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Blood is the red body fluid that circulates in the human circulatory system. Its main function is to deliver important nutrients, oxygen, and other substances to the cells. Having a check on our physical health is very essential. One should always undergo certain medical tests to make sure that their physical health is well maintained, and that their organs are working properly. A thorough blood examination can detect different kinds of problems that occur in the human body. Regular checks are essential for good health, sometimes patients are unable to visit hospitals and clinics for regular checkups. We provide Blood Test For Body Analysis at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so patients can easily get their tests performed in their homes.

A Brief Intro to Blood Testing:

These are common regular tests. A certain amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s body, this blood is then sent to the laboratory for proper testing. After laboratory testing the patients achieve their medical report which shows what kind of disease or illness a person is suffering from. These checkups are important and should be done after every few months so that a person knows their health well. They help detect different underlying problems and different medical issues a person might have.

Why Does One Require A Blood Test?

These tests play an important role in our lives. As they can help detect major problems that occur in our bodies. Following are certain reasons that tell why one should undergo these physical examinations:

  • It is not necessary that a person opts to undergo this blood examination only when they do not feel well, however, you should have them done at least once a year.
  • When a person wants to check their physical health.
  • If you don’t feel well.
  • If you have to undergo a certain surgical process.
  • To detect if you suffer from any infection.
  • To make sure that all the organs of the body are working properly.

Why Are Blood Tests Important?

These examinations play a vital role in our lives. Following are some reasons that show why they are so important for the health of a person:

  • They help detect different physical issues in our bodies.
  • They detect any problem that lies within our organs.
  • They can determine any type of infection or disease that a person has.
  • These tests help keep a check on our physical health.
  • Detection of any type of genetic condition.
  • It can tell what causes fatigue and shortness of breath in a person.
  • You may be able to know why you’re losing or gaining weight.
  • Detection of sexual diseases, and heart diseases.

Preparation To Follow Before A Blood Test:

There are no proper strict preparations before the procedure. 

  • The patient must wear loose clothing. Try to wear short sleeves, so that the sample can be easily drawn from the area. Try to get proper sleep the night before.
  • Try to relax, as patients usually get afraid because of needles.
  • Take your prescribed medications on time.
  • Certain tests require fasting before the process.

Blood Test For Body Analysis at Home infographic in Dubai

How is a Blood Test For Body Analysis at Home done:

Patients can now easily book an appointment with us at our clinic and get their health checkups right in the ease of their homes. Now you don’t have to worry about not being able to go to a hospital. At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, you can now keep a check on your health by getting your blood work done in the ease of your home.

  • Our healthcare provider will reach your doorstep, shortly after you book an appointment with us.
  • The healthcare provider will bring all the necessary equipment with them, following all the hygienic measures.
  • The patient will first be seated in a comfortable position.
  • Then the patient will have to make a fist so that the blood flow reaches the arm
  • The blood will be drawn from the patient’s body by using a certain method.
  • All hygienic measures are followed so that the patient does not catch any infectious disease.
  • After drawing the blood, it is then transferred from the injection to a small tube. The tube is labeled with the patient’s name and the test name.
  • A bandage will be applied to the area where the injection was inserted.
  • The healthcare provider will then take this tube to the laboratory. This blood will then undergo certain microscopic tests.
  • The report results will show the final results.

Treatment Techniques:

There are many different ways of testing. We at Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai use three techniques to draw a patient’s blood. These are:

  • Venipuncture: when the blood is drawn from the vein of the patient.
  • Finger stick: in this method, the finger of the patient is pricked. The sample is collected on a paper strip.
  • Heel stick: in this method, the heel of a baby is pricked to collect the sample.
  • Arterial test: in this process, the sample is taken from one of the arteries of the patient.

Blood Test For Body Analysis At Home FAQ’s:

The cost of various tests varies. Patients will be advised of the cost following a thorough consultation with the physician. The price may vary due to certain factors such as type of tests., number of tests conducted, etc.

An accurate picture of your general health is provided to your doctor via a complete blood count CBC. It is capable of measuring several elements and characteristics of your blood, such as the quantity and dimensions of red blood cells which are oxygen-carrying cells, and the quantity of white blood cells which aid in the fight against infection.

How Long Does it Take for the Results to Arrive?

Some results may arrive within an hour or two. While some of the results will take a day or two. While some may take a few weeks.

How Much At-Home Blood Test Cost?

Different tests have different prices. At Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai, the cost will be informed to the patients after proper consultation with the doctor. The price may vary due to certain factors:

  • Type of tests.
  • Number of tests conducted.

Here’s to a Healthy Life!

What’s better than getting your health check-up within the ease of your own home? If you want to book an appointment with us at Blood Test For Body Analysis at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah kindly fill out the form given below.