Skin Boosters Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal Clinic

Every new day is a new hope for improving your skin condition. There are so many skincare products in the market. However, not all customers are fully satisfied with the results. The problem is the complete guidance regarding your dermal filler complications. Similarly, other internal hormonal imbalances may also interfere with the potential improvements. To target and treat the quality of your skin. We are offering an ever-evolving revolutionary addition to grace your appearance. Read along as we unlock the power of Skin Booster Injections In Dubai.  An effortless approach to transforming your complexion and locking radiance for a long-lasting youthful glow.

What Are Skin Boosters?

Skin Boosters are designed to plump and instill elasticity within the dermal layers. The capacity of these injectables works beyond any traditional purpose of rejuvenation. These Booster jabs are targeted to treat the quality and texture of the skin to provide an overall radiance. Once the formula is released underneath, Skin Boosters In Dubai aims to stimulate new collagen cells by balancing the PH levels of the dermis – transforming the facial canvas into a youthful-looking and flawless complexion.

Who Is The Most Suitable Candidate?

The good news is anyone regardless of gender and skin type can opt for the treatment. However, we implement initial initiatives to help you reach your desired aesthetic goals. You are required to opt for a consultation session. Our board-certified Dermatologist will examine the texture and quality of your skin to determine the percentage of the formula to aid the downgrade. 

What Do These Booster Jabs Do?

A series of Hyaluronic acid fillers are delivered inside the skin using micro-injections. These injectables are collagen stimulates that increase the volume by attracting water molecules in the dermal tissues. This adds elasticity with a brilliant radiant effect, causing a smoother and even-looking texture. 


Unlike other fillers, these booster jabs take their time to improve the skin quality over time. It may take 3 to 4 weeks to witness improvement. However, with increased hydration, the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and other enlarged pores will shrink gradually. You are required to sustain the maintenance with follow-up sessions recommended after every 5 to 6 months. 

Best Booster Brands Used At The Clinic:

There is a wide variety of brands that are used for hydrating the dermal layers. We perform customized treatment plans using different types of fillers. These customized procedures are designed after carefully analyzing your dermal concerns and conditions. However, the ideal approach to grant successful results is attained with the help of Restylane fillers In Dubai.

Pre-Treatment Precautions:

Gearing up for new changes within the body is highly recommended before undergoing any treatment. Below are a few safety guidelines for you:

  • Pause your skincare regime and avoid all concentrated serums.
  • Do not shave and exfoliate using harsh exfoliants or other tools.
  • You must refrain from alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Avoid outdoor activities and apply higher SPF at all times.
  • Drink plenty of water and other beneficial fluids.
  • Take a shower and use gentle cleansers to wash off.
  • It is ideal to not wear any make-up to the clinic. 
  • You may eat and come with a full tummy.

Procedure Format:

This is a non-invasive technique to effortlessly rejuvenate your complexion. A series of steps and stages involved in Skin Boosters Treatment In Dubai are mentioned below:

  • To begin with, we will gently disinfect the area under care. This shall prevent any potential bacterial harm from any makeup residue or other impurities floating above.
  • The required number of injections is prepared. These are directly inserted into the skin after numbing it with some anesthetic cream.
  • It generally takes 10 minutes to numb the region. Meanwhile, feel free to communicate with us, and speak about your concerns and expected results. 
  • The practitioner will gradually build up the formula underneath. He/She will massage the product to prevent any lumpiness or bumping effect.
  • Depending on your area of choice, it may take an hour to complete one session. In the end, some soothing gel is applied to tame any soreness caused by the needles. 
  • Finally, you are signed up for another session and sent home with some mandatory safety measures to follow at home. 

Aftercare Guidelines:

To help speed up the results, we gathered a variety of home care practices for Skin Glow Injections In Dubai:

  • Be sure to wear 50+ SPF whether it rains or shines.
  • Refrain from humid areas and do not opt for hot baths.
  • Drink plenty of water while restricting yourself from unhealthy beverages.
  • Smoking is also prohibited. You must also steer clear of fireplaces.
  • Use clinically proven moisturizers without wearing any makeup.
  • Concentrated anti-aging products are not allowed during the treatment period.
  • Do not touch your face with unclean hands or facial tools.
  • Additional treatments or facials are strongly prohibited.
  • Reach your appointments timely and never miss a session.
  • Eat clean and green. Stay away from processed and spicy food.

A Boost Of Benefits:

You will experience phenomenal changes taking place within a few weeks. Below is a detailed description of some promising perks:

  • The first and most important fact is the deep hydration. This plumps up your face and adds vivid dewiness to the complexion. 
  • It causes an increase in the protein cells. These ought to lock firmness and elasticity on top, granting you a youthful appearance.
  • Furthermore, the appearance of prominent wrinkles and other aging signs will also fade away over time.
  • It will transform your face by eliminating stubborn dark or superficial scars, including post-acne footprints. 
  • No more bumpiness or textured skin interrupting the quality of your face. You will achieve a glass-skin look with prolonged skincare.
  • Moreover, it will add a brilliant and natural glow to your facial profile. This is a painless technique to revitalize your dermal layers. 
  • Last but not least, there is no downtime to be concerned about. You can comfortably follow the aftercare guidelines while getting along with your planned day. 

FAQs of Skin Boosters:

Candidates are advised to refrain from alcohol consumption while maintaining an increased hydration level. Ideally, no concentrated serums or other cosmetics must be approached before and afterward to ensure a promising outcome.

The aim is to instill volume by generating active collagen cells for skin protection and barrier restoration. Therefore, according to FDA approval, we can safely inject the formula around the cheeks, forehead, neck, decolletage, hands, and other areas to eliminate signs of aging. 

To begin with, a number of 2 or 4 sessions are required for improvements. These are carefully spaced between 3 and 4 weeks to avoid any potential risks. However, you are required to opt for follow-up sessions to prolong the effects of the new improvements. 

New changes begin to take place within 2 and 3 weeks’ timeframe. However, noticeable changes are witnessed after 4 weeks as the skin appears rejuvenated due to a reduction of fine lines, and dark spots, resulting in a radiant complexion. 

Technically, both are slightly different in comparison to each other even though the two injectables consist of hyaluronic acid. One is slightly thicker in consistency, whereas the booster shots are thinner gel-like formulas that aim to revitalize the dermal layers solely. 

Customized procedures include a personalized treatment plan specifically designed according to an individual’s unique requirements. As a result, the final charges may fluctuate simultaneously. However, to highlight the average cost of the boosting jabs, your expected bill ought to be around AED 1000, more or less.

Cost And Service Charges:

This is a personalized treatment proposal. You may sign up for aging concerns such as neck bands, hand and feet discoloration, as well as overall facial brightening. It is due to this factor, the total estimation of the Fillers treatment is going to vary from person to person. However, to highlight the average cost of our service charges, the Skin Booster Injections In Dubai are priced at AED 1000 and above

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