Pediatric And Adolescent Rehabilitation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Rehabilitation programs are specifically designed for patients of all age groups. When young children fall sick due to certain disabilities or impairments. There are specialized fields of medical treatments and services to aid the candidates in reaching their full potential. Whether your child is a teenager or younger than that, we are offering our best services to provide Pediatric And Adolescent Rehabilitation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We have a professional team of medical staff who support the health and well-being of our younger population. Read along as we unfold the significance of this treatment program to help the young ones recover from injuries or other illnesses.

What Is The Importance Of This Rehabilitation?

Children and adolescents are growing into the phase of developing their physical growth, emotions, and understanding of their surroundings. Unfortunately, if any unexpected accident occurs, it is surely going to have negative impacts on their physical and mental health. This is why, we recommend a check-up after an injury during sports or other platforms of daily life to prevent or tame challenges related to overall health. In case, any medical condition is encountered, we can help on time and support their recovery and growth simultaneously. Some of the medical complications detected during the health examination are;

  • Cerebral Palsy,
  • Spina Bifida,
  • Muscular Dystrophy,
  • Traumatic Brain Injury,
  • Spinal Cord Injury,
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder,
  • Development Delays,
  • Learning Disabilities,
  • Genetics Disorders,
  • And Sports Injuries.


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What Is The Aim Of The Rehab Program?

We gathered some key principles to guide you through the purpose of the program;

  • Our goal is to focus on the child’s overall well-being. This includes both physical and emotional health. 
  • Furthermore, we involve the entire family in the support program to process the crucial stages together to form an alliance or emotional connection. This is going to play a significant role in the child’s recovery and brain development.
  • In addition to this, there are carefully curated classes for those families who consider group counseling for their children. These sessions will allow the child to connect to their peer groups and develop emotional stability and acceptance of their environment.
  • On top of that, Pediatric specialists are also going to take accountability for your child’s early development and ensure the best therapies to produce productive outcomes in promoting their healthy growth.
  • Lastly, our board-certified team of professional Doctors includes Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists. We have Psychologists and Physicians on board who work together and collaborate with the families to provide comprehensive care to our little candidates. 

What Are The Respective Treatments And Therapies?

We are offering a wide variety of therapies to improve the overall quality of life of our little ones. Below are ideal individualized treatment plans that address each candidate’s specific needs and medical requirements;

  • Physical Therapy: is going to help out in terms of improving the child’s motion, and coordination for improving their strength in an attempt to move on their own.
  • Occupational Therapy: helps with motor skills such as self-care or practicing and participating in household chores or performing their daily tasks at school or playground. 
  • Speech Therapy: is going to improve your child’s communication skills and swallowing skills. What happens is that, after an accident or injury, sharing or speaking emotions could become a fear or difficulty for the child. This is also going to negatively impact their eating and swallowing. Hence, our program is going to accelerate their reading, writing, and social skills as well as eating and swallowing food without any discomfort. 
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation: helps with memorization, paying attention, and problem-solving skills. We make sure to aid the child to use their maximum potential and capacity to use the brain functions and behave accordingly to participate well whether it is their classroom or other platforms of life. 
  • Psychological Support: emotional well-being is equally important for a child, as it is for an adult. Our professional Psychologists will conduct counseling programs to help the patients cope with mental stress and other aspects of their current condition.
  • Assistive Devices: such as wheelchairs, braces, and other communication aids are provided to the children to approach their activities while smoothly recovering.
  • Education And School Integration: we will notify your child’s school and collaborate with their curriculum programs to ensure our patient can continue their education while receiving rehabilitation treatments simultaneously. 

What Are The Results Of The Services?

  • Although this is a challenging experience for all the three parties involved in this treatment plan. However, with persistence, we can achieve the best progress with the help of our advanced technology. Moreover, our medical research work along with our professional staff; who are working round the clock to improve the living standards of the young patients. 
  • We take pride in keeping our promises to empower children and adolescents to reach their full potential, regardless of their health challenges. Our goal is to reshape the future for our children and enable them to lead and live fulfillingly prosperous lives. 

Benefits Of The Rehabilitation:

After a complete treatment, you will witness a significant difference in the behavior and attitude of your child. Our therapeutic programs instill long-term advantages such as;

  • Improved independence in physical function without reaching out for anyone’s help while climbing the stairs or performing other activities at school or home. 
  • Children talk about feeling relaxed and relieved. This will allow them to fulfill their given tasks and motivate them to participate in more activities. 
  • Their mobility and communication skills with their peer groups and other family members are also going to improve vastly.
  • On top of that, parents and teachers report back regarding the improvements in their cognitive skills at school and other platforms of life.
  • Furthermore, there is incredible brilliance outturn in their mental health as well. You will notice your child experiencing reduced stress, anxiety, and depression post-rehabilitation.
  • Last but certainly not least, their confidence and morale are also going to be boosted. Children themselves talk about experiencing higher self-esteem and regaining their ability to perform both mental and physical tasks with outstanding results. 

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