Fotona TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

The aggregate longing to remain everlastingly youthful has made a tremendous market for against maturing medicines. Late improvements in laser innovation are presently conveying a more drawn out enduring and deductively demonstrated strategy for reestablishing the normal excellence of the skin. Not at all like conventional medicines, for example, dermabrasion and compound strips, the special qualities of Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah permit more exact and exact command over the treatment cycle.

What is Fotona TwinLight® Treatment:

TwinLight fragmentary revival medicines are performed utilizing the Fotona Dynamis, a high-level laser framework that joins various frequencies to accomplish more predominant outcomes. The accuracy of the laser light means flaws can be focused on without harming the encompassing solid tissue. As the hotness increments collagen creation, the skin’s regular revival process is enacted. The TwinLight skin reemerging process is made of three stages, guaranteeing patients accomplish smoother skin and a better look. Both the Nd: YAG and Er: YAG frequencies are utilized to restore the skin.


The aftereffects of TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation Treatment in Dubai can endure longer on the off chance that you keep up with them appropriately. You will require an upkeep treatment one time each year if you have any desire to keep your skin new, close, sound, and more youthful for quite a while.

Best Clinic of Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser Dubai  Best Clinic of Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser in Dubai  Best Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser Dubai

Best Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser in Dubai  Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser Dubai  Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Fotona TwinLight medicines might be great for patients hoping to turn around gentle to direct indications of maturing and accomplish a clear, more tight tone. Medicines are profoundly customizable, contingent upon your tasteful objectives and the seriousness of skin maturing. Be that as it may, the most ideal way to decide if Fotona TwinLight will be a reasonable treatment for you is to have a discussion at our facility.

  • Matured skin
  • Almost negligible differences and kinks
  • Lopsided tone and surface
  • Sun harm and age spots
  • Developed pores
  • Loss of flexibility

Pre Procedure:

A test on your skin will be done to make sure that the laser settings are proper for you. Assuming that there are no unfavorable reactions to the test 24 hours after the fact, dermatologists might start your laser therapy.

Before the laser procedure, it is basic to keep the treated district out of direct daylight. Your skin should be covered from the sun for at least fourteen days preceding starting any nursing


Fotona TwinLight® facial restoration is a basic yet successful three-venture system that makes your skin new and sound. It requires around an hour for fruition. To accomplish the ideal outcomes, you could expect one to three meetings of Fotona laser skin reemerging in Dubai. These meetings are generally directed with a hole of about a month and a half.

The procedural advances are as per the following;

  • Conditioning:

The non-ablative laser is utilized for molding the skin, which focuses on the skin’s surface two times. Therefore, it infiltrates the skin tissues and profoundly warms them, invigorating the skin. As well, it conditions the skin for partial nursing in the following stage.

  • Fractional Therapy:

An ablative laser for partial therapy. In this progression, the dull, harmed, and broken down skin is dealt with partially with a laser. Subsequently, it replaces the miniature removed channels with fresher, tighter, better, and smoother skin tissues.

  • Peeling:

An ablative laser is utilized again for stripping the skin. This progression liberates the skin of all blemishes and gives fresher-looking skin.


Stay away from excessive sun exposure and make-up application for 48 hours post-therapy. Any sun exposure ought to be finished with an SPF of at least 50.

We prompt that you ought to keep away from any cosmetics for 48 hours after the treatment to diminish the chance of skin inflammation breakouts

Purify with a delicate frothing cleaning agent and don’t utilize retinals or moisturizers with corrosive

Stay away from practice for 24 hours after the treatment

Keep the treated region saturated and hydrated

Benefits of Fotona TwinLight®:

This treatment is gathered with a bundle of benefits. Some of its advantages include:

  • Gives profound and enduring skin revival.
  • Animates the normal revival cycle of the body.
  • It has insignificant vacation and short recuperation.
  • Offers regular and durable outcomes.
  • It is a safe, non-careful, and skin-accommodating technique.
  • A speedy system restores your skin totally.
  • You can involve this technique for light final details as well as profound collagen renovating.


This treatment is available at different clinics at different prices. There are some factors that might affect the cost of this therapy such as the level of the clinic, the expertise of the dermatologists, location of the clinic where it is based due to the type of gentry, the type of equipment used in the clinic plus the actual price of treatment.

The estimated cost of the Fotona TwinLight Fractional Resurfacing Laser may range from AED 1900 to AED 2500 in Dubai.

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