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Get that old toxic filling out of your teeth now!

An old and outdated form of fillings that have been used in dentistry for over 150 years and were the primary type of filling in dental offices until the recent decades. Amalgam is a durable filling material created from metal alloy and mercury. Such a seal is often called silver, mercury, metal, or iron. Currently, dental clinics choose to install modern fillings, and they are looking to get SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Are they Harmful?

There are various studies claiming that these traditional fillings are dangerous to health. Some experts claim that such fillings are chemical bombs that contribute to some incurable diseases.

The issue is also discussed in the medical literature and often discusses rare allergic reactions, excluding toxicity when using fillings. The most significant risk of mercury entering the human body occurs when installing and replacing amalgam fillings. For this reason, special amalgams in capsule form are currently used.


The fillings are replaced to avoid exposure to mercury and get a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing effect. Your body will be protected from harmful chemicals.

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Best SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai  SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Abu Dhabi  SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai

Should they be Changed to Modern Options?

Experts suggest that you replace your old fillings completely. However, repeated tooth irritations can do more harm than good. The fillings are reliable and have antiseptic properties due to silver inclusion. They should be changed to current treatment options for the following reasons:

Aesthetically Unappealing: These fillings look pretty unnatural and unappealing because it has a distinct color than the tooth enamel.

Toxicity: In small quantities, the mercury contained in the alloy releases vapors into the human oral cavity.

High Thermal Conductivity: When eating hot or cold food or drink, a tooth with such a filling may react with increased sensitivity to a thermal stimulus

Other Complexities: when closing the carious cavity with an amalgam filling, the doctor is not able to restore the surface of the tooth with tubercles and fissures. This entails problems with the occlusion of the upper and lower dentition, resulting in problems with the temporomandibular joint, the formation of facial asymmetry, etc.

Ideal Candidate:

The best candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • Cavity developing around the filling
  • Large fillings
  • Weakened teeth
  • Aesthetic reasons

Anyone can get the treatment, but the only case in which it is exceptionally undesirable to remove the filling is when a woman is pregnant or lactating. If conception already occurred before the removal of mercury from the jaw, the deduction must be postponed until the end of feeding the child.


The patient must prepare the body in advance for the possible intake of toxic substances in order to minimize harm and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Two weeks before the procedure, start taking an increased dose of vitamin C as an essential antioxidant. And maintain an overall balanced diet.

The removal process itself is carried out strictly according to the Protocol for Safe.

Procedure and Protocols:

The critical removal principle is to remove the filling rapidly and leave no residues from the oral environment and air.

The amalgam is isolated from the oral environment with a rubber dam which we call a rubber cover that is removed from the tooth with a strong aspirator.

Afterward, the desired treatment is applied to the cleaned area.

The physician’s own protection is as essential as the patient’s protection from amalgam particles during the removal. The healthcare team should also be protected from the mercury and metal particles released into the environment.


The cost of SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai can range from AED 800 to AED 1600. It is a detailed and challenging process compared to removing other types of fillings. Therefore, the prices may be slightly higher than the standard treatments. The cost can also vary depending on the different treatments needed with the filling removal.

Smart – Dental Amalgam Removal FAQ’s:

To lessen the patient's exposure to mercury, a saliva ejector needs to be positioned beneath the dental dam. To reduce mercury exposure during an amalgam filling removal, the dentist must use an at-source oral aerosol vacuum close to the operating field that is, two to four inches away from the patient's mouth.

To stop the spread of a cavity without the need for drilling or local anesthetic i.e. needles, SMART involves applying SDF and then placing a Glass Ionomer Composite (GIC).

It will strengthen your teeth and reduce your mercury exposure. By using this method, the unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth is also eliminated, along with any possible health problems. Make routine dental care a priority for robust, healthy teeth and a satisfying oral experience.

Amalgam is the substance used for dental fillings that lasts the longest, followed by gold. After 15 years for amalgam, 15 years for ceramic, 7 years for composite, and 5 years for glass ionomer, these materials all have different lifespans. Of all dental fillings, amalgam and composite fillings are the most frequently used.

Alternative Options:

The two alternatives and modern treatments include:

Composite Filling:

It is a dental restoration treatment applied for aesthetic and cosmetic concerns. They are the same color as the teeth and are not noticeable, and they do not spoil the smile. They can be used in case of tooth fracture.

Ceramic filling:

It is a filling method developed to protect healthy teeth in cases where a large amount of material loss occurs in the tooth, and a crown application is required by reducing the tooth thoroughly.


if the amalgam filling is visible during the opening of the mouth and you are not satisfied with its appearance, and if you are more concerned about the toxicity of the material, it should be replaced with a more modern light-curing and non-toxic filling or inlay.

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