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The wisdom tooth is the last tooth of the teeth. The third molars are the more accurate name for these teeth. In modern dentistry, these teeth are considered a memento, which one gets rid of in evolution. Ironically, however, wisdom teeth almost do not work in the process of chewing food and do not benefit from other activities. The body is well without them. They grow very late, at the age of 20-25, and as a result, the growth can negatively affect the entire chin. And that is why Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is one of the most popular methods in dentistry.

Essence of Treatment:

The approach to removing the upper and lower jaw is different. The complexity of tooth extraction is also affected by its position. Usually, removing the upper wisdom tooth is more straightforward than removing the lower one. This is primarily because the lower teeth often have large and curved roots that prevent them from being extracted from the oral cavity. In addition, the bone tissue in the lower jaw is much denser than the tissue in the upper jaw.

Results of Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

A wisdom tooth will eliminate pain, discomfort, and bad breath. There will be no overcrowding or damage to the neighboring teeth. 

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Ideal Candidate:

A wisdom tooth is removed if it causes any discomfort or problems. Especially when it calls:

  • Pain and inflammation of the gums
  • Hurts the cheek or tongue
  • Interferes with other teeth Filling

It is challenging to treat if it develops a cavity due to its location, and caries can also spread to other teeth.

Should Wisdom Teeth be Treated or Removed?

Like any other teeth, wisdom teeth must be treated before removing them. These teeth are uncomfortable where a toothbrush can hardly reach, and they are more susceptible to cavities and decay and decompose faster.

However, they are more often removed than treated. They cut through too late, and there isn’t enough space for them in the jaw, and they adversely impact the neighboring teeth and the jaw.

Procedure of Removal:

The procedure of Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be different depending on whether the tooth has erupted or not, which will make the surgery complex or straightforward. The process to perform a simple extraction follows the following steps:

Step 1: Diagnostics:

  • Of course, it all starts with an x-ray. The doctor must see how the tooth is located and what kind of roots it has—the choice of removal tactics based on the case’s complexity.

Step 2: Preparation:

  • Before proceeding with the removal, it is imperative to give anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia involves injecting an anesthetic into the tissues surrounding the tooth using a special syringe.
  • This is enough when removing the tooth of the upper jaw. If we are talking about a lower jaw tooth, the anesthetic is also injected into the nerve bundle, responsible for the entire area around the tooth.

Step 3: Operation:

  • It is not always easy to remove these teeth. The teeth are located last in a row, so access to them is difficult. To increase the complexity, the presence of a mucous membrane between the tooth and the gum, in the form of a hood can.
  • And the very presence of this hood is fraught with purulent complications—pericoronitis, which can cause severe pain in the area of inflammation, headaches, fever.

Step 4: After Removal:

  • By removing a restless tooth, you get rid of pain, discomfort, bad breath disappears, damage to neighboring teeth. And also, avoid displacement of the dentition injuries of the tongue and buccal mucosa.

Removal of an Impacted Tooth:

An impacted tooth is a tooth that has not erupted and is located under the mucous membrane or in the jawbone. This makes it difficult to access and remove, resulting in a complex operation.

It is challenging to remove if it has not cut through the gum. The first task of the doctor, in this case, is to provide access to it. The surgeon makes an incision with a scalpel in the tooth area. Then the tooth is divided into parts and removed using special tools. Then the hole is cleaned of small fragments, the root or remains are removed.

A blood clot fills the socket, and the healing process begins. If necessary, absorbable sutures are applied. This prevents food from entering the wound and stops bleeding. It also promotes faster wound healing.


The following recommendations after the treatment must be followed:

  • The gauze pad must be removed after 5-10 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to eat, drink very hot and cold drinks, and smoke for some time.
  • On the first day, do not rinse your mouth vigorously.
  • For aching pain, you can apply ice on the outside of the cheek or drink painkillers.

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dubai:

The cost of the Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai UAE can range from AED 1500 to AED 1999. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the problem, the number of teeth to be extracted, and the dentists’ experience. The doctor will determine the actual cost of the treatment after the initial consultation.

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