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There are special therapies and programs conducted by board-certified professionals to help people with many mental and physical disorders. Similarly, we have included many treatments to aid patients who are dealing with injuries and other post-surgical recovery to improve their quality of life. NeuroRehabilitation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is one of the incredible treatments out there, which are equally efficient in terms of treating patients with neurological disorders and other symptoms that could be interfering with their well-being. If your loved one happens to be struggling with any neurological disorder or injury, read along as we unfold an in-depth guide to serve our services to help our patients at the hospital or in the comfort of their homes.

What Is Neuro-Rehabilitation?

This is a disorder that is related to the brain function. What happens is that, due to traumatic brain injuries, or strokes ranging from different levels to frequencies. Multiple varieties of Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease could develop and trigger a negative impact on the individual’s life. These conditions include; physical and emotional challenges that require special care to fight off the critical component of the recovery process. Ideally, this program is also designed to restore the patient’s functional potential along with other breakthrough approaches and innovative treatments to treat our patients respective to their condition.

What Is The Aim Of The Therapy?

Our goal is to address the wider range of therapeutic conditions and approach each complication with personalized design plans. As a result, we can aim our targets in the right direction to accomplish all the unique needs and medical requirements of each separate candidate. The primary narrative of this program is to enhance the patient’s physical and mental abilities while restoring their willpower to become independent in their life again. Our main approach is to simplify the complexities between the brain function, nervous system, and overall bodily capacity to tailor the correct strategies to restore the return of health and prosperity. Furthermore, we include oral medications as a part of our treatment program. Below are a few other aspects of the treatment we are going to take charge of;

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  • Movements are monitored to identify paralysis, spasticity, and tremor disorders.
  • Any numbness or other sensory disorders are also taken into consideration.
  • Memory loss, attention problems, and difficulty speaking and comprehending words are targeted to reverse the cognitive disorders.
  • We will conduct special classes for those patients who are facing challenges with speaking and writing in particular. 
  • Moreover, a lot many times, candidates find it extremely difficult to eat on their own and swallow the food. We will train them to chew and swallow the food without any troublesome attempt to a natural effort. 
  • Additionally, self-control management for bathroom training is also conducted in our special care program session since the patients lost control over their bodies and bladders more specifically. 
  • Finally, there is additional counseling for the emotional and psychological support program. You can select the personalized or the group session for your dearly beloved one to motivate themselves toward betterment.

What Are The Expected Results?

We are working round the clock to increase the hope for a prosperous future. Although this rehab program is a slow and steady process to progress promising outcomes. However, with advanced treatment plans, and a deeper understanding to connect with each candidate separately. We take pride in being able to facilitate all our patients. Furthermore, Neuro-Rehabilitation is not all about recovering. Rather, relearning the previously learned and re-acknowledging the basic everyday living skills to resume life with restored health.

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What Happens During The Treatment?

  • Physical Therapy; is most focused on mobility, strength, and coordination improvement. Our goal is to help the candidates regain control over their bodies and fight off crucial complexities regarding current and post-neurological injuries. 
  • Occupational Therapy; consists of activities that promote a relearning experience of daily chores such as; self-dressing, bathing, cooking, or other living skills that are owned by every individual. We aim to help the patients to re-adapt their mental abilities to perform physically.
  • Speech Therapy; speaking skills and pronunciation is among the first malfunction that occurs after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Hence, this therapy is going to gradually restore the patient’s communication skills.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation; both Neuro-psychologists and Cognitive therapists are going to collaborate their expertise to help with the deficiency of poor memory as well as emotional regulation to restore the mental and physical well-being of the patient. 
  • Assistive Technology; allows us to go beyond the vast potential and play a vivid role in terms of treating affected individuals with their rare medical complications. Furthermore, we can access devices and apps that can further guide and aid the candidates in restoring their motivation. As well as, serving mobility to process and excel with communication tools. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Program?

  • Restoring of lost brain and body connection.
  • Re-learning and adapting to the improvements.
  • Independence to take control of one’s own life.
  • Being able to speak and communicate properly.
  • Self-facilitation with eating and other basic chores.
  • Re-establishing old memories and events.
  • An overall improvement in the quality of life.

Neuro Rehabilitation In Dubai FAQ’s:

The duration of stay is subject to change and can be influenced by multiple factors. Having said that, a lot of patients remain for two or three weeks and engage in a customized program. Most days of the week, patients will attend therapy sessions for a few hours each day.

There are mild to severe aftereffects from nerve damage. The good news is that for several neuro conditions, neuro-rehab is the best option. The primary method is to deconstruct the complex relationships between the nervous system, the brain, and the body's overall ability to determine the best course of action for regaining prosperity and health.

Make sure you sleep well at night and take breaks during the day. Try to avoid physically taxing such as heavy housecleaning, weightlifting, working out, or highly focused such as balancing your checkbook activities. They may worsen your symptoms and hinder your healing process.

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