Skin Lesion Removal:

Raised and abnormal skin tags on the face and other parts of the body require removal. Skin lesion removal in Dubai is removing unwanted skin growths by cutting, freezing, using laser therapy or treating it with special creams.

The treatment involves a procedure to remove a lesion that can be a lump, bump sore or that area that looks different from the surrounding skin. Sometimes the lesions may also lead to skin cancer. Generally, lesions are considered to be harmless but people who are more conscious about their looks desire to remove them permanently. Skin lesion removal in Dubai can remove mole, wart, skin tag or any other outgrowth that bothers you.

Results and Benefits:


The results of the latest skin lesion removal surgery in Dubai usually become obvious immediately after the treatment. There may be some scarring and bruising in the first couple of days, but that usually subsides in a week or two. We don’t guarantee permanent results as they may appear back.


  • Restores lost self-confidence
  • Gives a more normal appearance
  • Minimizes the development of scarring
  • Helps in preserving the surrounding skin
  • Provides an opportunity to feel less conscious about lesions

Who Is Candidate?

Males and females, who want to attain the appearance they look for, now make their dream come by getting rid of lesions from the face and body. You are a good candidate for skin lesion removal in Dubai if:

  • You have good overall health
  • Your skin lesion causes pain or discomfort
  • You have skin tags, scars, pustules or scales
  • You have an abnormal patch of the skin due to skin cancer
  • You have a lump, sore or any area that looks different from surrounding skin

Aim of Treatment:

The treatment is playing a vital role in skin growth on the body that irritates the sufferer. Skin lesion removal in Dubai is aiming to help millions of people who want to remove them for cosmetic concern as well as for people who want to get rid of lesions that contribute to cancer. The technique is being widely used for improving the appearance of a person.

Technique We Use:

Today, it is possible to remove lesions by using different techniques. The preference for the procedure depends on size, type, and location of the lesions. The techniques are discussed below:

  1. Shave Excision:

The procedure of shave excision is carried out under local anesthesia for ensuring comfort to the patients. The steps are:

  • The anesthesia raises the growth of the skin upward, making it easier to remove.
  • Razor is used for making horizontal cuts in the lesion. A pushing sensation can be felt as cuts are made.
  • For shaping the wound, a device with a small dermal loop electrode is also used. Electrosurgical feathering aids in removing cell growth for minimizing the scarring that has left behind.
  • A patient can come up with little bleeding which is stopped by using a chemical solution.
  • The procedure is further followed by applying antibiotic ointment on the surgical site that will aid in the healing of the wound.
  • In the final step, the wound is wrapped with a bandage. This helps in minimizing the risk of infection.
  1. Scissor Excision Technique:

Skin is lightly pulled up by grabbing the skin with the help of forceps. The surgeon slightly cuts the area under the lesion with the help of curved scissors. Some of the parts of skin lesions can be left behind which are scraped by a curette. This treatment rarely requires stitches. Patient experiences bleeding which is stopped by burning the area or by applying for medicine.

  1. Laser Excision:

It is helpful for benign and malignant skin lesion as well as it is considered one of the best treatments for removing moles, warts, age spots, and tattoos. Laser excision works on the principle of emitting laser beams that are focused on the affected skin. The heat of lasers heats up the cell until they get burst.

  1. Cryotherapy:

The procedure of Cryotherapy completes in one minute. It is the freezing technique that uses a cotton swab dipped in liquid nitrogen. A numbing cream is usually applied as freezing can cause a little discomfort.


The surgical skin lesion removal in Dubai completely heals the wound within three months. Patients with dark skin tone initially notice a darker or lighter color which improves over time. Pain relievers are recommended for alleviating the discomfort that may occur in the result of the treatment. The recovery period varies according to the technique used and the healing ability of the sufferer.

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