Lip reduction surgery in Dubai is playing a diverse role in reducing the size of prominent looking lips. The cost range varies depending upon the treatment area; whether you want to treat either lips or only a single one. People with large lips also desire to have definite lips’ shape by reducing the size. For this purpose, cosmetic lip reduction surgery is carried out. Medically it is called ‘cheiloplasty’ that helps in getting shapelier lips in proportion to other features of the face.  Once the treatment is done, patients get a decreased size of lips that contribute to enhance the facial look and raise the overall personality.

Who Is Candidate?

There are primarily two categories of people who can go for lip reduction surgery. People who are born with extra-large lips and others who have prior lip augmentation and want to fix lip symmetry can be considered for candidacy. Individuals who seek this surgery:

  • Have ugly looking prominent lips
  • Have authentic predictions towards the surgery
  • Have enlarged lips due to any injury or genetic factor
  • Are unpleased with the outcome of previous alternations
  • Are non-smokers that aids in getting the best healing process
  • Are in good general health with no serious skin conditions
  • Can be sufferers of macrocheilia (permanent swelling of lips)

Aim of Treatment:

  1. This cosmetic procedure focuses on establishing a balance between lips and other facial features.
  2. Along with this, the curves around the lips can be slightly modified or absolutely preserved, affecting only the volume of your lips but it depends upon what you’d prefer.
  3. The treatment aims to provide you perfectly shaped lips with smooth vertical lip lines.

Results and Benefits:


People who are more self-conscious about their looks undergo various cosmetic procedures to obtain the aesthetic outputs. Enfield Royal Clinic is playing a vital role in changing the look and thinking of people by offering lip reduction surgery in Dubai. The extra-large upper or lower lip is compressed and the results are observed right after the treatment. Permanent long-lasting results are seized through skills and equipment used by the surgeons.


  • Fewer risks of infections
  • Gives natural-looking results
  • Provides the attractive facial appearance
  • Prominent lips are made slimmer and prettier
  • Less downtime and minimal recovery period
  • Safest and effective procedure with no visible scar

Technique We Use:

Lip reduction Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be performed on the upper lip, lower lip, or on both, depending on the patient’s decision. The procedure lasts for an hour and consists of the following steps:

  • The surgeon marks some points for indicating how much tissues are required to remove.
  • General or local anesthesia is used to numb the area that needs to be treated. By doing so, the pain will be reduced to a minimal level and there will be no discomfort.
  • The procedure is preceded by making an incision inside of the lip (near the wet line) to remove the undesired layer of skin tissue.
  • Bleeding can occur which is controlled by squeezing the lips in fingers.
  • The surgeon then removes a sufficient quantity of fatty material and tissues from the lips in order to reduce the size.
  • In the end, the incision is closed by using dissolvable stitches. These stitches do not demand to get removed as they dissolve by themselves during the recovery period.


Usually, the treatment requires less recovery and downtime period for delivering the best results. Little discomforts can be felt which will get normal by taking proper medications. Lips may get red and swell up that recover immediately. The surgeon advice to keep head elevated while sleeping for a few days so that it will get no contact with the pillow or bed. Best results are observed after 2-3 months.

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Lip reduction surgery can improve a person’s sense of well being and overall confidence. Contact a local plastic surgeon if you are interested in undergoing treatment. Enfield Royal clinic is offering you Lip Reduction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We are here to deal with your bulging lips. Fill in the consultation form and take advantage.