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The shape and appearance of the pubis depend on the state of subcutaneous fat and hormonal changes in the body. It may change with age. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reduce the accumulation of fat in the pubic area with a course of massage, diet, or exercise, so the only way out in this situation is surgical correction. Today, Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a very popular and sought-after procedure that is resorted to not only by women but also by men.

Essence of Treatment:

Surgery to correct the shape of the pubis is necessary if a woman is not satisfied with the appearance of this area. In rare cases, surgery is resorted to for medical reasons with an injury in the pubic part. Patients are most often divided into two groups, those who are not satisfied with excessive fullness of the pubis and those who lack volume in this area.

Results of Pubic Lift:

The enlarged and saggy pubis is restored to normal anatomical proportions. All kinds of disproportion and deformation are eliminated to give an aesthetic appeal.

Ideal Candidate:

The most ideal candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • Dissatisfaction with its appearance specifically after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Injury to this zone and its deformation
  • Age above 18
  • Excess pubic fat in men
  • No acute infections or chronic diseases, no blood clotting disorders


Before the Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the patient must visit the attending physician for a consultation visit, who will conduct a general examination to determine the extent of the problem and the treatment plan. In addition, the specialist will prescribe the necessary tests to assess the state of health.

A month before the intervention, it is strongly recommended to exclude smoking alcohol and drugs that affect blood clotting.

Patients with inflammatory and infectious diseases are not allowed for surgery.


Depending on the problem the doctor uses one or a combination of the following methods:


During the operation, the surgeon removes fat deposits in the pubic area. If Liposuction is performed with a lift, the aft is removed through a small puncture in the groin, leaving no traces of the operation.


An intimate surgeon excised excess skin in the pubic area after which a small suture is applied. If previously there was a Caesarion section, then the plastic of the pubis is performed with the excision of the old scar and the imposition of an intradermal cosmetic suture.


It involves injection correction of the pubic area with hyaluronic preparations or the patient’s own adipose tissue.


Modern surgical techniques make it possible to shorten the recovery process as much as possible. After most surgeries, the patient will remain in the hospital room under the supervision of medical staff for 24 hours. 

After lipofilling, due to its low trauma or the operation to remove lumps, discharge is possible immediately after the operation.


During the recovery period, the patient is prescribed to wear compression garments, take certain medications, and limit physical activity. Two to three months after the operation, the doctor conducts a final examination and evaluation of the results.

How Long do the Results Last?

Fat is removed during the surgery it will not come back, but you will still need to maintain a constant weight to maintain your results.

Pros and Cons:

Like every other Laser Treatment this treatment also has several advantages and disadvantages:


  • It creates a smoother, tighter pubis with no bulge or sagging
  • The level of satisfaction is very high. Of those patients who have had the procedure, 100% say it is worth it
  • Some patients report increased sexual satisfaction after the surgery


  • There will be a scar, but it can be placed low enough to be covered by clothing
  • There will be infections, bleeding, and scarring

Cost of Pubic Lift in Dubai:

The Cost of Pubic Lift Surgery in Dubai can range from AED 20,000 to AED 27,000. The cost of each treatment depends on several factors including the treatment technique used, and the complexity of treatment. The actual cost of the treatment will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.

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Enfield Royal Clinic is the best choice for patients who decide to correct the shape of the pubic area. Only experienced specialists work here, who are fluent in modern technologies and techniques of plastic surgeries. With the help of these techniques and the use of new generation equipment correction of any part of the body can be done. If you want to look perfect and are worried about health. 

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