Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

A wide entrance to the vagina reduces intimate sensitivity in a woman and sexual satisfaction in her partner causes discomfort during intercourse. Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah allow you to solve this problem quickly, without surgery, anesthesia, and long-term rehabilitation.

The procedure restores the physiological and aesthetic characteristics of the vagina and its vestibule, which stretched due to childbirth, operations, injuries, and age-related changes. Eliminates dryness. It helps to get rid of concomitant pathologies of the pelvic organs.

Why Get Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement?

Methods for reducing the vagina are divided into surgical, minimally invasive, and conservative. The operation is accompanied by a period of rehabilitation, has a lot of medical contraindications, and is more expensive than all other methods.

Conservative vaginal muscle training, including Kegel exercises, requires time, regularity, delayed results, and limited effectiveness. The procedure for reducing the vagina with fillers allows you to eliminate the problem in just 30 minutes, and the result lasts for about a year. It is painless, safe, has a minimum of contraindications, and has an affordable cost for most people. In our clinic, non-surgical vaginal reduction with fillers is carried out.


The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure. At the same time, the cells are moisturized, saturated with oxygen and nutrients, and the production of their collagen is activated. The tone of the muscles and epithelium increases – this enhances the brightness of the sexual sensations of both partners.


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • The technique allows you to achieve a natural and long-term effect.
  • Increases libido and self-esteem.
  • It is carried out under local anesthesia.
  • To achieve the result, a single procedure is sufficient, the effect can be assessed immediately after the session.
  • Does not require hospitalization performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Biocompatible hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human connective, epithelial and nervous tissues, a component of the extracellular matrix, saliva, and joint lubrication. Therefore, it does not cause allergic reactions and complications.

Suitable Candidate

Every procedure has some situations in which it cannot be performed, which must be confirmed with the doctor before starting the treatment. Following are the conditions that you must keep in mind before getting Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai:

  • Prolapse of walls of vagina, deformities, and scars after childbirth
  • Hereditary or age-related vaginal relaxation syndrome
  • Decreased satisfaction with sex and lack of orgasm
  • Dryness of the vaginal mucosa, discomfort during intercourse
  • No blood clotting disorders
  • Age up to 18 years
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period


Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a survey of the patient to identify possible contraindications.

  • The day before the procedure, anticoagulants are canceled and refrain from alcohol.
  • The procedure is carried out before or after menstruation.
  • In the absence of any inflammation


Intimate contouring is performed as regular beauty shots

  • Served in the office under the condition of sufficient sterility. Based on a well-equipped clinic. The procedure is carried out only by obstetricians, gynecologists, surgeons, and plastic surgeons.
  • Local anesthesia is applied.
  • After that, antiseptic treatment, and local anesthesia (anesthetic spray/gel) of the correction zones are carried out.
  • Then the doctor injects a pre-selected drug in the required volume. In cases of replenishing the volume of the labia, at least 2-4 ml of filler will be needed, with all other injection options, as a rule, 1 ml is sufficient.
  • In the final stage, the doctor gives all the necessary recommendations and lets the woman go home. You can go home immediately after the procedure.
  • Discomfort in the treated area may persist for several days.


Carrying out intimate filling implies the absence of a rehabilitation period. Within a few days, slight discomfort in the injection zone, slight soreness, swelling, small hematomas, or itching is possible all this is an adequate response of the body to injection manipulations. As a rule, these conditions do not require any treatment and go away on their own in a few days.

However, certain restrictions and recommendations must be observed within 10-14 days after the administration of the HA preparation, namely:

  • Do not visit the pool, solarium, bath, sauna
  • Avoid hot baths
  • Refrain from intimacy
  • Limit physical activity, especially horse riding and cycling
  • Maintain normal but regular intimate hygiene.

Compliance with these recommendations is necessary to prevent the migration of the injected drug and to properly distribute and fix it in the tissues.


The cost of Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 2999 to AED 7999. The cost can be discussed with the doctor at the initial consultation.

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