Digital Smile Design (DSD) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Offers

Want to know how your smile will look after the tooth reconstruction, changes in the shape, size, and position of the teeth, whitening results?

Digital Smile Design in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will help you with this! New computer technologies allow you to see the final result even before teeth whitening and oral treatment, discuss the desired outcome and make the necessary adjustments.

Aim of Treatment:

The technology was introduced in 2007 and is designed to optimize communication between dentists, patients, and dental laboratories. The use of patient photographs and creating a meaningful model of future regeneration are based on them. When modeling, the wishes of the patient are taken into account. When working, the program is based on the facial features and the structure of the dentoalveolar system of a particular person, so the planning result is entirely individual and very accurate.

Results of Digital Smile Design:

With this system, you can easily stimulate a smile and develop an individual plan for major dental procedures such as restoration of teeth, replacement of old crowns, placement of veneers, implants, and prosthetics.

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The introduction of this technology facilitates the work of dentists. The main advantages include:

The High Degree of Adaptation:

The program, within the framework of its functionality, allows taking into account any individual characteristics of the patient; the quality of the result remains high regardless of the condition and proportions of the teeth.


The technology allows you to perform many tasks related to diagnostics and modeling and is the link between the dentist, the patient, and the dental laboratory.


The planning done through the modeling technique will ensure that you get an utterly exact shape and size of teeth that will fit into the overall facial features and do not affect the functionality of teeth. 

The Speed of Getting Results:

The preliminary result of the modeling is that the future appearance of the teeth will be obtained in just a few minutes, i.e., during the consultation—the result of functional modeling in one or two days.

Patient Involvement in the Process:

One of the main benefits. The patient is directly involved in creating and discussing the treatment plan; thanks to the software’s capabilities, he can be sure that his wishes regarding his appearance will be heard and correctly interpreted by the dentist.

Stages of Procedure:

When drawing up a treatment plan and starting work at the dentist’s consultation, the dentist examines the oral cavity and standard procedure. Stages of the process include:

  • Photo Session

The doctor takes pictures that clearly show the patient’s face and smile from different angles. Intraoral photography is also carried out.

  • Determination of Desired Results

The patient explains to the doctor what changes they would like to make to how they envision their future smile while discussing the color of the enamel, the shape, and the size of the teeth. The doctor helps the patient determine the best option in terms of aesthetics and functionality and explains what features the shape of the teeth give to the face.

  • Virtual Simulation

Digital images will be sent for processing; the program examines the characteristics of the patient’s bite, the shape of the teeth, the position of the lips when smiling, and checks the connection between the teeth and lips. The patient is offered several options for a new smile, and the dentist helps to choose the best one in terms of beauty and functionality.

At the patient’s request, the dentist can adjust the size and shape of the teeth and color. As a result, the patient’s face with a new smile is displayed on the screen; if he meets his expectations, the model will be transferred to the dental laboratory.

  • Wax Modeling

The program produces a three-dimensional combination of a 3D image of a patient. New teeth are placed in the modeling program following the patient’s anatomical features. New teeth are placed in the modeling program following the anatomical components of the patient.

The dental technician makes a wax model of the teeth based on the virtual model.  

  • Evaluation

Using the Mock-up technology, a silicone key, a model of future rejuvenation is tested in the mouth. Thanks to this, the patient can assess the intended result, and the doctor will determine the phonetics, beauty, and functional limitations of the structure.

  • Installation

Fixation of the prostheses or micro prostheses in the oral cavity. Usually, there are no questions about the appearance and color of new teeth in patients because the restoration fully complies with all wishes.  

How Much does it Cost?

The Cost of Digital Smile Design in Dubai UAE can range from AED 799 to AED 1999. The treatment will vary from person to person, the number of teeth to be treated, and the patient’s desired outcome.

The doctor will decide on the actual price after the initial consultation.

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