Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi Buccal Fat Pad Removal


Slim cheeks are widely perceived as a beauty goal. Instagram filters or new quirks are to blame, but pinched cheekbones are the most sought after and loved structural trait. It is a little-known fact that our faces change with age, and our cheeks are an area that is not affected by exercise. Exercise is least likely to beat cheek fat. So how to get rid of cheek fat?

Do you know About Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, also known as Cheek Reduction Surgery. It is one of the exacting procedures that help us follow the obsession of face fitness. The buccal fat pads in your cheeks are surgically removed during the treatment. It slims the cheeks and frames the contours of the face. This method can be implemented alone or in parallel with other types of plastic surgery like facelift, Rhinoplasty, Botox injection, or lip augmentation.

At Royal, we understand the value of the facial bone structure. As a reason, we use minimally invasive techniques to achieve the face look you’ve long desired. Another plus? You would be able to spot the difference right away.

Let’s Take a Detailed Step-By-Step Guide to this Surgery.

Before and After Results:

Defined cheekbones and less fat, with no more aging signs. In particular, the angular face doesn’t require any make-up. See results below.

Buccal Fat Removal Abu Dhabi  Buccal Fat Removal Clinic in Abu Dhabi  Buccal Fat Removal Clinic in Dubai

Buccal Fat Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi  Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai

Important Diagnosis:

Before considering buccal fat removal in Dubai, request your consultation with our surgical experts. They will inform you about the details of the surgery, and also about who’s best suited for the procedure. Different medical tests are proposed just to ensure surgical safety as we are not only concerned with beauty. We make sure our patients have safe surgery. If your face is already thin or angular, we don’t recommend this surgery as it may leave you older than you are.

Typically, good candidates are:

  • Bothered by chubby cheeks
  • Have stable weight, good physical health, and often don’t smoke

Once you are completely diagnosed and approved as the best candidate, preparation begins.

Preparing for the BIG DAY!

Preparing well for your surgery is important for your health and safety. Some basic pre-treatment guidelines include avoiding alcohol, anti-inflammatory, and blood-thinning medications. You should tell our doctors about your current medications so they can inform which medication to stop.

What to Expect during Surgery?

Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Patients do not feel pain but wake up during treatment. This overall process will take about 60 minutes depending upon the alterations done by your surgeon.

  • First, surgeons make a long incision between the cheek and gum. They then press down on the outside of the cheek to expose out the fat pads of the cheek.
  • After sufficient fat has been removed, the incisions are closed with sutures and the face is bandaged.
  • A less noticeable scar will remain at the site of the wound, which heals within a few weeks.


After removal of the buccal fat, bruising and swelling can be expected, which usually go away within 1 to 2 weeks, but some patients recover earlier. Most of our patients continue their normal daily routine for the first week. However, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise in the early days of surgery. Patients rarely report prolonged recovery. However, still in any case, if initial discomfort, stays long, get immediate help from our doctors.

Benefits and Risks:

Here are the benefits of Buccal Fat removal.

  • Slimmer face
  • Improved facial definition
  • No visible scars
  • Permanent results
  • Zero Lower Body Lift

Just like benefits, buccal fat removal has also some risks like:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Slow healing

Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Dubai:

Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi typically costs between AED 10,000 to AED 18,000, depending on the type of alterations and anesthesia used. You will be informed of detailed information about the cost of this surgery during the initial consultation. Feel free to ask us about payment plans and possible financing options.

Buccal Fat Removal In Dubai (FAQS):

After bearing through the whole hurdle of the process, the patients are eventually able to cherish the rejuvenated and as expected textured appearance of the face. Along with that, the patients are able to encounter the removal of excessive fatty tissues from the outer dermal layer.   

In fact, the patients need to receive a customized response regarding this while signing up for the process, however, on a generalistic note the patients are likely to come across certain changes as well either intentionally or unintentionally.    

According to the neoteric research, the patients are expected to encounter a removal of the buccal fat approximately at the age of fifty. Still, aside from relying on the personalized texture of the dermal and epidermal layer, there is as such no certain or specific age restriction which is involved in the elimination of the fatty tissues.  

As a cautionary measure, the patients need to avoid brushing of teeth for almost a week. However, the patient can receive customized cautionary measures depending on the intensity of the process. 

While balancing the overall texture of the face, the patients are eventually able to own a neoteric, aesthetic, and attractive appearance of the face. 

Obviously yes, they can. By signing up for the session the patients can commence reshaping the overall shape of their face as per their aesthetic, cosmetic, or medical needs. 

While making full use of the neoteric technology and research during the treatment, the patients are not able to extract the existence of any kind of scar, mark, or sign after the sessions. 

The Takeaway:

Previously, only a facelift could reshape, but now aestheticians have a wide range of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. So what are you waiting for?

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