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Our health should always be our top priority. One should never ignore their health, no matter what the circumstances are. Due to unavoidable circumstances, it becomes difficult for people to visit a hospital. Not being able to visit a hospital on time can cause more complications to your health. Nothing should ever come between your health and your treatment. Home Health Care in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provides different health facilities for the ease of patients, providing them with the benefit of treating them in the comfortable environment of their homes. Not visiting a hospital won’t be a problem anymore, as our professional Home Healthcare providers will be available at your doorstep to provide you with your required treatment.

A Brief Intro to Our Home Health Care:

We at Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai aim to provide for our patients with different healthcare facilities, who are unable to visit hospitals and clinics due to certain different circumstances. The main purpose of our homecare facility is to help treat different illnesses, diseases, and different injuries of our patients in the comfortable environment of their homes. Everyone is more comfortable in their homes. Sometimes, elderly people, people who suffer from long illnesses, or people who cannot visit a hospital often neglect their treatment, and this makes them sicker, and their health keeps falling. But now you do not have to worry as we have the best, professional nurses, doctors, and healthcare providers who will be at your doorstep when you will need them.

Who Should Avail Home Health Care Services?

Our services are beneficial for every individual who might need home treatments. We offer vast at-home medical services and facilities for people. Some of the main facilities are mentioned below.

  • People who suffer from prolonged illnesses should benefit from home treatments.
  • Individuals who are in a comma.
  • Elderly people who are unable to take proper care of themselves.
  • People with special needs.
  • Someone who needs assistance with catheter care.
  • Individuals who require wound dressing, or suture removal.
  • New mothers who require care, and help with the baby.
  • People who are prone to infections, and avoid visiting a hospital because of this.

Home Health Care Services infographic in Dubai

What Home Health Care Facilities we Provide:

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, we offer a wide range of Home Healthcare Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi facilities for our patients in their homes. So they no longer have to worry about their failing health when they’re unable to visit a hospital. Some of the main facilities, we provide are mentioned below:

  • Care for the Elderly People:

At an older age, people require more care and attention. When people reach old age, they mostly become weak due to the age factor and are unable to do their daily life tasks by themselves. Due to the hectic routine of the family, it becomes difficult for them to take care of their elders. We at our clinic provide a 24/7 nursing facility so that your elders won’t feel alone. And their health will be properly maintained and monitored.

  • Ventilator Care:

Sometimes people suffer from serious medical issues, that make it impossible for them to breathe on their own. So, a ventilator is used to provide them with oxygen and help them breathe. When the illness becomes prolonged, the patients are usually shifted to their homes, and the entire ventilator setup is arranged at their homes. The at-home ventilator setup makes it easy for the family as well as provides a comfortable environment for the patient.

  • Wound Care:

Wounds no matter how minor or major, require special care and treatment. People usually neglect to visit a hospital again, and again for the proper treatment of their wounds. This makes the wound worse, and the person is at more risk of developing an infection. With our wound-care facility, our professional healthcare providers will treat your wounds following all the hygienic measures in your home.

  • Full Body Checkup:

One should always go for regular full-body checkups. These regular health checkups inform us that all our organs are working properly. Not being able to visit a hospital for your checkups, won’t be a problem anymore, as our full-body check-up facility offers entire body checkups at your home by just booking an appointment with us.

  • Dementia Care:

People with dementia suffer so much because of their memory loss. They are unable to perform regular routine tasks by themselves. They are also unable to take proper care of their health. We have professional nurses/healthcare providers who will be available for taking care of your family members who suffer from dementia. Our healthcare providers will take care of you just like your family members.

  • IV Therapies:

People often neglect their diet, and this impacts their health. Not having a proper diet, water intake, and nutrition, impacts the metabolism of a person. With our IV therapy, you can get all the required nutrients, and minerals by relaxing at the most comfortable spot in your home.

Benefits Our Home Healthcare Facility Offers:

Our home health care services have been proven super beneficial to the majority of people.

  • Being treated at the ease of your home prevents you from several infectious diseases. In the hospital, a person is more prone to catch any infectious disease.
  • In your home, you have a more hygienic and comfortable environment. A good environment helps heal the patient faster.
  • Being treated at your home will prevent you from standing in long hospital lines. You won’t have to wait, just book an appointment for your required treatment and our healthcare provider will be at your doorstep.
  • Your elders will have 24/7 care and a proper monitoring facility.
  • Proper caregivers will help you with your health, and daily life tasks.
  • You will no longer feel depressed, or stressed because of being alone.
  • The patients will have a more nutritious, and healthy diet.
  • The patients will be provided with their medications on time.

Other Important Services:

Below are some of our other home care services:

  • Grooming and dressing.
  • Help with everyday needs.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Daily life hygiene.
  • Helping you with exercise.
  • Cleaning the patient, and helping them with showers.
  • Helping with walking and exercise, etc.

How Much Does Home Health Care Cost?

Our home healthcare cost varies depending on different factors. At-home facilities are often more affordable, as compared to hospital treatments, because in hospitals you also have to pay the room, and food bills along with the treatment bills.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Home Health Care:

Below are several factors, that impact the cost, these are:

  • The type of treatment.
  • The expertise of the doctor/healthcare provider.
  • Distance of your home from the clinic.
  • Fee of the medicines.
  • However, the cost of caregivers and nurses who are available 24/7 will vary depending on the time and days they work.

Let us help you Heal at the Ease of your Home!

If you want your required treatment in the comfortable environment of your house, you can book an appointment with us at Home HealthCare in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by providing us with your details in the form given below.