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With time, the tissues of teeth accumulate dyes; as a result, the teeth darken or turn yellow and sometimes even get a brown tint. This happens due to pigments found in things like teas, wine, coffee, fruits, and tobacco. Dentin can also darken over time without any exposure to solid dyes. This darkening not only changes the appearance of teeth and spoils the aesthetics of the entire oral cavity. Clinical procedures involve the use of hydrogen peroxide, and Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah does the same with an organic or less concentrated substance.

The essence of Treatment:

The procedure involves the self-removal of plaque or stains from the tooth surface. It is different from a clinical treatment because the patient independently performs functions at home with special tools obtained from a dentist. The doctor selects the most suitable procedure according to the patient’s wishes. 

Ideal Candidate:

Whether performed at a clinic or at home, the treatment is performed at the patient’s desire to get rid of discoloured teeth. However, it is not recommended for people with the following conditions:

  • Presence of carious cavities in teeth
  • Inflamed or injured gums
  • Pregnancy or lactation 
  • Presence of dental deposits 


Preparations that can penetrate relatively deep into the enamel and destroy pigments located there effectively treat the discoloration problem. Home remedies are the least effective of all treatments, and procedures performed by the doctor are the most effective. However, the home treatments provided by a dentist can give you the closest result to clinical treatment.

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Treatment Methods:

A large number of options for Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai are available for whitening, which the dentist recommends. They differ in price, mode of action, and effectiveness. 

Whitening Strips:

As the name implies, it’s just a strip applied to the teeth. The active substance on the surface of the strip destroys the pigments contained in the dentin. As a result, a significant whitening of the teeth can be achieved. You may need to apply them daily for at least an hour. The course may last several weeks, and the results last for two or three months.  


It contains substances that destroy the pigments accumulated in the tissues of the tooth. The gel is applied to the tooth with a special brush or cap. The close contact of the product with enamel is ensured, and contact with the mucous membrane is prevented. In terms of effectiveness, the product is comparable to whitening strips. 


These are unique overlays that can hold the special gel on the teeth for a long time, working more efficiently. The basis of this bleaching is hydrogen peroxide, and the dentist selects the exact composition of the gel. These guards can be custom-made by a manufacturer based on the patient’s cast.

Difference Between Whitening At Home and At the Clinic:

Home whitening is a great way to maintain and prolong the results of a professional procedure done by a dentist. It is also effective for minor colour changes. However, in cases where intensive whitening is needed, home procedures cannot compete with a professional course.

The key differences depending on whether you get the treatment by a dentist or at home are as follows:

  • The time of the procedure is longer than that of the one at the clinic
  • At-home treatments have a lower concentration
  • Mouthguards are also used in home treatments
  • The price is lower for home treatments

Pros and Cons:


  • The treatment is simple and straightforward
  • It is affordable and cost-effective
  • Tangible results can be achieved
  • No significant investment of time and money


  • Results cannot match the ones achieved by a dentist
  • Only minor discolouration can be improved
  • Increased risk of enamel damage

Is it Safe?

The treatments performed at home have the risk of damaging your enamel only if they are not done correctly. However, if you take help from the dentist and follow his recommendations properly, there will be no risks. Use the treatment option recommended and provided by the dentist to avoid any kind of issues. 


The cost of Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 899 to AED 1200. The cost of each treatment varies depending on several factors and will be determined by the doctor. 

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