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Taking care of a loved one suffering from dementia can be a full-time job. It can be a difficult phase for both the people, one that is suffering from dementia, and the other who is taking care of the patient. This brain disease comes with many complications and responsibilities. Dealing with and treating a person suffering from this brain disease can become hectic for the family members due to their hectic routine lives. People often get busy with their routine lives, and they are unable to give proper time to their elder family members. Dementia Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah aims at providing proper, professional at-home care services to its patients, so they don’t feel alone in the journey of their life.

Dementia- A Brief Overview:

A brain disease that affects the memory of our brain is known as dementia. It usually occurs in people who are old. Old age usually comes with different difficult factors. People in old age become weak and are unable to perform daily life functions by themselves. Having memory loss issues in addition to the age factor becomes more difficult. The disease affects our ability to remember certain things. People forget most parts of their life, and it becomes difficult for them to perform various functions of their routine life.

What are the Main Causes of Dementia?

Dementia is mostly caused by:

  • Having tumors in the brain.
  • Having hormonal imbalances.
  • Side effects of certain medication.
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Severe head injury.
  • The deficiency of a nutrient.


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At-Home Dementia Services:

With our Dementia at-home services you can get the right care, and affection for your loved ones in the comfortable environment of your home. You no longer have to admit your elders into a caring facility, as with our at-home care services, you can hire a professional nurse/caretaker for your older family members who are suffering from this brain disease. Below are the main services we offer to our clients:

  • Companionship:

We know that people with dementia require proper, professional care and affection. They require professional help with their daily routine life tasks. We have professional people who can take proper care of you and can assist you in your daily life tasks.

  • Personal Care:

Our professionals are highly trained, trusted, and experienced people. They are experienced in providing different personal care facilities. These include bathing, cleaning, and dressing the patient. The personal care facilities also include toileting, walking, and exercising. As it becomes difficult for these patients to perform these activities on their own without any assistance.

  • Home Services:

These services involve helping the patient with household tasks. These tasks can be grocery shopping, helping in paying their bills, shopping, and meal preparations.

  • Medications:

Our professional will help you take your prescribed medications on time. As people who suffer from this brain disease do not remember anything, and not remembering to take their medicines on time will have a negative impact on their health. Our professional caretakers will make sure to provide you with your recommended medications on time.

  • Physical Health and Social Interactions:

Our services also include helping the patient with his/her walking, and exercise. Our professionals will help you with social interactions. These social interactions may include visiting a park, playing games, and going to different family gatherings.

How can you Help a Patient with Dementia:

If you or your loved one is suffering from dementia, here are certain points that can help you:

  • Try to keep the lights on at night time, so they do not get scared.
  • Try to write their daily life things, family member’s names, and tasks on sticky notes, or diaries around them, that they can easily read and remember.
  • Their routine should be kept the same each day, their dressings, bathing, cleaning, and routine should be the same each day.
  • One must be gentle, and compassionate with a patient with dementia. They do not remember most of the things, and life is already miserable for them, so try to be gentle and kind towards them.
  • Make sure that they try to perform most of their task by themselves.
  • Speak to them gently, and serve their meals at a place that is memorable to them.
  • Use photos, and albums of their family members to help them remember certain memories.

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Benefits of our At-Home Dementia Service:

Our at-home dementia care has been proven beneficial for the majority of people. 

  • The major benefit is that our professionals will provide all the services at the ease of home.
  • Your elder family members will be right in front of your eyes.
  • Our home-care nurses are professional and trustable people.
  • Your family member will feel easy and comfortable with our professional staff.
  • Your diet and physical health will be properly monitored.
  • You no longer have to feel alone, depressed, or stressed.

How Much Does Our Dementia Care at Home Cost?

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, we aim at providing different treatments and services to our patients at affordable costs. The price of dementia care at home ranges between __AED to __AED. The price may vary depending on different factors. These factors are:

  • Experience of the nurse.
  • The price may be different for a full-time caretaker, and a half-time caretaker.

Dementia Care At Home FAQ’s:

Dementia can cause a person to lose their abilities, which might lead to withdrawal. For instance, someone may give up on communicating verbally if it gets too difficult for them.

An increasingly common symptom of later-stage dementia is increased sleep. A person's brain becomes more severely damaged as the disease worsens, and they eventually become more fragile.

They might not remember a loved one dying or insist on returning home even though they are already there. This stage of dementia's last stage is when the brain is unable to retain new information.

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