Radical Nephrectomy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Kidney Removal

Cancer is one of the most serious health conditions to deal with. It could develop in any part of the body. Similarly, this crucial complication could also take place inside a healthy person’s kidney. Blood Tests For Kidney Function are very important for your health. Fortunately, there are a variety of medical procedures that are considered to be life-saving options for those diagnosed with the disease. This is why, we are using this platform to inform you about the process of the problem. While providing adequate information and our expertise on; Radical Nephrectomy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Read along, as we unfold the best medical care and aftercare for kidney patients.

What Is Radical Nephrectomy?

This is a surgical procedure that revolves around an affected kidney. When a cancerous tumor spreads across your bladder or other fatty tissues grows near the blood-pumping veins. It could risk the safety of the heart at stake too. Hence, Radical Nephrectomy is approached to cut off a section of the ureter or completely discard the affected kidney to stop the infection from spreading widely. Furthermore, this operation can be performed through open surgery or other minimally invasive techniques such as Laparoscopy or Robot-assisted methods. 

What Exactly Happens During The Surgery?

Diving into the depth of the process, let us guide you through a detailed understanding of this medical condition. Kidneys are one of the vital organs inside our bodies. Their appointed job is to cleanse and keep the system clean. When Renal Cell Carcinoma erupts inside one of the organs, it could provoke life-threatening measures if help is not reached on time. To banish cancerous infections or tumors from growing and spreading, the respective surgery is approached to remove the affected kidney or save other surrounding organs. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

There is a reason why Doctors suggest an annual check-up. It allows us to keep a Full Body Checkup and balance on the current health conditions. However, if due to an unexpected disease, injury, or other health variants begin to affect the organ before or after a kidney transplant. We will ensure the mentioned safety protocols below before registering the patient for the surgery;

  • You are generally in good health without being an obese or diabetic patient.
  • Another kidney is not traumatized by the ongoing infections. 
  • The cancer has not spread to other parts of the body.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Depending on the current health condition of a candidate, the Surgeon knows the best alternative operating option for their patient. Below are a few medical techniques for this Surgery;

  • Minimally Invasive Operation: we opt for a Laparoscopic or Robot-assisted technique to make tiny incisions to gain access to the affected kidney. This method allows us to complete the surgery in a shorter period. Furthermore, each movement is monitored on the screens, hence it lacks the risks of puncturing or damaging the surrounding organs. 
  • Preserving Nephrons: this is when only the cancerous portion of the kidney is removed without discarding the entire organ. Moreover, this approach is going to preserve your kidney tissues which can restore and maintain kidney function.
  • Lymph Node Dissection: is performed to prevent the spread of the cancer. T is another minimally invasive technique that allows the Radical Nephrectomy to be performed more precisely and effortlessly. 
  • Open Nephrectomy: this is a traditional approach of manually gaining access to the affected organ. We will cut into the skin while creating a long incision to completely remove the kidney from decaying and destroying surrounding tissues and organs. In addition to this, you may opt for a kidney transplant or rely on the other healthy one to resume life normally. 

How To Prepare For The Surgery?

It is highly important to mentally and physically prepare yourself before undergoing a surgical procedure. Below are a few safety precautions for you;

  • Do not take a solid intake of food within the 24 hours before the operation.
  • If you are on blood-thinning medications, be sure to talk to your General Doctor before pausing the medicines for a while. 
  • Take a long warm bath or shower before heading out for your hospital stay.
  • Furthermore, if you happen to be wearing any studs or other jewelry items. Be sure to take them all off beforehand.
  • Prepare a bag with your essential items and favorite snacks, including your phone or other gadgets if you wish to catch up on your shows or TV series. 
  • Lastly, you can bring a friend or family member to stay with you overnight. Or arrange a transport back home after getting discharged from the hospital.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Living With One Kidney?

  • The surgery is approached to resolve all the risks and discomforts. However, it is a natural reaction from the body to feel sore after the operation.
  •  Furthermore, you may feel mild pain after the post-operative encounter. Therefore, you are advised to take your painkillers on time. 
  • Eventually, as you begin to heal, the body will adjust to the new changes. However, it is completely safe to pursue life with one kidney as it is capable of filtering and running the system smoothly.

What Are The Benefits Of The Procedure?

  • Your body will naturally regulate the blood and filter urine out of the system.
  • Moreover, a healthy diet will fuel your body to become empowered again.
  • As a result, candidates can also opt for additional surgery for a kidney transplant.
  • Additionally, you can easily resume your normal routine and even exercise gradually.
  • Within a month, patients are capable of returning to work and taking part in other physical activities.
  • Last but not least, this is an upgrade to your life and living standards. You are mentally and physically fit to enjoy every chapter of life with prosperity.

What Is The Outlook On The Recovery?

  • We will keep you under observation for a good 48 hours. During this time, your blood pressure along with other body functions are monitored round the clock.
  • Furthermore, after early signs of improvement, we encourage our patients to slowly walk out of bed and keep the blood flow running. 
  • In addition to this, it will take 4 weeks to a good 6 weeks to completely heal all your wounds from the inside and out. 
  • After a complete recovery, your regular Health Check-up at Home is aligned during which, your urine and blood tests are conducted. 
  • Lastly, from weeks to months apart and finally an annual check-up is required to monitor your well-being. 

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