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Everything you need to know about Orthodontics in Dentistry!

Unfortunately, in the course of life, a person may lose the integrity of the dentition due to various diseases of the oral cavity, injuries, and so on. The loss of one or more teeth is not only an aesthetic defect but can also cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah solves such issues and restores the integrity of dentition. Modern dental technologies will allow you to do this quickly, efficiently, and aesthetically.

Orthodontics in Dentistry:

It is a part of dentistry that mainly deals with congenital dentoalveolar anomalies or acquired defects of the masticatory apparatus. Their main task is to provide high-quality and fast treatment of bone tissue. It does not exist on its own and always goes hand in hand with surgical and therapeutic dentistry.

Before installing various types of prostheses, the dentist must make sure that the oral cavity is sanitized. To do this, he will carry out standard therapeutic and dental manipulations. And the doctor will also need surgical knowledge of tooth extraction.


As an outcome of these treatments, children and adults can get a perfectly aligned jaw with perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. The orthodontist can help you fix all issues in case of missing or damaged teeth.

Dentofacial Orthopedics Clinic in Abu Dhabi  Dentofacial Orthopedics Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Dentofacial Orthopedics Clinic in Dubai

Dentofacial Orthopedics Dubai  Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

It is no secret that teeth are the organ of the human body that is not capable of self-healing. So, the best candidate for the treatment would be anyone looking to get a prosthetic or restore the lost teeth if someone is looking to treat overbite, underbite, or crowded teeth.

What Problems Can be Solved?

There are some problems that only an orthopaedic can solve, and other treatment options are ineffective in these situations:

  • Severe tooth decay due to caries or mechanical stress that cannot be corrected with a filling
  • Pathological processes in dental hard tissues
  • Necrosis of hard dental tissue
  • Anomalies affecting the shape of the teeth
  • Pathological abrasion
  • Gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease, prevention, and prosthetics, if the teeth have already been lost.

An orthopedist will be needed if you need to fix a minor defect: chips, scratches, incorrect positioning of healthy teeth, and other problems.

When is a Consultation Necessary?

A consultation with a dental orthodontist is necessary only if it is not possible to fix the problem and restore a damaged tooth with other treatment methods or if it is necessary to replace missing teeth with prostheses. A timely appeal to a specialist will help fully restore the dentition’s functionality and aesthetics. Following are the five most common reasons for which people visit an orthodontist:

  • The tooth is very severely destroyed due to caries, and it is impossible to restore it with the help of filling material.
  • The roots have collapsed entirely and cannot serve as a support for any dental appliances.
  • In solid tissues, dangerous pathological processes, like necrosis was, revealed
  • There are diseases that have caused a change in the shape of the crown part of the molars, incisors, canines
  • Diagnosed with advanced periodontitis

Treatment Options:

The main treatments that an orthodontist performs include:

Micro Prosthetics:

This technique is used if a large half of the tooth is saved, but a presentable appearance is lost, or functionality is lost. The use of veneers or inlays will allow you to restore aesthetics and functions in a short period. At the same time, the plates will not change their shape, will not be scratched, and will not lose color when worn.

Permanent Prosthetics:

Permanent dentures include bridges and crowns. With the help, you can prosthetic a tooth or restore several lost teeth in a row, achieving aesthetics and functionality. A crown is a non-removable type of denture designed to recreate the visible portion of a tooth. They can be metal or ceramic.

Removable Prosthetics:

Older people typically use these. However, an orthodontist can advise their use at any age. Children may need a removable denture after the first teeth have been removed. They are different from others because they can be removed or applied at any time.


The cost of Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai can start from AED 4999. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the procedure, the dentist’s expertise, clinic location, and level. The doctor will determine the actual price after the initial consultation.

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