Elderly Medical and Home Care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Enfield

Old age comes with many issues and problems. We do not stay the same as we grow old. Old age often becomes difficult when people are alone, and do not have anyone to take proper care of them. Not having any person to take care of your needs and assist you properly makes your life difficult. Elderly people require special care and proper 24/7 assistance. Sometimes family members are not able to properly look after their elders due to their hectic jobs, education, college, etc. but do not worry as Elderly Medical and Home Care in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provides the best facilities and nurses for your care and treatment 24/7 to your service in the comfortable environment of your home.

Our Aim:

The main aim of our service is to provide our elderly patients with the best care and service in their comfort zone. People are independent, and they do all of their tasks independently or with the help of family. But when you grow old it becomes difficult to handle daily life personal tasks all by yourself. Old age people require 24/7 assistance, especially the ones who suffer from serious medical conditions. Negligence in their care may cause further future health problems. It may also cause them more complicated issues. They must be properly taken care of regardless of their age. Our purpose is to help our patients in their daily life tasks when they reach old age and become weak.

How Do We Help Our Patients?

We at Enfield Royal Clinic have a professional staff of female and male nurses who help assist you in your daily life activities. The main aim of our carers is to:

  • To help the old patients with their bathing, cleaning, and dressing.
  • Special people who need assistance in their daily life.
  • Helping you in preparing meals.
  • To help people who suffer from certain medical issues such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
  • To assist with your medication.
  • Providing help with housework.
  • To help the patients who suffer from severe mental health.
  • To help them with their wound dressings, and bandage changing.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

Our service focuses on providing help and assistance to people who are old and are unable to perform regular tasks all by themselves. 

  • People who are in their 50s usually become weak and lose their strength because of the age factor. Certain people require proper care and affection in their daily lives.
  • People who suffer from the disease of dementia and it becomes difficult for them to live on their own.
  • Older people who suffer from cancer, or other diseases.
  • Candidates who have severe issues of heart disease, diabetes, and COPD.
  • Elderly people who are lonely, depressed, and frightened.
  • Elder people who are unable to take care of themselves all alone.

Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Carer for Your Elders:

Here are some qualities you should look for in a caretaker when hiring them for your family members:

  • Make sure that they have proper professional experience.
  • They must be able to handle their position properly. They should be able to perform all their tasks professionally and properly.
  • The caretakers must have proper training and education in their field.
  • The caretaker should be affectionate and loving towards your elderly family members, as in old age people become sensitive and they require more affection.
  • The person should have good communication skills. Strong communication skills are necessary.
  • Your carers must be supportive and encouraging. They should be respectful towards older people.

How to Arrange our 24 Hours Medical and Home Care:

If you want to benefit from our medical and home care service, you can follow the following mentioned steps, and we will do everything for you:

  • Consult our Experts:

If you want to hire a good caregiver, consult our expert professionals. They will guide you through the process. And will inform you what kind of caretaker you will need according to your case.

  • A Home Visit:

Our home care manager will visit your home. Our professional will discuss all the requirements face-to-face with the individual. You can ask all your questions and concerns you have regarding the procedure.

  • Matching a Good Caretaker for You:

We at Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai make sure that our patients achieve a good caretaker according to their preferences. We make sure that our caretakers offer all the skills that you are looking for.

  • We are Here for your Support:

If you have any issues, concerns, or anything that you want to discuss with us. Do not hesitate and consult everything with us easily. As we are here to give you complete support and care.

Elderly Medical And Home Care FAQ’s:

The price has not been set in place. Some people only need one caregiver, and some people need two. However, when you first meet with the specialists, you will be given information regarding the cost.

In the United Arab Emirates, various regulatory bodies oversee the provision of public healthcare services. These authorities include the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Emirates Health Authority (EHA).


  • Provides you with personalized care plans.
  • Provide the best support and care to your elder members.
  • You no longer have to feel alone and depressed.
  • No more problems in eating, dressing, and bathing.
  • Reduced risk of infections.
  • Familiar surroundings and care just like your family.


The cost is not fixed. Some people require one caretaker, while some people require two caretakers. However, you will be informed about the cost at the initial meeting with our experts.

We Are Here To Help Take Proper Care Of You!

If you are looking for a professional, trained person who can look after your elder family members, we are here to help you. Book a free consultation with us at Elderly Medical and Home Care in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by filling out the form given below. Our team tries our best to provide you with the best treatment.