GFC Treatment For Hair In Dubai Hair Regrowth Treatment

– A promising treatment for hormonal hair loss!

GFC stands for Growth Factor Concentrate. This breakthrough in PRP therapy promises to cure hormonal hair loss in just 2-3 sessions. This safe, FDA-approved uses growth factors present in the patient’s blood to quickly stop hair loss.

Our blood contains growth factors and special proteins that help heal wounds and stimulate the growth of scalp tissue. With this concept in mind, a group of medical experts validated the use of blood to address the serious problem of hormonal hair loss.

Whom Does it Work for?

Anyone experiencing hormonal or hereditary hair loss is a good candidate for GFC treatment. GFC is best used for patients with moderate to severe hair loss or thinning anywhere on the scalp. However, for safer and more reliable results, check with your doctor about the candidate’s unique instructions. At the Royal Clinic, we generally do not recommend this procedure for bleeding disorders and diabetes.

Results of GFC Treatment Dubai:

GFC results are long-lasting, take 3-4 weeks to appear. Check out the before and after.

GFC Technique:

  • Blood collection
  • Leave blood in the test tube for activation
  • Separation of growth factors using a centrifuge
  • Introduction of growth factors into the scalp

What is the Procedure?

GFC Hair Treatment in Dubai is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that starts with taking blood from the patient’s arm. The blood is then tubed in a centrifuge that circulates the blood and separates red blood cells, plasma, and growth factors. The enriched growth factors are then injected directly into the scalp. The number of injections largely depends on the degree of hair loss in patients, but the procedure usually takes no more than half an hour.

Pros and Cons:


  • Reduces hair loss and improves facial rejuvenation.
  • The procedure does not use artificial ingredients
  • No counter-reactions
  • Minimal downtime and no discomfort
  • Provides long-lasting results


  • Mild headache
  • Temporary sensation of pain

Cost of GFC Treatment:

The cost of GFC treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 500 to AED 1900. Depending on the type of services you intend to use, there may be add-ons. The fee of doctor’s services, hospital facilities, and the degree of hair loss are the three main factors that determine the overall cost of treatment.

GFC Treatment For Hair FAQ’s:

The patients are more likely to have an exposure to the personalized cost for the process still on a basic and generalistic note they are more likely to be charged from AED 500 to AED 1,900

Regardless of the underlying reason and intensity of the baldness and hair loss, the patients can sign up for the session in order to cure the dermal health hazard while restoring the lost hairline.

In fact, according to the researchers both of them are equally important in coming up with a positive response according to the intensity of the process, however, it merely relies upon the personalized intensity of the process organized accordingly. 

PRP treatment relies on extracting the plasmas from the blood and further utilizing it for the treatment, the contrary to which, GFC hoards the CGF mixture from the blood in order to use it for further treating the health hazard.

Is GFC better than PRP?

GFC is a much better treatment than PRP and can be seen as a development in plasma therapy. Although both procedures are performed with patients’ blood, they have variations but GFC reports better results. Depending on the severity of the condition, 4-6 GFC sessions are required for long-term results, while PRP requires 8-10 sessions. You can talk to your doctor directly to find out which procedure is right for your hair loss condition.

Consult the Best Doctor!

Find someone who is qualified and experienced like Dr. Sannia Awais. At the Royal Clinic, she has more experience than anyone else in the treatment of GFC. She always looks for the root cause of hair loss and treats accordingly so that patients benefit by all means. So many patients have saved their lives from Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai with her expert skills in PRP and GFC.

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