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Having misaligned teeth is an aesthetic problem, but it can also be functional. It consists of decompensation of the upper teeth compared to the lower ones, which gives the upper incisors a prominent or protruding appearance. These are commonly considered an actual pathology as the ideal would be that the upper jaw falls on the lower jaw in an aligned way. The problem usually arises in childhood, and you should get Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as soon as possible.

Why get them Treated?

It is an aesthetic problem, but this is not the only reason they should be treated as soon as possible. In fact, in addition to ruining a smile, they can be a functional problem of malocclusion. This means that you will have a malfunction of the teeth, both anterior and molars, as they do not find the necessary pressure. In cases like these, there can be difficulties in feeding or a greater risk of fracturing the upper incisors. The risk of gum disease and tooth decay is also higher.

Results of Protruding Teeth Dubai:

The aesthetic defects are corrected effectively, occlusion problems will be solved, you will have a beautiful smile, and your self-esteem will increase. If you have gum inflammation, it will also be treated.

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The treatment has the following advantages:

  • Fast and Removable: The treatment does not cause any annoyance when it comes to treating the problem.
  • Beautiful Smile: Refresh your smile with equally aligned teeth and with permanent treatment.
  • Improved Appearance: This is an excellent investment for the overall look.
  • Defect Removal: Reduces defects caused by age, wear, stains, and discoloration. This can happen gradually and can be very embarrassing.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Smile again with renewed confidence and without worrying about your teeth looking weird.

Treatment Options:

The following two options are most commonly used to treat the Protruding Teeth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:


These are transparent and inconspicuous constructions that treat in the same way as braces. Only orthodontic treatment with these aligners is more aesthetic, and all inconveniences go to zero. They are able to change the position of the first molars (6 teeth), which allows not only visually straightening the teeth but also really correcting the bite.


The treatment is the responsibility of orthodontics. In fact, the application of braces is the leading solution to bring the teeth back to their correct position. Which devices to use and for how long depends on the starting situation and the patient’s age. In fact, since children are in the developmental phase, broader and more incisive interventions are possible, using functional orthopedic appliances to create interceptive orthodontic plans.


Many people are concerned only with the aesthetic side of the problem, aiming to correct perhaps only the protruding incisors; however, this is a wrong approach because it does not solve the defect at the root.

A severe and effective dental care must also consider the functional aspects; limiting oneself to arranging only the most visible protruding teeth is a palliative. In fact, in a healthy dentition, all the elements must be in harmony in a healthy dentition, and a qualified dentist should aim to restore and preserve this equilibrium.

The treatment program includes:

  1. A first thorough check-up by the dentist
  2. A radiograph to check if the protrusion of the dental elements derives from problems with the temporomandibular joint or only the arches
  3. An impression of the dentition that will be delivered to the orthodontist and which will be used to create the dental equipment
  4. Insertion of a fixed appliance, usually in the case of not very serious protrusions, or mobile. For children with milk teeth, the second solution is particularly indicated because it only guides the growth of the jaws and mandibles. The duration of therapy is generally 6 to 12 months.
  5. They have fixed or mobile aligners that are to be kept mainly at night and for a certain period after the primary orthodontic treatment. It is used to maintain the new condition and allow a lasting result over time.

Quick Tip! In case of this problem, the advice is to contact your trusted dentist immediately.

Cost of Protruding Teeth in Dubai:

The Cost of Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai can range from AED 7999 to AED 15000. The cost of each treatment varies according to the problem to be solved, the complexity of the situation, the dentist’s experience, and the clinic level. The doctor will determine the actual cost of treatment after the initial consultation.


However, it must be said that it is not possible to establish an equal and safe treatment for everyone since the variables involved are many, and much depends on the dentist’s ability. As we age, the matter becomes more complex. However, experts at Enfield Royal Clinic can provide the most effective Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at the most affordable rates.

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