Acne is one of the most common skin diseases that is affecting millions of people around the globe. Acne skin-problem needs to be controlled at its early stages. Luckily we have numerous treatments available for minimizing their appearance. They vary depending upon the acne breakouts, whether it is mild or severe. Acne may be caused because of a number of factors including genetics, hormonal changes, diet, stress, etc. Many people prefer undergoing non-surgical treatments of acne scars, and for them, radiofrequency treatment is the best option. Mild acne can be treated at its initial stage by using topical medications, but severe acne requires in-office treatments. Laser treatments are highly recommended to the patients in this case.

Results and benefit:

Radiofrequency treatment is done for facial-skin remodeling and resurfacing. It is the best method for acne scar revision. The procedure uses RF waves to penetrate deeper into the skin, for filling the acne scars. The treatment is most commonly performed on the face but it can also be applied to treat other areas (including arms, back, neck, etc.) too

Who is the candidate? 

Ideally, anybody experiencing mild or severe acne scars can opt for this treatment. Anyone who has acne scars, thin skin, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. The procedure requires a series of treatments depending upon

  • the type of acne being treated
  • the age of scarring
  • How well your body will respond to the treatment

You are an ideal candidate for the RF treatment if you have

  1. Active acne
  2. Darker skin tone
  3. Severely wrinkled skin

Aim of the treatment 

People experiencing acne breakouts have some residual scarring formed after pimples. The treatment aims to minimize the appearance of these scars by encouraging the growth of new and healthy skin cells. The treatment doesn’t eliminate the scars, it just reduces the appearance of those scars. It improves the overall appearance of the skin by eliminating all the textural irregularities. The treatment will require 2 or 3 sessions depending upon the extent of the scars.


Instructions before the treatment

  • It’s better to consult your doctor first before undergoing the procedure
  • Make sure that your doctor is a board-certified and experienced doctor
  • Do not use makeup, lotion, cream, and topical medications in case you are using any
  • Prepare yourself mentally, you must have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the treatment
  • Prior to the treatment, avoid sun exposure for at least 3 weeks
  • Do not take aspirin and blood thinners at least one week before the treatment 


The procedure takes 25-30 minutes to overcome the problem. It involves the use of radio waves by targeting them on the treatment area with a specialized hand-held device. The high-frequency waves penetrate deeper into the lower layers of the skin. During the procedure heat is produced, resulting in stimulating the level of collagen and elastin. As a result of the treatment, the skin looks more smooth and firm.

Instructions after the treatment

Your doctor may ask you to follow some instructions to get the best results. After the treatment, you need to be more careful about your skincare routine for about a few weeks and months. Post-procedure instructions include;

  • Use prescribed toner and moisturizer to maximize the outcomes of the treatment
  • Avoid extensive sun exposure
  • Avoid wearing make up for at least a week, as it can cause infection on the treated area
  • Avoid unnecessary touching and scratching on the treated area
  • Swelling on the treated area is normal, apply cold compresses to minimize it
  • Only take recommended and prescribed pain killers in case if you experience any pain 

Side effects and recovery:

After undergoing the treatment, you will probably experience some side effects too. No need to worry it is normal, they will vanish in the next 24 hours of the treatment. Some common side effects of the treatment include

  • Stinging sensation
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Itching

The recovery time of the Radiofrequency treatment for acne scars is very short. You are allowed to go back home and continue your daily work activities after getting the treatment done.

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