To get a more youthful and vital appearance thread lift is the most effective technique. It is the celebrity’s secret who look more young and beautiful. One of the most commonly used antiaging treatments for reducing the appearance of aging sign including wrinkles, freckles, saggy skin, etc. When people grow older, their skin and tissues start losing collagen, which is an important protein responsible for making the skin elastic. The main reason for getting a thread lift procedure is to tackle these aging factors. We are here to satisfy your demands by providing you more appealing and attractive look through these procedures. We have expert surgeons in our clinic to give attractive facial contours to you. It is less painful and has a minimum recovery time.

As compared to dermal fillers and Botox, the Thread lift provides more long-lasting results. It is aimed at lowering down the aging factors. A very safe and minimally invasive procedure involving the use of implantable surgical thread to lift the sagging skin of brows, forehead, face, and neck. It improves facial rejuvenation b reducing the visibility of wrinkles, laugh and forehead lines to create

Aim of the treatment

The treatment aims to offer a minimally invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation and contouring. It is done by lifting the sagging skin and by eliminating other aging factors. Thread lift is an easy procedure that has the fastest recovery time and long-lasting results. For the patients who don’t want to go for a conventional facelift procedure, it is the best option available.


A non-surgical facial rejuvenation in which sutures are placed in the decided areas along the marked contours. These threads have filaments that can be attached to the skin tissues to make the skin look tight and smooth. After inserting the filaments new cells will be produced surrounding the filaments to create an effective and subtle lift. There is no cutting involved in the treatment.

  • The procedure will require only 1-3 hours for its completion
  • After administering anesthesia to the patient, the surgeon will start the actual procedure
  • A hollow, thick needle will be inserted into the facial skin to target the fat layer.
  • After taking out the needle, the filaments will be deposited on the sagging skin
  • The surgeon will give a strong jerk/pull to the thread to tighten the skin thus generating a more youthful appearance.

Ideal Candidates of the treatment

Thread lifts can be performed with other small surgical treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, micro-needling, and Ultherapy. If you want to undergo a thread lift procedure toy must be an ideal candidate;

  1. Your skin must be flexible
  2. If you have floppy and drooping eyebrows
  3. You must have a strong bone structure
  4. Should possess realistic expectation about the outcomes
  5. If you have minimal aging signs you will just require a small lift
  6. Suitable for those who don’t want scars
  7. For the people who don’t want to go for the surgical procedures

Why thread lifts are better than facelifts?

One of the major advantages of thread lifts is that they have minimum recovery time than the facelift procedure. After getting a facelift surgery the patient will feel dizziness so he will require outside aid to drive him home after the surgery, some of them will also require a caretaker for about three days after the treatment. The recovery time of the thread lift procedure is very short. They can get back home and can continue their daily activities on the same day of the treatment. Patients will require to follow only a few instructions for healing purposes.

Because it is a non-surgical procedure they have low risks and side effects. They produce more natural results than facelift surgery generally lifting the face by few millimeters.

Instructions before and after the procedure

  • Avoid taking alcohol and smoking to reduce recovery and healing time
  • Avoid using aspirin or any blood thinners before and after the procedure
  • Don’t take vitamin E supplements
  • After the surgery, make yourself comfortable and relax
  • Do not lift any weight after 3 to 4 hours of the procedure
  • Eat soft food and do not wash your face for 12 hours following the procedure

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