Labia Majora Augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Hypertrophy of the labia minora is the most prevalent complaint that an intimate surgeon hears. However, it is not the only issue related to labia. The absence of volume or too much volume on lips frequently results in an unattractive look in the intimate area. The Labia Majora Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then comes in handy to resolve these issues. Young patients with congenital deformities, ladies of old age who care about the beauty and youth of their entire body, and middle-aged women who care about the beauty and youth of their entire body, all employ this sort of repair.

What are Labia Majora Augmentation?

Over time, a woman’s body undergoes changes, and age-related changes affect the labia, they change their color, stretch, or, on the contrary, wrinkle. Also, childbirth, especially repeated, leads to stretching of the external genitalia. The procedure for correcting the labia includes increasing their volume, correcting the shape, moisturizing, and increasing the tone, it is indicated both for age-related changes and at a young age.


The outcome is mainly an increase in the size and enhancement of shape. The volumetric correction achieves aesthetic and functional results.

Ideal Candidate:

The most suitable candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • Unsatisfactory size, shape, asymmetry
  • Consequences of trauma
  • Age-related changes like sagging, dry skin
  • No Allergic reactions or chronic diseases
  • No Blood clotting disorders
  • No signs of Diabetes or weakened immunity


If you are taking blood-thinning drugs, two weeks before lipofilling of the labia majora, they should be discarded. During the day before the operation, you must refrain from sex. Do not come to the surgery with irritation and scratches after hair removal in the intimate area. Lipofilling is not carried out during menstruation.

For other questions related to preoperative preparation, the doctor will advise you.

As for preparing for filler injections, they are also best done outside of your period. Damage and inflammation on the skin are unacceptable.

Treatment Options:

The treatment can be performed in two ways:


The lipofilling technique is a consolidated procedure that consists in removing adipose tissue in the areas where a good presence of fat is concentrated. Belly, thighs, and hips are usually excellent reservoirs.

The operation takes place in three phases, the first is the extraction of fat from a donor area, and the second is the processing of the fat extracted using the Coleman technique. This process purifies the fat which is then available for the third and last phase, which is grafting in the labia majora.

The use of your fat eliminates any rejection phenomenon, moreover, this procedure is definitive because the injected fat is not reabsorbed, and the result is stable over time.

Furthermore, in addition to the fat cells, this procedure also transplants the stem cells present in the fat. The regenerative properties of stem cells will regenerate and improve the tone, tropism, and elasticity of the vaginal tissue. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.


This type of treatment consists in making filler injections directly into the labia majora of the vagina. Unlike lipofilling, this procedure is temporary but has a big advantage that is, it offers an extremely accurate result. The simplicity of the procedure, the absence of complications, and the reversibility are elements that attract potential patients.

Furthermore, this is a practice that is performed under local anesthesia in the clinic with possibly repeatable sessions two or three times every 6-12 months. In practice, vulvovaginal rejuvenation is carried out naturally, with a quick and simple method.

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The elasticity of the vaginal tissue. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.


If the patient feels well, she can go home the same day. The recovery period lasts no more than 3 weeks. At this time, it is important to follow all the recommendations of the surgeon:

  • Choose underwear made from natural fabrics.
  • Stand or lie down, and sit as little as possible. This will reduce stress on the corrected area and speed up healing.
  • Do not indulge in any sexual activity for at least a month
  • Refuse intensive training for 2-3 months.

Side Effects:

The competence of a specialist, compliance with the operation protocol, and care recommendations will save you from unpleasant consequences. If the surgeon’s instructions are violated, inflammation may develop, and soreness may appear, including during sexual intercourse. If something is bothering you, make an appointment at the clinic. Our experts will always help you solve all problems and give answers to your questions.

Cost of Labia Majora Augmentation Dubai:

The cost of Labia Majora Augmentation in Dubai UAE can range from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000. The cost is determined by the doctor after the initial consultation because it is impacted by several factors.

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