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Posterior colporrhaphy is a type of intimate plastic surgery, when the posterior wall of the vagina is excised and then sutured, thus achieving a reduction in the vagina “in depth”. If we talk about aesthetic indications for this operation, then posterior colporrhaphy can be performed with anorgasmia, a decrease in sexual pleasure due to stretching of the vagina, and a decrease in the elasticity of its walls.

Posterior Repair Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a surgical operation, the purpose of which is to eliminate functional disorders of the small pelvis and improve the quality of a woman’s sexual life. For a number of reasons, this type of correction is carried out much more often than plastic surgery of the anterior wall.

Aims of the Treatment:

It is worth noting that colporrhaphy is rarely performed for the purpose of intimate rejuvenation – for this today there are effective minimally invasive techniques that successfully solve many postpartum and age-related problems. Such methods include vulvovaginal laser rejuvenation Monalisa Touch, injection rejuvenation (contour plastic) with Overage fillers. Full surgical intervention takes place in serious cases when the use of other methods is not effective enough or there are contraindications that do not allow them to be used.


If you responsibly approached all the rules of recovery, rehabilitation after posterior colporrhaphy proceeds quite quickly and painlessly. During posterior colporrhaphy, the volume of the vagina is reduced along its entire length from the cervix to the entrance. After 2 months, you will feel that the fit of the penis has become much better, and the tactile sensations have become much brighter. Due to the fact that the quality of sex is improving, plastic surgery of the posterior wall of the vagina can be safely attributed to operations from the field of “family surgery”.


  • It improves bowel control.
  • It increases the quality of intimate and normal life.
  • It relieves pain and discomfort caused by the rectocele.
  • Reducing the volume of the vagina – often this is done in order to enhance the sensations of intimacy.
  • Elimination of age and pathological defects (stretching, omission).
  • Increasing the elasticity of the genital organs and the elimination of rough scars that cause pain.


Indication for posterior repair is:

  • Omission and prolapse of the posterior wall of the vagina as a result of previous ruptures of the perineum;
  • Rectocele (protrusion of the wall of the rectum towards the vagina);
  • Violation of the defecation process;
  • Aesthetic imperfections;
  • Decrease in the tone of the tissues of the pelvic floor.


  • Diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation;
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Pregnancy, postpartum period;
  • Blood coagulation disorders.

Plastic surgery is performed through the vagina. After treatment of the surgical field with an antiseptic solution, the cervix is ​​fixed with clamps for better access. The gynecological surgeon excises/removes excess stretched tissue from the posterior vaginal wall and tightens the muscles and tissues that hold the rectum in place with self-absorbable sutures.

After the operation, sexual and physical rest is recommended for 1-2 months, suture treatment and antibacterial drugs (if necessary), refusal to visit the sauna, swimming pool, and use tampons.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Posterior Repair can be treated with general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. Excision of tissues is carried out traditionally – with a scalpel, and the doctor can also use a laser knife.

During the operation, excess tissues of the posterior wall of the vagina are excised in the form of a triangle (the upper corner of the triangle is located deep in the vagina, the side corners are at the base of the vulva.). After that, plastic surgery of the muscular-fascial tissues of the pelvic floor and perineum is performed, then self-absorbable sutures are applied. If necessary, the doctor sets the rectocele before suturing. Depending on the complexity, the operation can take 30-60 minutes.


The first days are indicated for bed rest, then the patient must follow certain recommendations: more rest, completely exclude all physical activity, sex, visiting the sauna, swimming pool, open water, using tampons, jumping and running. If the operation was performed for medical reasons, it is recommended to wear special underwear or a bandage for several months – as support for the pelvic organs.


The cost of Posterior Repair can range from AED 25,000 to AED 40,000. The cost depends on various kinds and will only be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.


The Posterior Repair Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is impacted by several factors discussed above. To find out the actual cost you need to book a free appointment with the experts of Enfield Royal Clinic. The procedure is carried out by experienced gynecologists with more than 15 years of experience. Respecting our client’s dignity and grace is one of our leading values.

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