IV Ozone Therapy Liver Detox in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

Ozone therapy is one of the best treatments done for the purpose of dealing with Anti Aging issues and for the detoxification of the body. Ozone not only detoxifies the liver but is also quite beneficial in boosting the functionality of the liver. MedicalOzone is no doubt a great invention of Regenerated Medicine in providing relief from aging symptoms, not only from the outside but also make your blood and body cells young so that they can work with the same stamina to let you feel the fountain of youth in yourself. Get the best IV Ozone Therapy Liver Detox in Dubai with the expert Dr. Hany Chidiac.

Causes of toxin in the Body:

  • Allergies
  • intestinal problems
  • Insomnia
  • breathing infections
  • Skin problems
  • aching joints
  • Continual tiredness
  • impaired liver performance

Ideal Candidate:

Those who want to gain the below-mentioned benefits from this procedure are ideal candidates to have this treatment done with us:

  • enhancing blood flow and circulation
  • encouraging cellular respiration to produce more energy
  • Optimal antioxidant defense is achieved by boosting your enzyme system.
  • Want your liver to be detoxified by removing toxins?
  • attacking the microorganisms that cause chronic illnesses and are resistant to therapy
  • inflammation reduction

Pre Procedure:

This procedure has some prerequisites which are needed to be fulfilled in order to have a risk-free treatment. Those pre-procedure guidelines include:

  • Consume 8 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated
  • Avoid the consumption of nicotine, drugs, alcohol, or any alcoholic product
  • As this procedure involve the collection of blood so make sure you have the appropriate level of blood for collection.
  • Take proper sleep
  • Eat healthy and nutritional food
  • Take all the required blood tests to check if you have any deficiency that can lead to risk then overcome that deficiency.
  • Before setting the therapy protocol, Dr. Hany will conduct a FULL DIAGNOSIS test and advise on the treatments needed and the number of sessions required to achieve the best results

Treatment Types:

Using ozone in therapy involves three primary methods for dealing with pain inside or outside the body:

  • Right over to the tissue. The ozone gas will be delivered directly to the tissue of the afflicted body part if you receive ozone therapy for an extremities ailment or wound. A protective covering is used when administering the gas.
  • Intravenously. Ozone gas is frequently dissolved in the blood that has been drawn from you to treat internal illnesses like HIV. The dissolved gas-containing blood is then pumped back into your body via an IV. Air bubbles that occur during intravenous usage have the danger of resulting in an embolism.
  • Intramuscularly. There is also an intramuscular injection kind of ozone treatment. The ozone gas is frequently combined with oxygen prior to delivery for this injection.

During the Procedure:

  • Before your IV session, please try to have a small meal and drink lots of water.
  • Sometimes the supplement dosage can be rather high, and we want you to have the best experience possible.
  • An IV line will be set up, a bag containing blood mixed with oxygen will be prepared by collecting your own blood, and a small butterfly needle or catheter will be inserted into the necessary location.
  • Although our team is trained to provide optimum comfort, there may be some discomfort felt during the initial needle insertion. Nevertheless, the treatment is often painless.
  • Sessions usually last an hour or more, during which time you may watch your favorite TV series or take a nap.


Precaution is more beneficial than the treatment which is why you have to care for yourself after the treatment very well so that there remain no chances for toxins to get into your body.

  • Give time to your sleep your health your body and your meal
  • Intake healthy food and make sure they are clean and free of any kind of bacteria and toxins
  • Consume 8 glasses of water daily so that your body can take out all the unnecessary elements through urination and stay hydrated.
  • Do not eat food that were remain uncovered in the atmosphere.
  • Wash fruits before eating.

IV Ozone Therapy Liver Detox FAQ’s:

As part of the healing process, a person may feel some minor pain and discomfort in the vicinity of the injection site for a few days.

Natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mold, and anti-parasitic qualities are present in ozone therapy. Ozone therapy affects blood components other than the immune system, and white blood cells. The chemicals that immune cells use to communicate with one another are increased by ozone.

Mostly people reported feeling a little tired after the therapy. Many also confirmed that they had no symptoms. Just get enough sleep, eat a clean, healthy diet, and drink water in order to be well-hydrated. Always wash fruits before eating. Together, these safety measures provide a strong barrier against possible health risks and long-term well-being.

These include headaches that are not too severe, nausea, lightheadedness, coughing, and burning eyes. These are temporary symptoms that usually go away quickly.

Approximately for about 10 minutes, when ozone comes into contact with blood proteins, it causes your body to produce more glutathione. Reactive oxygen species, such as alkenes, alkynes, super oxygen ions, peroxides, and peroxiles, are produced by ozone.


  • better circulation
  • Oxygen is released from the blood more often so that the tissues can utilize it.
  • As a pure, natural antiseptic that can get rid of viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
  • Acetyl CoA synthesis is increased, which improves detoxification.
  • Acceleration of glycolysis, or the conversion of glucose into energy-producing molecules, in red blood cells.
  • increased oxygen metabolism and enzymatic activity.
  • increased elimination of free radicals by the activation of enzymes vital to this process.
  • increased regeneration of tissues
  • enhancing red blood cells.
  • faster and more efficient removal of unhealthy cells to create room for the creation of new, better ones.
  • stimulant of the immune system.

Best Doctor in Dubai:

Medical ozone is no doubt a great invention of medical sciences. It helps treat multiple different types of degenerative issues but it can be fatal if it is not directed properly because it needs care and expertise to induce. Dr. Hany Chidiac is a well-known name from the field of Regenerative Medicine with 22+ years of expertise. Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai is proud to announce its services of IV Ozone Therapy Liver Detox with the expert hands of Dr. Hany Chidiac in Dubai.

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