Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Cost & Deals

If you are looking for a cost-effective and a time-saving hair restoration solution to get rid of distressing baldness then you can go for Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

The robotic system considers two important areas of your head for hair transplantation. One is considered where your hair is being harvested from – donor area. Another is on the back and sides of the scalp. The cosmetic surgeon at Enfield Royal Clinic assists Robotic Hair Transplantation System that utilizes advanced algorithms for randomly selecting the best hair for harvesting. It ensures the best results and in turn preserves the natural look of the donor area as well.

Results and Benefits:


It delivers permanent results so that transplanted hair continues to grow for life. However, there have been some cases too where transplants have not been effective so follow up operations have been needed. For maintaining the natural appearance, hair loss treatment will still be required following Robotic Hair Transplant, in order to prevent DHT (causes genetic baldness).


  • Involves less invasive technique
  • Assists very high speed and efficiency
  • Exceeds precision and accuracy far beyond the limits
  • Consumes less time in carrying out the transplantation
  • Uses cutting-edge intelligent imagery and intuitive algorithms

Ideal Candidate?

For the time being, people between the ages of 30-55 with dark brown or black straight hair are preferred for Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. For enrolling the candidacy, you must have good general health, donor area and realistic assumptions for the procedure. If you have blonde, gray or ginger hair, you will be advised to dye your hair first. This is because paler hair, and hair that is curly, can be harder to see under the necessary bright surgery lights. Our surgeons are having optimistic expectations for other patients that they will also be able to be enrolled in future trials after the current research study gets completed.

Aim of Treatment:

The latest and greatest strides have been made in the science of hair restoration that has given rise to another advanced technology for getting rid of baldness called Robotic Hair Transplant. This completely new technology aims to remove hair grafts, one at a time and to implant them as well. Traditional hair transplant surgery takes seven to eight hours, whereas its robot takes only about five hours in completing the whole process.

Technique We Use:

All of our transplantation techniques are performed under anesthesia to make you relax by avoiding the discomfort. You can also choose to listen to music or just to chat with the doctor and staff during the entire treatment. A technique of robotic hair transplant involves the following steps:

  • A patient is seated in a robotic chair.
  • A cosmetic surgeon gives local anesthesia to the patient in the area of treatment.
  • He then applies a small rectangular picture frame-like device, to the back of the scalp.
  • Following the procedure, the robotic arm positions itself in the donor area automatically.
  • A punch tool is oriented to the scalp to scan the skin for follicular extraction.
  • Once the follicular units are targeted, a dual punch mechanism is deployed. The inner sharp tool scores the skin around the graft and the outer blunt tool dissects the graft from the surrounding tissue.
  • The automated system scans for the next graft for extraction.
  • The step is repeated until the robot is finished harvesting within the area defined.
  • When it gets completed, the team manually removes the grafts from the scalp. The device is further moved to another area for a new round of harvesting.
  • It continues until sufficient follicular units are harvested.


Once the treatment is completed, the position of all of the grafts will be double-checked. You need to follow the post-op instructions that will be provided to you. Throughout and afterward the Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, our highly-trained staff will answer your questions and take care to help you feel comfortable.

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