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Lasers are being used in every field nowadays; aesthetics and skin care treatments are no exception. The use of laser energy is gaining exceptional popularity among people looking to improve skin texture, correct aesthetic, and functional skin imperfections. It is essential to remember that the skin is the largest and most visible organ of our body and has an essential function. It is easily examined by the doctor who can intervene with different techniques, including laser. The best Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can help with many skin issues and effectively correct several defects.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

The photothermal effects of the laser are used to cut, vaporize, or photocoagulate the target, depending on the physical properties or certain conditions of the skin. The type of laser used depends on the number of pigments such as hemoglobin, melanin, and water.

During treatment, the laser emits electromagnetic radiation, which is absorbed to a greater extent by the specific area of ​​the epidermis to be treated, without damaging the surrounding tissues. One of the hallmarks of dermatological laser treatment is its exceptional treatment precision and optimal results, often in a relatively short time.

Results of Laser Treatment in Dubai:

Each treatment has specific results depending on the targeted area and the type of laser used. However, most laser treatments aim to provide a pronounced skin lifting and smoothing effect. It improves the texture and color of the skin and provides a long-term reduction of pores. It also reduces the severity of stretch marks and scars after acne.

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What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser?

The treatment can be used to treat the following:

Types of Laser Machines and their Uses:

There are many types of lasers used specifically for hair removal. If we examine these laser types in detail, the laser is completely safe and effective when used with a laser suitable for the skin color and hair texture of the person.

Alexandrite Laser: It is the most used type of laser and gives fast and effective results. It can be used on people with light skin color and a dark, thick hair structure.  

Diode Laser: This is mainly used by people with dark skin tone; it targets the lower layers of skin and provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Q-Switch Laser: It is known as a tattoo removal laser and is preferred for tattoo or spot removal.

CO2 Laser: This is used to remove skin defects and bruises under the eyes and also for acne/pimple treatment.

 Laser Skincare Treatments in Dubai:

The Enfield Roayl Clinic provides Different types of effective and long-lasting Laser Skin Care Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that are carried out using lasers. Some of these include:

Skin Resurfacing:

It aims to rejuvenate the skin by combining the effect of a laser and a carbon solution. Carbon is absorbed by the pores more effectively when it is aided with laser energy. Laser and carbon together provide a peeling effect and increase the collagen in the skin and around the pores.

This results in recovery of the Skin Tighten and shrinkage of the pores. The skin tone and spots are lightened because of this treatment. Immediately after carbon peeling, there is enlightenment and a glow on the skin.


The skin can develop wrinkles and sag over time due to the natural loss of moisture in the skin. Several cosmetic products can be used to treat the aging effects on the skin, but if you need a quick and effective solution, the laser is the best option for looking younger and prettier.

The treatment can rejuvenate the skin and improve skin health. It is also beneficial for the inner layers of the skin and increases collagen production to keep the skin healthier.

Skin Toning:

It can counteract sagging and improve skin tone and Shine. It is a non-invasive technique and can obtain actual results in combating the loss of tissue tone, especially in delicate parts of the body like arms and legs.

The toning works effectively on the body parts where the tissues are more lax and relaxed. It is a painless procedure, and the machine has a cooling system that emits cold air.

Scar and Spot Removal:

Scars and spots can be eliminated with the laser targeting the pigment in the skin. Optimal results can be achieved in 4-5 sessions easily. It does not matter what kind of scars or spots you have; they can be treated with a laser.

It acts by generating high impulses which remove the layers of tissue. By doing this, the skin appears more homogeneous, and the formation of new collagen is also stimulated.

Laser Liposuction:

If you have a chubby and heavy body, then you can go for laser liposuction. The process of melting fat from any part of the body using high-powered laser pulses thus making the body properly shaped and sculpted. Your extra fats will be removed without any stitches and cuts.

Hair Bleaching:

It is performed on thin hair in black or brown color, which cannot be targeted by the laser used for hair removal. In cases where the laser cannot target thin hair, they are bleached to make them invisible. It is a safe procedure and has no significant side effects.

If the treatment is performed at regular intervals, its effect can be prolonged.

Laser Tattoo Removal:

The most effective method of removing tattoos is using short and intense pulses. The energy breaks down the pigments reducing them into fragments that are incorporated by the scavenger cells of the skin. Even three sessions are enough to see improvement.

Laser Skin Whitening:

The procedure in which laser beams are used to adjust and improve the tone. Earlier, many people were busy in using different home remedies to have fair and glowing skin but all in vain. Laser skin whitening treatment is the best method to get perfectly toned skin. Your skin contains melanin(dark cells) when these cells are exposed to highly focused laser beams they will be eliminated thus dark skin cells will also be dead.

Cost of Laser Treatments:

The Cost of Laser Skincare Treatments in Dubai can range from AED 399 to AED 2999. The cost will increase with the number of sessions you need to take.

How Many Sessions are Needed?

All laser types give effective results if done in sessions. After each application, it is necessary to wait about 1–4 weeks for the skin to rest. The correct determination of these times and the regular follow-up of the sessions increase the success of the laser. On average, 4 to 10 sessions are recommended for each treatment.

Quick Tip! The number of sessions needed is determined according to the needs of people and the area being treated.

Best Skin Laser Specialists Dubai:

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