Enfield Royal Clinic is introducing IV Nutrition Therapy in Dubai, ensuring the highest quality cocktail of minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. These supplements are directly inserted into the bloodstream intravenously.

Demand for IV nutrition therapy has been increased in Dubai since it has gained popularity. People who have nutritional imbalance can go for this treatment. It boosts up the body system by giving IV nutritional therapy in the form of vitamins, electrolytes, calcium, minerals, and many other nutrients into the vein of the arm. The treatment helps in regenerating and repairing the damaged body’s cells by balancing the nutritional deficiencies. This method is particularly beneficial for treating stress, fatigue, discomfort, depression and seasonal changes including flu. Besides these minor chronic conditions, this therapy is also playing a wide role in the treatment of cancer.

Results and Benefits:


The therapy brings positive and satisfying effects on health and well being. Essential micronutrients are delivered intravenously throughout the body fulfilling the deficiency of nutrients. The boosters used in the therapy provides an energetic, refresh and enliven feeling to the patients. The results last for long.


  • Treats serious chronic issues
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Reduces toxicity caused by heavy metals
  • Deals with poor digestion and food insensitivities
  • Restores energy levels and improves the overall health
  • Fulfills body’s needs by providing a sufficient amount of nutrients
  • Increases the functionality of  immune system by fighting against antigens

Who Is Candidate?

Both men and women can balance out their deficiencies by undergoing IV nutrition therapy. You are an ideal candidate for the treatment if:

  • You expect positive outcomes
  • You are looking for essential body nutrients
  • You are tired of being feeling tired all the time
  • You want to repair damaged cells of the body
  • You want to discard dizziness, weakness and other issues

Aim of Treatment:

Intravenous nutrition therapy- IVNT is considered to be the safest, effective and reasonable approach to fulfill the body’s needs. The treatment aims to heal and regenerate the cells of the body by inserting essential micronutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is done when the body is unable to manufacture natural occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients. The major goal of the treatment is to provide improved health performance and wellness to the sufferers.

Technique We Use:

IV nutrition therapy is a painless procedure in which a thin needle is inserted into the vein of the arm. The needle is held for a very short duration for inserting nutrients into the blood. It may take only 30 minutes or it may take six hours depending on the individual’s needs. Commonly, 4 different types of therapies are offered by ENFIELD ROYAL CLINIC:

  1. Hangover remedy

This is usually carried out on patients with the worst hangovers. The therapy fulfills the amounts of lost body fluids. People who want to recover the effects of alcohol are usually the candidates of this treatment. Vitamins and oxygen are supplied to overcome the basic need.

  1. Cocktail for skin rejuvenation:

This therapy is helpful to get glowing, fresh and tighten skin tone. Glutathione, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and B-complex are common nutrients that are supplied for contouring and blending skin texture.

  1. Hormone Cocktail:

It corrects the disturbed levels of hormones in males and females. Extremely decreased or extremely increased hormonal imbalance results in fatigue, excessive sweating, mood swings, sudden weight gain, etc.

  1. GI cocktail:

Sometimes the digestive system does not function properly in digesting the macroparticles. IV solution offers micronutrients to pass through the GI tract into circulation enabling proper digestion throughout.


The therapy requires very short recovery time for delivering better sleep and the best immunity against infections. Once the patient is done with the treatment, he comes up with enhanced energy and improved blood circulation. It also increases the healing power of the body. A patient can go back to routine works on the very same day of treatment as it carries no downtime.

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At Enfield Royal Clinic all of our IV Nutrition Therapy is performed by our highly trained and experienced medical team using high-quality infusions in Dubai. We strongly believe in using IV infusions to improve your health and general well-being not as a quick fix to ‘treat’ hangovers. Fill in the consultation form for getting intravenous infusions to meet your concerns.