Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Deals

A breast lump or cyst is a mass that develops in the chest. The lumps may differ in size and consistency and might cause pain. Some lumps are only found with a physical exam or an image-based scan. Most breast lumps are benign or noncancerous. The main focus is Breast Lump Treatment.

Your primary care physician will most likely request a mammogram and breast ultrasound to decide if that lump is harmless. Moreover, breast MRI and PET/CT might be acquired.

A medical procedure is usually performed if the lump has a malignant growth. More potent treatments need to be taken in case of malignancy.

What does a Breast Lump feel like?

A Breast Lump Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi might feel like a frozen pea or lima bean. It may feel stiff or different from the rest of your breast tissue.

Can men have Breast Lumps?

Yes. Men can foster a condition called Gynecomastia. A bosom bump may likewise shape under the areola. Gynecomastia regularly happens in both breasts. This condition can be identified with a hormonal unevenness or a symptom of medicine, albeit additional workup might be considered to decide a reason. A cause is often never determined; it is called “idiopathic.”


Best Breast Lump or Mass Treatment Clinic in Dubai Best Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai

What does having a Breast Lump mean?

Breast lumps can be one of the forms of malignant breast growth. However, often, breast lumps are not cancer-causing. They may be caused by a breast infection, such as an abscess. Breast contaminations can cause painful lumps, often with associated warmth and redness.

Consult your doctor if you notice a breast lump. If it is malignant growth, treatment is more effective when started early.

What are the causes of Breast Lumps?

Breast lumps comprise several causes including but not limited to

  • Variations in the breast tissue (fibrocystic changes): Tiny, fluid-filled pouches and fibrous (rubbery) tissue feel lumps.
  • Breast cysts: Lumps are common in premenopausal women. Fluid-filled sacs form when fluid becomes stuck in the milk ducts.
  • Fibroadenomas: This benign lump is primarily common in young women’s reproductive years (the 20s and 30s).
  • Breast infection: A contamination in the breast tissue can cause a lump.
  • Breast cancer: A lump growing in the breast tissue causes a tumor.


Breast tissues are naturally lumpy. If you feel the lumpiness like the rest of your breast or your other breast, you probably don’t need to worry. However, consult your healthcare provider if you notice an uncommon lump or mass either breast or under your arm that feels stiffer than the rest of the breast or is different on one side than the other

Other breast changes include nipple inversion (turning inward), dimple skin, or bloody/clear nipple release. Redness, pain, or focal sensitivity in your breast

If you feel you have a lump or any other variation in your breast, talk to your health care provider. They can figure out the exact cause of the lump and treat you if needed. If the lump is cancerous, treatment is most successful if started early.

Breast Analysis:

Patients’ analysis is utterly vital in realizing what problems they go through. We carry out proper breast examinations through the lymph and nodes. Such assessments are typically carried out through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Breast Ultrasound, Mammography, and Biopsy.

Breast Lump Treatment:

After determining the primary cause of lumps, doctors formulate a unique treatment plan for your particular condition. If a superficial breast infection is reported, it can be cured with antibiotics.

In the case of cysts, the draining procedure is carried. The doctor will likely carry out breast fine-needle aspiration for this purpose.

If the doctor suspects a cancerous lump, the Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah might include a lumpectomy which eliminates the malignant lump directly through directed incisions in the breast.

Mastectomy is another treatment option that comprises the removal of complete breast tissue. It is an excellent treatment for advanced stages of cancer. Chemotherapy, a medicine-injection procedure, could be used separately or in conjunction with other therapies. The pill is infused straight into the vein and kills cancer cells.

Radiation treatment uses radioactive ways to fight malignant cells. It is usually done following Lumpectomy surgery or can be performed stand-alone.

Breast Lump Treatment Recovery:

The downtime varies in each of the treatments. In case of a benign lump, you may need to take a few days of your routine. In case of a malignant tumor, your doctor will guide you about the process and how long the treatment will take.

In either case, you must ensure that you get lots of rest. You should consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids. Avoid strenuous workouts and do not take mental stress. Most importantly, maintain a positive mindset and stay happy.

Cost of the Breast Lump Treatment:

Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah usually costs AED 10,000 to AED 25,000 though it can cost more in some cases. The actual price is paid as per the diagnosis and the treatment. Radiation or Chemotherapy costs less as compared to other treatment procedures.

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