Exosomes For Hair Loss in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Exosomes Hair Loss Cost

The purpose of our Exosomes For Hair Loss In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah treatment is to give a ray of hope to bald people and do the miracle of converting their miserable lives into happy ones.  The cells of our body, mainly the stem cells, release exosomes. The primary function of these vesicles is communication. These vesicles carry the signals or messages to which the receptor cells respond and hence behave according to the information they receive. These exosomes when extracted and processed, are able to make the treated person’s baldness go away.  

Amazing Results Of The Treatment:

There are many positive outcomes of the treatment but a few of them are mentioned below:

  • With the increase in hair growth, one’s youthful look is regained.
  • Increase in hair volume.
  • One becomes confident due to the new perfect look.
  • Long-lasting hair gain is achieved.
  • Hair length is improved as a result of the gain of healthy hair.

Eligible Candidate For The Treatment:

A candidate who wants to eradicate baldness issues from their root must choose an appropriate treatment to treat hair loss. Those for whom PRP therapy does not seem to be a very effective option should go for this astonishing exosome hair loss treatment. A candidate is more eligible if:

  • The person is suffering from a hair loss problem.
  • The candidate is not suffering from any serious medical condition.
  • The individual does not suffer from any severe allergies.
  • The person is not diabetic.

Preparations To Be Made:

There are a few preparatory steps that are to be taken before undergoing the surgery. The specialist might advise the individual to:

  • Consume a lot of juices and water the day before the surgery in order to stay hydrated.
  • Take breakfast before the treatment in case of getting treated after the breakfast as one should not be on an empty stomach before getting this treatment. 
  • To avoid taking medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin for about three days before the conduction of the surgery and about three weeks after getting treated. 

Procedural Steps:

The procedure is performed within thirty minutes. During the procedure, 

  • The patient is seated on a chair. 
  • Then with the use of disinfectant, the targeted skin part is cleaned. 
  • After cleaning the skin is made numb with the help of an anesthetic shot to avoid pain and discomfort during the conduction of the surgery. 
  • Then focusing on the parts of the skin that suffer from hair loss the most, the scalp is injected with about some twelve billion extracted and thus processed vesicles. 

Safety Measures After The Surgery: 

Only one precautionary measure is to be taken after the surgery which is to avoid taking any ibuprofen and aspirin for a period of three weeks. The treated patient can go back to his home after the treatment and he can also take a shower but should be careful as the treated part often becomes tender after the procedure. One can return to his daily routine on the very same day.

Resulting Advantages: 

The result of this treatment is wonderful as this treatment makes the hair which were not growing previously while being at the stage of rest, now those dormant hair also start to grow and the cycle of the hair growth is elongated. The quality of hair is also improved along with the improvement of the hair volume thus the bald patches disappear. This treatment is comparatively better than the others as it is less invasive. Unlike other hair regeneration treatments, this one does not have such side effects. 

Life Of The Results: 

The results are noticeable just after thirty days of the surgery and last for a long span of three years. The outcomes obtained vary from person to person but our experts in Royal make great efforts to yield the most favorable results. 

Is The Process Safe?

The process is proven to be one of the safest treatments for hair regeneration as it has a high success rate and does not have any side effects. The treatment when performed by a specialist, is not harmful at all as only an expert is able to perform the surgery with great care and precision just like in our Royal Clinic.

Difference Between Exosome Hair Loss Therapy And PRP:  

The exosome hair loss therapy plays the same role as PRP therapy but is preferable as it involves invasion which is comparatively less invasive than those in other hair gain treatments. In the PRP treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn from the body for the extraction of the required platelets whereas in the exosome hair loss therapy, the extraction of exosomes could be from an outside source.

Exosomes For Hair Loss FAQ’s:

While exosome hair loss therapy and PRP therapy serve the same purpose, exosome therapy is preferred because it involves less intrusive invasion than other hair gain treatments. In exosome hair loss therapy, exosomes may be extracted from an external source, but in the PRP treatment, the patient's blood is extracted from the body to obtain the necessary platelets.  

The total number of sessions and the treatment plan you select will determine the final estimate. However, the starting price is AED 700 and above to illustrate the average cost of PRP and exosomes for hair loss. 

Although exosome therapy can produce results that last, hair loss cannot be permanently treated with it. To get the best results, several treatment sessions might be needed, and maintenance treatments might be needed to keep the effects going.

Exosomal hair restoration produces thicker hair in addition to stimulating the growth of new hair. The answer you've been looking for, if you're self-conscious about your thinning hair, might be exosomal hair restoration.

As cellular messengers, exosomes have both anti-inflammatory and growth factor properties. These exosomes actively direct PRP toward the injured area when paired with it, accelerating healing and lowering inflammation. Exosomes and PRP work together to produce a three-fold increase in growth factor concentration.

Unwanted Effects: 

Luckily this treatment has no side effects and thus it proves to be a more suitable option for treating baldness.

Why Choose Royal Clinic?

At Royal, we have a team of experts who carefully perform the procedure and make sure that the customer’s desired goals are achieved. The more experienced the specialist is, as in the Royal Clinic, the more efficient and accurate results are obtained.

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