disease. Red or purple pimples are one of the disease’s symptoms. Recession that worsens with age might lead to tooth loss if left addressed. This may be avoided by brushing your teeth with the proper movements and removing tartar on a regular basis. Gum Recession Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, on the other hand, can assist in resolving all of these issues.

What is the Gum Recession?

This is a frequent condition that can harm the tooth’s underlying soft tissue and bone structure. Slow and gradual loss of alveolar bone surrounding the tooth might develop if the problem is not addressed in a timely manner. If plaque is not cleansed on a regular basis, these membranes harden with time, resulting in tartar development. As a result, keeping good oral hygiene is critical for preventing tooth decay.

Ideal Candidate:

Someone with the following conditions is the greatest candidate for treatment:

  • Loose teeth are not a good anchor for those with illness caused by aging or any other reason.
  • Infected teeth cannot be treated since therapy would exacerbate the problem.


By removing germs, plaque, and tartar in the mouth, the therapy improves oral health. Healthy pink gums are used to treat infected gums. Inflammation, pain, and bleeding are no longer present.

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Best Gum Recession Treatment in Dubai  Gum Recession Treatment in Abu Dhabi  Gum Recession Treatment in Dubai


Treatment has long been seen to be an effective strategy to preserve oral health and prevent illness. The following are some of the most significant advantages:

Other health issues may be identified: Your mouth may reveal a lot about your general health to your dentist, and regular visits to a periodontist can allow your dentist to do a complete oral examination to rule out any potential concerns.

There Will Be No Bad Breath: The collection of rotting food grains under the gumline, germs, and plaque are the major causes of persistent foul breath. Periodontal therapy might help to solve these issues and offer you clean, natural breath.

Beautiful Smile: Your teeth not only make your smile seem good, but they also make your cheeks look good. Periodontal treatment may offer you clean, healthy gums, allowing you to smile with confidence!

Tartar removal: If left untreated, tartar and plaque can form above and below the gum line, causing significant dental issues. Regular expert checkups are necessary for long-term dental health since tartar and plaque cannot always be self-diagnosed and treated.

Treatment Technique:

The goal of the surgery is to fully clean the spaces around the teeth and avoid additional bone deterioration. In addition to appropriate daily oral hygiene habits, monitoring health issues that influence dental health, and quitting smoking, successful therapy necessitates the cessation of tobacco use.

Topical Treatments:

Antibiotic mouthwashes or gels can be used in the gaps between teeth and gums or in pockets after a deep cleaning. Oral antibiotics, on the other hand, maybe required to eradicate the bacteria that is causing the infection.

Flap Surgery:

The dentist creates a tiny incision in the gum to remove some of the gum material, exposing the roots for more efficient root cleaning and straightening.

Guided Tissue Regeneration:

If gum disease has damaged the bone that supports the teeth, a treatment to replace the missing bone and tissue may be recommended. The dentist folds back the gum and eliminates microorganisms to lessen the depth of the pocket. This location was treated with a regeneration substance such as a membrane, graft tissue, or protein stimulating tissue. The gum material is connected to the root of the tooth or teeth after the replacement material has been replaced.

Soft Tissue Graft:

There are various forms of gum tissue grafts, but connective tissue transplant is the most prevalent. This surgery entails taking tissue from the upper pallet or another donor location and stretching it around the open root to the gum tissue.

Based on your specific needs, your dentist will select the best sort of procedure for you.

Bone Grafting:

When an infection kills the bone around the tooth root, it develops. The graft components might be created from tiny bits of human bone, synthetic bone, or donated bone. By retaining the tooth in place, bone braces assist to prevent tooth loss. It also provides a foundation for spontaneous bone rebuilding.


The cost of Gum Recession Treatment in Dubai can range from AED 399 to AED 799. The cost of each treatment is impacted by several factors, including the dentist’s expertise, the number of gums to be treated, and the clinic level. The doctor will determine the cost of each treatment after the initial consultation.

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