Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

A better posture not just makes you look good and young but also helps you run long in the race of life. Those who have excessive deposited fat on any part of their body get their desired shape by removing it with the help of multiple different surgical or nonsurgical procedures but what of those who have buffalo Hump on their spine near shoulders? They can also get relieved from this issue and have the treatment of Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at Enfield Royal Clinic.

Aim of the Treatment:

The basic aim of the treatment is to:

  • Provide a solution to Buffalo Hump
  • Let people have better posture
  • Enhance the confidence of people having these issues.
  • Make them relieve from pain
  • Remove the excessive fat


The results after having this treatment are astonishing as they bring about a straight and fine back to you. It appears like the hump was never there before. All the clients are quite satisfied with their results even though they are surprisingly happy with what they got from their treatment.

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Am I Good Enough to Have This Treatment?

This protuberance of developing fat isn’t really a difficult condition, it is typically a consequence of stoutness, yet it very well may be caused by hormonal irregularity and medications’ incidental effects. Growths, pimples, and kyphoscoliosis can cause comparable protuberance shape yet doesn’t without help from anyone else cause unreasonable fat toward the rear of the neck and require alternate medicines. The mound can bring about feeling reluctant and hopeless in people. In serious cases, it can cause torment and limitations on their neck development.

So whatever condition you are in you can be an ideal candidate for this treatment if you are suffering from Buffalo Hump.


  • Bison Hump is frequently connected with an unfortunate stance brought about by a forward head pose. Large numbers of us have fostered this stance in view of hours before screens. In any case, for certain individuals, this slumping can prompt the body to safeguard your spine by fostering a fat cushion.
  • Assuming you’ve had a wearing physical issue or auto collision that is come about in micro damage to your neck, your body can foster greasy tissue between your shoulders to safeguard your spine.
  • For certain individuals, long-haul use of prescriptions like Prednisone can bring about Buffalo Hump because of the expansion in cortisol creation. Bison Hump can likewise be caused assuming that you’re large or had quick weight gain.

Pre Procedure:

As it is a surgical treatment so it needs pre-operative care to be done to have a respectively better treatment. Some of the caring instructions include:

  • Clean the area prior to the treatment
  • Try to quit smoking for a better recovery from the treatment
  • Try to stop using blood thinning medicines such as ibuprofen


Two choices for excision are liposuction and direct surgical removal of the hump. 

  • Liposuction is a viable procedure to work on the form of the upper back and neck while limiting scarring. While there are various kinds of liposuction, frequently the best in tending to the bison bump is power-helped liposuction since the tissue is very stringy. 
  • Direct removal of the hump is one more choice to eliminate it, by which the conspicuous greasy tissue is extracted through an overlying cut. It is successful in eliminating the abundance of greasy tissue, but it brings about more unmistakable scarring than liposuction. 

The two medical procedures might be performed under a general sedative, which relies upon hump size and different variables such as the medical condition of the client.


  • Organize somebody to bring you back home and deal with you for essentially the principal constantly.
  • Fill your remedies and spot them inside simple reach.
  • Have a lot of cushions, towels, and extra compressions for neighboring waste.
  • There will be some swelling, expansion, and torment after the technique, nonetheless, assuming there is serious torment, you should reach us right away.
  • Abundance distended liquid will undoubtedly deplete from the entrance entry points for the primary several days. The liquid’s tone is blood touched.
  • After the main day, you can shower.
  • It is important to neither work nor participate in typical exercises for roughly seven days.
  • Wear compressive pieces of clothing for no less than about a month and a half to assist with diminishing expanding and further developing results.
  • Keep away from high-effect exercises and running for about a month and a half.

Buffalo Hump Removal (FAQ’S):

The neoteric surgical and cosmetic course of action is capable to cure the health hazards of the buffalo hump while also restoring the aesthetic appearance. The patients merely need to be enthusiastically willing for the session of liposuction in order to cure the buffalo hump. 

Contemporary research is capable to come up with a number of non-surgical courses of action in order to cure the health hazard of buffalo hump. These include personalized sessions of airsculpt. Still before commencing on with any course of action, the patients are likely to reach out for the customized procedures.

To be precise, yes, however, the intensity of the pain merely relies upon the personalized physical and psychological condition of the patient. Along with that the intensity of the pain also varies from person to person as well.

According to the researchers, the patients are not in any way able to get rid of the buffalo hump after going through the procedures of losing weight because of their stubborn existence.   

After going through the surgical session, the patients are likely to recover from its aftermath within almost a week or two.

According to the specialists, if the reason underlying the existence of the buffalo hump is also cured, then the patients may not be able to encounter its comeback. Aside from that the possibility of reappearance of the buffalo hump is uncertain, it may or may not be coming back. 


This procedure is a set of benefits that help you in multiple ways. Some of its major advantages include:

  • Get the desired structure
  • Get rid of hump
  • Have a better and more relaxing posture
  • Let yourself out of such a complicated structure
  • No scar and less recovery time
  • Get cured in an hour


According to an estimate, the cost of the Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai can range from AED 12,000 to AED 22,000 depending upon multiple factors such as the condition of the client, the expertise of the surgeon, the level of the clinic, and the type of treatment chosen for getting rid of this problem

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