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Modern dentistry offers many kinds of prostheses. One of which is a dental bridge that allows to cover the empty space left by one or more missing teeth and replace the latter both in appearance and function. Not to be confused with the dental implant, the Esthetic Bridge in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah basically comprises two parts: a pair of capsules, which anchor the dental bridge, and the intermediate elements, which are the false teeth that must replace the teeth.

Aim of Treatment:

It is a fixed prosthetic device that serves to cover the space left after tooth loss or extraction. These are used as an alternative to the implants in cases where it is necessary to restore from 1 to 4 adjacent units in the dentition. It looks like a bridge and has two supports. Among its most prominent advantages are the excellent aesthetics and a high level of restoration of chewing function.

The treatment aims to restore the following:

  • Restore the chewing and phonetic function
  • Restore the aesthetic appearance of the smile
  • Prevent displacement of healthy teeth adjacent to the gap
  • Allows the correct distribution of bite force on the teeth.


The physical appearance of teeth is restored, and you achieve a more pleasing smile. You get to speak and chew properly and maintain the proper shape of the face. 

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Best Esthetic Bridge in Dubai  Esthetic Bridge in Abu Dhabi  Esthetic Bridge in Dubai

Difference between Bridge and Implant:

Dental bridges and dental implants have several differences; the most fundamental is that the dental bridge provides anchoring to the teeth adjacent to the gap the dental implant provides for its anchoring to the bones, which, as a rule, supports the human teeth.

Ideal Candidate:

The treatment is recommended in the case where a missing tooth:

  • Impairs the chewing function
  • It affects the phonetic function
  • Spoils the appearance of the smile, creating an aesthetic discomfort
  • Risks causing displacement of adjacent healthy teeth

Steps of Installation:

The procedure for installation involves several steps; each of these is described below:

Preparation for Abutment:

The preparation will include dentine turning, nerve removal, canal refilling, and filling. If the support is unstable, it can be reinforced with a pin or tab.   

Then, the implant is placed in the jaw. Prosthetics are placed after the complete engraftment of the rods, formation of the gingival contour, fixation of the abutment.


The doctor checks the design on its placement, its color and transparency, how it fits the gum, and occlusion. If inaccuracies or discomfort are detected, the prosthesis is adjusted in place and temporarily fixed with cement.


Fixation of a temporary prosthesis.

The patient comes for verification, the doctor adjusts the prosthesis according to the patient’s feelings and attaches it to permanent cement.


  • Rapid adaptation
  • Long service life
  • The non-removable design does not complicate chewing
  • Reasonable price, it is cheaper than a single implantation


  • Turning the enamel and removing the nerve
  • The crown does not fix the problem; it only masks the defect


Currently, there is the possibility of making dental bridges in:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal Ceramic
  • Zirconium-Ceramic or Porcelain

Quick Tip! The dentist and the patient decide the construction material of a dental bridge after a proper discussion on the pros, cons, and costs.

How Long do they Last?

The life of a generic dental bridge lasts between 5 and 15 years. If the person having the bridge takes care of their oral hygiene, the chances that the dental bridge will last at least ten years are pretty high. After all, the health of the teeth and, in particular, of the abutment teeth is fundamental for the correct positioning and functioning.

Esthetic Bridge in Dubai (FAQ’s):

The traditional fixed bridge is preferred in most situations because it offers the most strength for the bridge, from abutment teeth on either side of the pontic. The bridge should not only blend in with the natural teeth but should also remove the gap between teeth and should be durable.

The structural design of the bridge will determine its esthetic outlook. Proper planning will increase the prognosis and lifespan of a dental bridge while also ensuring a balance between the abutment teeth and the artificial teeth so neither gets damaged with time and use. 

A bridge design entails the following stages,

  1. The doctor will first assess the condition of the abutment teeth and determine the number of false teeth required.
  2. Then follows teeth preparation and temporary bridge placement during the second visit. 
  3. Permanent bridge placement is performed and the false tooth is bonded using dental cement.
  4. Lastly, post-treatment care and a follow-up appointment are very important to ensure that the dental bridge procedure is successful.

Traditional Bridges are the most popular dental bridges used for restoring lost teeth when you have natural teeth or implants on either side of the gap. They are lightweight and provide excellent chewing comfort by distributing the normal bite force evenly along the jawbone.

The cost of dental bridges can vary depending on the material used, the location of treatment, and the technical expertise of the care provider. Based on these factors, the cost can range from anywhere between AED 400/- to AED 4,000/-. 


To extend the life of these bridges, the dentists recommend:

  • Brush your teeth immediately after the meals, brush them correctly
  • Floss at least once a day and ideally twice
  • Make use of antiseptic mouthwash daily
  • Periodically undergo a professional tooth cleaning
  • Adopt a diet low in those foods that are risk factors for tooth decay


The cost of an Esthetic Bridge in Dubai can range from AED 1999 to AED 11999. The doctor will determine the actual price after the initial consultation. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the technique used, the experience of the doctor, the clinic level, and location.

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