Post-Operative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

Every type of surgical operation requires proper care and monitoring, for proper healing. If a person does not properly take care of their surgical wounds or does not look after them, this will impact their healing, and they will not recover properly from the operation. Every surgery minor or major requires proper aftercare so that you can properly stand up on your feet. Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to stay in the hospital for certain reasons. Nothing should come before our health. Post-Operative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah provides proper professional nurses who can take care of you or your loved ones who have undergone a surgical process in the ease of your home.

Post-Operative Care:

Taking good care of our health is essential. A surgical procedure whether it be minor or major, requires proper aftercare. A surgeon always gives patients proper aftercare instructions to follow. Some of the surgeries require patients to stay at the hospital for a few days, while with some surgical processes, a person can also stay at their home, but should follow the doctor’s instructions properly. Our body needs a specific healing time after it’s undergone a surgical procedure. The recovery time varies for different procedures.

Post-Operative Care at Home Includes:

This service generally includes the following things:

  • Managing the patient’s pain.
  • Changing the wound dressing.
  • Monitoring their vitals daily.
  • Changing their urinary catheters.
  • Helping a patient walk, and exercise in recovery days.
  • Providing your recommended medication on time.
  • Making sure that the patient gets no infections.
  • Properly cleaning the wound area daily.
  • Taking blood, and urine samples.
  • It also includes help with dressing, bathing, and toileting.


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What Skills Should A Post-Operative Nurse Should Have?

One should always make sure that the healthcare provider/nurse they’re hiring is professional, and have proper experience in their field. It is essential that a professional nurse should have the following skills;

  • Should have experience in their field.
  • They should be trustable.
  • They should know about your medical condition, so they can take care of you accordingly.
  • Proper wound care education.
  • The patient must be comfortable in communicating with the nurse.
  • The healthcare provider should have proper experience with changing and insertion of catheters.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Should be able to observe patients for any side effects.
  • The nurse should be experienced in cleaning the wounds and changing the dressing, and bandages.
  • Monitoring and observing the patient’s vitals, and observing any type of side effects a patient may have because of a medicine.
  • Assessment with drainage tube, and many other skills.

What Happens in Post-Operative Care at Home?

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, we make sure that our patients are provided with the utmost comfort and ease. We offer various at-home services for our patients, so nothing comes between our patient and their recovery. With post-operative care at home, you can hire a professional expert who can take care of you in your recovery period. When you hire our expert specialist, here is what happens.

  • We provide you with a trustable person, that the patient is comfortable with.
  • Our professional nurses arrive at your doorstep, with all the necessary medical equipment.
  • We make sure that our nurses follow all the necessary hygienic measures. We properly disinfect our hands and all the equipment we use for our patients.
  • Our professional will assist you with your daily life recovery activities, whether it be dressing the wound area, toileting, changing the IV tubes, monitoring your vitals, etc.
  • The nurse will also help you with your regular walking, eating, and exercise.
  • The healthcare provider will make sure that you take your medication on time.
  • The patient will be given proper meals on time.
  • They will assist you if you need help with lying down, sitting, or standing.
  • Some patients are unable to go to the washroom, shower, or change their clothes by themselves, the nurse will provide them assistance in these tasks.

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Benefits of Post-Operative Care at Home:

  • In the comfortable environment of your home you will recover more quickly.
  • You’ll be less prone to infections, and diseases.
  • You will no longer have to visit a hospital daily for assistance in certain personal tasks.
  • Ability to take the recommended medication on time which is necessary for proper healing.
  • The patient will not feel alone in their difficult time.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your health vitals.
  • No more waiting in the long hospital lines for your turn.

Post-Operative Care At Home FAQ’s:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we strive to give our patients the highest level of comfort and convenience. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of our patients' recovery, we provide a range of at-home services. They will receive help from the nurse with of of their duties.

Post-operative care helps patients recover from surgery by controlling pain, promoting oxygenation and cardiovascular stability, preserving fluid balance, tending to wounds, keeping an eye on bowel movements, facilitating mobility, and averting complications. 

While many postoperative complications like wound infection can happen after any type of surgery, some are specific to the procedure you had. The most frequent side effects following surgery are infection, fever, and minor lung blockages.

How Much Does Post-Operative Care at Home Cost?

Our post-operative services at home are quite affordable, as our main aim is to provide comfort to our patients. The cost may vary depending on a number of factors. Such as:

  • If the patient requires halftime service the cost will be different, while with 24/7 assistance the cost may be different.
  • The number of days a patient will avail of the at-home service.
  • The condition of the patient.

Let Us Help You in Your Healing Period!

If your family and friends are busy and do not have enough time with their hectic routines to properly look after you, do not worry as with our at-home services you can hire a professional expert to look after you. If you want to hire a professional nurse with us at Post-Operative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, fill out the form given below. Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.