Fat Melting Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Wouldn’t it sound amazing if you could discard body fat with a simple injection? That’s our promise! FDA-approved Fat Melting Injections in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi offered by us can promise a thinner you even more dramatic. Over a series of injections, you would find your body aesthetically “ideal”.

Here at Royal, we pride ourselves on being the best weight loss clinic in Dubai. The procedures carried out by our specialists are patient-friendly touch the intact beauty aims. Ahead, in this guide, you can find all the details you need to know about these injections before making an appointment.


  • FDA-approved & reported safe
  • There is no downtime
  • Nobody would know you have done it
  • Rare side-effects

Results of Fat Melting Injections:

Fat Melting Injections are not currently yielding instant outcomes. The final results will take about a month. Check before and after.

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How do Fat Melting Injections work?

Fat melt injections, as the name suggests, melt fat. They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat subcutaneous fat in regions that are difficult to treat with routine exercises. The key ingredient in these injections is deoxycholic acid, which safely breaks down fat and exerts it through the body’s waste. Double chin, inner thighs, cankles, upper arms, and abdomen are the areas most treated with this injection.

Three types of Fat-Melting Injections include:

  1. Aqualyx
  2. Lipolysis
  3. Kybella

Good Candidates:

Fat Melting Injections are proven safe nearly in all patients. However, FDA doesn’t allow these injections to be injected in pregnant women. Typically, good candidates are:

  • Mature enough
  • Want to escape invasive surgery
  • No longer seeing results with diets and exercise
  • Having fatty pockets in hidden areas

Preparing for the Injection:

Since this is a non-surgical procedure, you do not need to prepare a lot. Our doctors will tell you in detail what to do before your surgery to have a successful procedure and a safe recovery. The instructions can be personalized on a case-by-case basis, however, the following guidelines are the most general and apply to all patients.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid aspirin-containing medications
  • Minimize alcohol consumption

What to Expect during the Procedure?

Fat Melting Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a non-surgical procedure, done under general anesthesia.

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. Your doctor will start your treatment by applying an anesthetic cream to avoid any stiffness during the injections. However, after application, a liquid drug mixture is injected into the skin to melt the tissues causing excess weight.

The number of sessions can be increased depending on the desired results. However, long-term results can be achieved by following daily exercise and correct diet plans.

How many Treatments are Necessary?

The number of treatments differs from person to person. Most patients generally require 3-5 sessions, usually two to four weeks apart. Your injector will discuss your goals and health status with you and pick out the best number of sessions.

Recovery or Downtime?

Fat-dissolving injections usually have no downtime. You can get it the same day, easily continuing your daily routine. However, just like every injection, it comes up possible post-injection discomfort. Here’s what exactly is felt after.

  • The pain you feel after an injection to melt the fat is not so bad. For comparison: this is a hundred times less than chin liposuction.
  • The likelihood of bruising is high if patients have too thin skin.
  • Depending on the amount of injection injected and the amount of fat removed, the downtime may vary from patient to patient.


Reports of complications with fat-busting injections include:

  • Infection
  • Disfigurement
  • Undesirable results

Fat Melting Injections in Dubai (FAQ’s):

The final bill after a complete treatment is going to differ from the exact cost of the treatment. This is because each individual has different layers of fat cells under the skin at specific regions of the body. Therefore, the required percentage of the formula is also going to increase/decrease to shrink the targeted stubborn fat. Therefore, the final cost can range from AED 5,000 and above. For further inquiries, call our hotline today.

Fat melting injections are also known as Lipolysis injections. These contain a precise concentration of dissolvable substance called Deoxycholic Acid. The treatment aims to break down the stubborn fat cells and deposit them into the digestive intestines to flush them out of the body. However, it is not a substitute for a healthy diet or workout to lose weight in the long run.

These are a booster jab to your exercise routine to help speed up the fat-reducing process. However, the results are not instantaneous and require dedication to a healthy diet plan and a determined workout routine to achieve the best results possible. 

It is an FDA-approved treatment therefore, it is considered to be efficient and safe for the suitable candidates. The treatment revolves around gradually targeting the stored fat cells, forcing them to budge from their location and naturally exit the system for improved health.

We generally prefer Kybella to safely target any region of the body, including the jawline to eliminate your double chin. It is a reliable procedure that is actively going to shrink the fat from the targeted areas without any hidden side effects or long-term risks to your overall well-being. 

Cost of Fat Melting Injections Dubai:

While cost shouldn’t be your deciding factor, you must still be informed. Fat Melting Injections in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 4000 to AED 6000. The type of injection, number of sites, post-maintenance, physician experience, and geographic location may affect the prices.

Best Doctors for Fat Melting Injections Dubai:

The Bottom Line:

We are here to help to feel you feel happy and confident about yourself. Let us make your body achieve the perfect contours you ever desired.

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