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Seeing a lot of hair on the comb or brush that has fallen out may be a cause of panic and concern for many people. They begin to take immediate measures to preserve the hair. Some take medication and vitamins and others try to avoid washing hair too often to avoid seeing hair fall. However, it is quite normal for hair to fall out and grow again but if it exceeds the normal and healthy hair loss threshold which is around 50 to 200 strands a day it may become necessary to get it treated by a specialist. Several Hair Fall Treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can help you deal with these issues effectively.

When Do you Need to See a Specialist?

Hair loss is considered pathological only if the patient loses significantly more than a hundred hairs per day. In addition, it is possible to talk about pathology if the hair falls out with bulbs, that is if small white nodules are periodically found at the ends of the fallen hairs. Another way to check whether it is worth sounding the alarm is not to wash your hair for 2-3 days, and then pull yourself by the hair in the temples and crown. If you have more than five strands in your hand it could be a sign of a pathology.

Hair loss is not only unpleasant but can also be a signal of any diseases of the internal organs, and malfunctions in their work. Therefore, if pathologically active hair loss is suspected, it is worth contacting a trichologist.


The results depend on the type of treatment technique used. In the case of PRP, the hair will stop falling out and the growth factors will stimulate the growth of new hair. The transplanted hair will begin to grow after 2-3 weeks, then it may fall out, but after 2-3 months it will begin to grow again. The final result with the highest density is achieved after 9-12 months.


If you regularly observe that your hair is shedding and it worries you, consult a trichologist. Only this specialist will be able to determine the cause of your hair loss and prescribe the right treatment for you.

The essence of this diagnostic method is to examine the scalp and hairline and to determine the exact cause, you should pass the following tests for hair loss:

  • Blood work
  • Blood test for sex hormones and thyroid hormones
  • Spectral analysis of the hair

Based on the collected data, the doctor may refer you for additional studies. Depending on the data obtained, the trichologist may also appoint you to consult a related specialist, in particular, an endocrinologist.

Treatment Techniques:

The following treatment techniques are used for the treatment of hair fall:


The principle of the procedure is that activated platelets begin to actively secrete growth factors that contribute to rapid tissue regeneration. Growth factors are polypeptides that have a wide spectrum of action. They stimulate blood circulation, division, and metabolic processes in the cells of the hair follicle, which leads to hair growth.

The treatment is safe because it uses the patient’s blood. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not leave any scars. The recovery process is also fast and does not require any special guidelines to be followed.

Hair Transplant:

It is an effective procedure for restoring hair growth on the head in those areas where hair loss is actively occurring or has already occurred, which has led to baldness. The hair density is increased and guarantees 100% results.

It allows you to compensate for the lack of volume and density of hair by redistributing hair follicles. The back of the head and temporal parts act as a donor zone on the head. Individual hair follicles are removed from them using a special tool, prepared, and introduced into the area with a lack of hair. The following transplantation techniques are used:

  • FUT:

It is performed based on the extraction of hair follicles from the area of ​​constant hair growth and their transplantation into the recipient area. It essentially reproduces the natural growth of hair, since hair grows in groups that consist of 1-4 hairs and are called hair follicles, the hair transplantation process is driven by the extraction of hair follicles from the back and side parts of the head and their movement to the area affected by prolapse

  • FUE:

It is the receipt of follicular associations using a rotating punch from the donor area. Next, the doctor forms micro holes in the recipient zone and implants them one by one using an implanter without incisions and sutures. It is difficult to call the Follicular Unit Extraction method an operation since it does not use a scalpel and does not require stitches. With very thin needles (0.6–0.8 mm), follicular units are removed one by one, which are transferred to the prepared canals.


The cost of Hair Fall Treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 699 to AED 9,999.  The cost depends on many different factors and can be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation. 

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