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Enhancing your outside may make you attractive but your inside will somehow make you slow down in this marathon of beauty and health due to aging. No doubt a plan and balanced diet plan an important role to make you fit along with daily exercise but can Regenerative Medicine not stop the aging signs such as decreased levels of collagen, weak metabolism, weak bones, and slow healing of damaged organs? For this purpose, the most effective treatment found in medical sciences is Regenerative Medicine in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Clinic. We are profoundly thankful to Dr. Hany Chadiac who brings this amazing source of staying young forever with just a few nonsurgical procedures to people who look forward to getting themselves into the race of being young and fit from the inside out.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

It is a field of medical sciences that aims to repair or regenerate and replace the damaged, dead and affected human cells that need effective care to get back to their natural shape and position. It is relatively a new field introduced in Dubai with a research background of 20+ years. The promising factor of this field is to provide newly generated tissues or help stimulate the natural mechanism of the body to effectively repair the damaged tissues in order to let the body function properly. It also allows scientists and doctors to get a backup in laboratories and generate organs from scrap there and place them back into humans.

Along with medicines it also involves therapies and procedures of which the top one is “Stem Cell Therapy”. The basic focus we try to make with this field is to recover the changes of Aging or we could say it involves Anti-Aging strategies that help in reverting back aging effects from the skin, hairs, bones, muscles, hormones, and other age-affected organs.

Aim to Provide:

The basic aim of the procedures related to this field are:

  • To provide people with new and innovative ways to live as young as they are from their heart.
  • Provide a new way to rejuvenate yourself
  • Enhance the ability growth of new cells
  • Help the body fight against damaging tissues
  • Relief from the stress of aging
  • Provide anti-aging solutions
  • Therapies against low credibilities of hormones


People often think about what sort of results will be carried out with regenerative medicine and procedures. Some of those results can be seen in these results mentioned here that how effectively such procedures bring back the youthfulness that you have lost due to aging. Customers are found quite satisfied with their results:

Regenerative Medicine in Dubai Best Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Dubai Best Regenerative Medicine in Dubai

Ideal Candidates:

These procedures are providing benefits to people worldwide but this can not opt by everyone due to their restrictive limits to apply. To have these procedures one should have the following characteristics:

  • moderate shoulder, hip, and knee osteoarthritis
  • Meniscal or ACL tears
  • shoulder discomfort, rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, or labral tears
  • Golfers’ elbow and tennis elbow
  • Sciatica or persistent back and neck discomfort
  • fractures that don’t heal, and more!

Pre Procedures:

A specific diagnostic test is carried out before the protocol is established:

  • Identify toxic metals in the body, heavy metals can be detected in tissues.
  • Oxidation stress test: check the ratio of healthy to damaged cells.
  • Food allergy and intolerance testing


A number of procedures are done to address these issues which include:

  • Ozone Therapy:

It is used to clean the blood of any toxins, infections, or other elements impeding proper cell activity while also giving the blood a healthy fresh surge of oxygen. Ozone will energize the body and aid in its self-healing process. A little quantity of blood is drawn, infused with ozone using an Ozonosan machine, and then guided into the body. It is a painless process that is pleasant. 20 to 30 minutes long every session.

It is completed in one of two ways:

  • Intravenously: for a boost in immunity, liver detoxification, anti-inflammation, pain relief, combating germs and viruses, post-operative recovery, raising energy levels, improving blood circulation, and enhancing muscular strength (for fitness and weight lifters)
  • Subcutaneously: To promote skin tightening and cellulite
  • IV Therapy:

The advantage of IV-administered nutrients is greater absorption and the prevention of malabsorption, which is common with oral vitamin doses. It contains modified Myers’ Cocktail and glutathione. The only delivery option with complete bioavailability is IV vitamin treatment. Every vitamin is given straight to the bloodstream.

  • PRP:

Using a patient’s own blood components, PRP treatment is a very adequate surgical substitute that promotes tissue repair in injured areas. Small, atypically shaped transparent cell fragments called platelets draw in STEM cells, promote cellular development, and aid in the formation of blood clots in the body. A blood sample is collected and processed for PRP therapy using an elevated centrifuge to divide the blood into layers, which includes PRP.

  • IV Low Laser Light Therapy:

Infrared light has been discovered to regulate various biological processes in cell culture when exposed to low-energy photons. Clinical applications of this photobiomodulation phenomenon include the quickening of wound healing and the treatment of soft tissue injuries. The activation of mitochondrial respiration chain components, which starts a cascade that encourages cellular proliferation and cytoprotection, has been theorized to be the mechanism of photobiomodulation at the cellular level.

  • NAD+ IV Therapy:

Our cells produce NAD+, a crucial chemical that performs hundreds of crucial tasks. Our food is transformed into chemical energy by NAD+. As we age, our NAD+ levels gradually decrease, which causes age-related disorders. The goal of injecting NAD+ by IV drip treatment is to delay aging and aid the body in battling various poisons, wounds, and illnesses in cells and tissues.

  • Stem Cell Therapy:

The body’s natural reserve is stem cells. In order to keep our bodies working, we must constantly produce new cells. Stem cells are utilized to repair damaged or depleted supplies of specialized cells.

The following two qualities best describe stem cells:

  • the capacity to differentiate into specialized cells via a process known as differentiation
  • the capacity to repeatedly divide to create precise duplicates of themselves through self-renewal.

Cross Match With Other Fields:

The procedures of Regenerative Medicine are also used in cross-match with other fields of medical sciences in which they benefit remarkably. Some of those fields include:

  • Dermatology:

In this field, one should know that by treating yourself with injectables, lasers, and facials you also need to give a new chance for beauty cells inside your skin to enhance themself in order to give you more vibrant results than with any skin care procedure. To boost skin collagen production ozone, IV therapy, stem cell, and NAD+ are found quite effective.

  • Gynecology:

Libido Enhancement and Sexual enhancement in females are found quite effective with the help of regenerative medicine.

  • Plastic Surgery:

In the field of plastic surgery, the hardest time is the recovery period which is handled quite efficiently with the help of ozone and IV therapy by mean of fast healing of post surgical wounds, enhancing vitamins and minerals, and reestablishing the lost energy level after the surgery.

  • Nutrition and Diet:

There are uses for regenerative medicine in nutritional and intestinal health. Ozone treatment or IV drips can help patients who are having trouble losing weight because of a slow metabolism by boosting their energy levels and metabolism.

The Best Regenerative Medicine Doctor in Dubai:

In Dubai, At Enfield Royal Clinic, Dr. Hany Chidiac, an expert in the field of Regenerative Medicine in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, has mastered those therapies and perfected treatment protocols for over 20+ health conditions that we face in our aging process. His work focuses on tailor-made protocols for Liver detox, Immune system boost, Antioxidant & metabolism enhancement, Muscle tissue strength, Pain relief, and Male and Female sexual health. You can have your consultation with him anytime in order to get better advice for yourself.

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