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Sometimes, some medical tests can be equally a life savior as compared to medical treatments and procedures. Among such essential early indication detectors, a Mammogram in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah could be a life-saving test. We are using this platform to educate you about the importance of this powerful diagnosis and enlighten you about the significant role it is playing in millions of lives all around the world.  

What Is A Mammogram?

This is a low-intensity X-ray test that is particularly designed for breasts. It allows us to detect what is going on inside and identifies the exact location of the problem. On the other hand, it is also used as a powerful tool to monitor early symptoms of breast cancer screening, as well as the different stages of the disease. 

Why Is This Test Important?

We gathered some fundamental information to enlighten you about the importance of these testing reports;

  • Early Signs And Symptoms: it can identify even the mildest of changes or problems taking place inside the breast tissues. As a result, we can successfully target and discard the disease from its very core in the early stages. As well as finding out the exact hideout of the disease and aiding the patient with adequate medical treatment and therapies. 
  • Screening For Asymptomatic: when blood tests and other monitoring seem to lack information about the developing problem, this screening can find cancers that are too mild or can only be felt by the affected person. 
  • Increased Survival Rate: this machinery is a life-saving program that can identify even the undeveloped germs of the disease. We can monitor breast cancer mortality on time, and improve a person’s living standard by supporting their health and implementing a suitable treatment option for an improved quality of life. 
  • Recurrence Monitorization: these are helpful for the initial stage of breast cancer along with the density of the problem. Furthermore, it is also performed when a patient has already undergone other treatments without any successful outcome. Hence, this screening supports a timely intervention for the best results of survival rate in the future. 

Who Should Opt For The Tests?

We advise women aged 40 and above to opt for an annual mammogram. Furthermore, depending on your family history or general exposure to risks and dangers, an individual can undergo the screening for safety and assurance. This is why we recommend the candidates to timely schedule their appointments and visit their healthcare providers for essential tests and guidance. 

How To Prepare For Your Appointment?

Unlike other tests and non-invasive treatments, this screening test requires candidates to follow certain formalities and protocols. Below are a few safety guidelines for you;

  • Make sure to take a shower or bath before your appointment. 
  • Do not wear any deodorants or perfume to the clinic. 
  • Remove all your studs and jewelry beforehand.
  • Your appointment should be scheduled a week or two after your menstruation.
  • Wear comfortable and two-piece outfits for safety and privacy.
  • Inform your healthcare provider if you happen to be having any breast implants.
  • You may ask your physician a bunch of questions related to the screenings.
  • Be sure to answer your healthcare provider with adequate and honest information about your family history or other medical conditions.

What Happens During The Session?

This is a quick and easy test that takes place inside the respective treatment room. Below are a few details on what to expect during the screening;

  • You are instructed to change into the hospital uniform. A nurse will help you out with the gel application that is applied to the breasts. 
  • To begin with, we will ask you to stand in front of the specialized machinery for X-ray imprints. One breast is taken under consideration at a time.
  • The expert in charge will spread out the breast tissue and get a clear image of the monitor screen. This action is repeated for a good two to three times.
  • However, due to the delicacy of the breasts’ tissues, the compression can be an uncomfortable experience for a few candidates. 
  • In the end, the technologist will provide you with a few tissues to wipe away all the gel from your breasts before dressing back into your clothes. 
  • Finally, you are called upon your results for further guidance and instruction for safety for a prolonged and healthy future. 

What Are The Results?

Mammogram Screening plays a significant role in the prevention and early detection of breast cancers. It is said to be a vital verification of the disease as well as a detector to diagnose the accurate stage and symptoms of the developing discomfort. Furthermore, while the process may seemingly be overwhelming or intimidating for a few. The potential safety and benefits are accelerating the survival percentage for the identified patients. Moreover, it is also a crucial tool that is going to fight against cancer. Therefore, early detection can make a huge difference in your life. However, if any abnormalities are diagnosed in your screening test, additional testing of an ultrasound or biopsy is performed before the final verdict.

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Quite a few times, a candidate may have to undergo multiple diagnoses for a final verdict. Hence, the total estimation will fluctuate respectively. However, to highlight the average cost of a Mammogram In Dubai, the value is priced at AED 99 to AED 599.

Mammogram In Dubai FAQ’s:

The most popular test for breast cancer screening is mammography. Women at high risk of breast cancer may be screened with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Breast tumors as tiny as 0.5 cm or less can be detected using it. Usually, suspicious tumor regions resemble blackouts.

The most effective tool available to clinicians for early detection of breast cancer is a routine mammography. A mammogram is an image of the breast obtained by X-ray, used by doctors to detect early indications of breast cancer. Frequent mammograms can detect breast cancer at an early stage, often even three years before any symptoms appear.

During the procedure, some women may experience pain, while others may not experience any discomfort at all. The majority of women experience some discomfort when having an X-ray. It's natural to have pain or discomfort from the testing equipment pressing against your breasts.

The radiologist will search for anomalous spots and variations to the breast, such as calcifications. On a scan, breast cancer appears white and might appear as a solid mass.

It is suggested that women with an average risk of breast cancer begin mammography screening no earlier than 40, no later than 50, and continue screening for at least 74 years of age.  Mammograms used for screening can detect breast cancer early. It is easier to cure cancer if it is discovered early.

Some breast cancers cause pain in the breast or nipple, while the majority do not. Women experience breast pain or discomfort associated with their menstrual cycle more frequently. A more sudden pain may also be caused by certain non-cancer breast illnesses, such as mastitis.

It may be suggested for women experiencing breast pain to get an ultrasound, mammography, or both. In certain situations, a doctor might advise diagnostic mammography, which might require more pictures than a standard mammogram. 

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