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The pregnancy period comes with many difficult phases and challenges. A woman has to go through many different changes that occur in her body, these can be nausea, vomiting, mood swings, stress, change in hormones, and many different things. It can be a difficult period overall. Some women have easy pregnancies, while some suffer from difficult pregnancies, and require proper best rest. Home Nurse For Pregnancy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah provides professionally trained and trustable nurses who can take care of you during your pregnancy at the ease of your home. You no longer have to be alone in this journey as our nurses aim to provide the best care and support for mothers.

Maternity Care in Dubai:

Carrying a baby in you for 9 months is not an easy job. Motherhood and childbirth are miraculous things for women but they come with many challenges. The physical, emotional, and hormonal changes can be super intense. A women’s body has to go through several changes. Mothers need proper care and support during this time so that they have a healthy baby and good health. With our maternity care home nursing program, you do not have to be worried about being alone. As our service provides you with the best-trained nurses who can take good care of you in this journey, in the ease of your home.

Why Would One Need a Nurse During Pregnancy?

Being a mother is not an easy job. Whether a woman goes through her first pregnancy or 5th, or 6th pregnancy each time has its own challenges and difficulties. Sometimes mothers are recommended proper bed rest during this time. During proper bed rest, they are suggested to avoid doing anything and rest properly so that they can have a healthy delivery. Not resting properly may bring many complications and can also lead to abortion. It can negatively impact the health of the mother. Here are certain reasons why one would need a proper professional nurse:

  • Women who are sick during their pregnancy.
  • If there are certain complications during this time.
  • If you have been suffering from any infectious disease.
  • Couples who are alone, or away from their families.
  • Parents who need help during this new phase.
  • Women who suffer from severe anxiety, depression, heart issues, gestational diabetes, etc.

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Maternity Care Services at Home:

At our clinic, we make sure that we provide the best services and treatments for our clients. With our different home care services you can get comfort and help in the ease of your own home. Carrying a child is an intense phase for women with so many emotions and changes. Below are some of the maternity care at-home services we offer for our clients: Properly monitoring the health vitals of the mothers.

  • Making sure that the mother eats a healthy, nutritious diet.
  • Providing emotional, psychological, and physical support to mothers in this phase.
  • Assist the mothers in their daily life tasks.
  • Keeping a check on their weight.
  • Providing them help with their daily life tasks if they are on proper bed rest.
  • Providing them with the proper knowledge, and education about childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care.
  • Providing proper help and guidance with morning sickness, nausea, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • After a normal delivery or childbirth providing the mother with proper knowledge and assistance of the newborn.

Providing Help For Pre and Post-Birth Period:

Pre-Birth Help:

Here are some of the services that our nurses provide you during your pre-birth phase:

  • Pain Management.
  • Making sure the mother eats a proper healthy diet.
  • Helping them in relieving their back pain.
  • Giving them emotional support.

Post-Birth Help:

The following are some of the main facilities that we offer to mothers during their post-birth period:

  • Helping with taking care of the baby.
  • Making sure that you are having a proper diet, and that the baby is fed properly.
  • Making sure that the new mothers have good energy and stamina.
  • Enhancing your self-confidence.

Skills A Pregnancy Nurse Should Have:

When you decide to hire a nanny for your care, and attention make sure that the specific person has the following skills:

  • Critical thinking.
  • They should have experience in their field.
  • CPR knowledge.
  • They should be trustable.
  • Should have empathy and compassion.
  • Having the experience of dealing with their patient’s medical history.
  • They should be able to monitor your health vitals on a daily basis.

Home Nurse For Pregnancy FAQ’s:

Make an appointment with your pregnancy healthcare provider, such as an obstetrician or gynecologist, as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant. It's advisable to schedule an appointment even if a home pregnancy test confirms your suspicions.

To be sure, you should take a pregnancy test if you usually have irregular periods. The majority of home tests can find hCG as soon as seven days following a missed period. A pregnancy test determines whether you are pregnant by measuring the amount of hCG in your urine.

How Much Does Home Nurse For Pregnancy Cost?

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai the Home Nurses for your pregnancy period can cost about __AED. We try to provide the best affordable services for our patients in the ease of their homes. The cost of this facility may vary due to several different things.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The cost may vary due to:

  • The experience of the nanny.
  • The number of working hours, a part-time nanny will have a different pay as compared to a full-time nanny.
  • The number of services a person avails.

Hire the Best Home Nurse For Your Care!

Our clinic aims to provide the best home care services and facilities to our patients in the comfortable environment of their homes. Our clinic has the best, trained, professional people who can take good care of you in your difficult time. Our trustable staff can provide you with the care and attention you require during your difficult phases. Our home-care plans are made according to the personalized preferences of our clients.

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