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It is quite common for people to have problematic skin with a unique combination of problems. People having the problem of excessive oil production may have enlarged pores, mild to severe cases of acne, and other related issues. Our skin is one of the most vital components of our overall personality that makes us appear beautiful and appealing. Luckily for us, it is now possible to solve the majority of skin issues by investing into skincare treatments, one of which is an Organic Pumpkin Peel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is Organic Pumpkin Peel?

It is a cutting-edge and modern treatment for aging, acne-prone, and dull skin. It also works well for hyperpigmentation and post-acne scars. The peeling is done with the most biocompatible pumpkin enzymes that are 100 percent natural. These deliver vitamins and minerals to the skin, as well as, AHA and BHA exfoliating agents that simultaneously break down harsh and fine dead skin cells. After a peel, the elasticity of the skin improves significantly, and it appears smooth and rejuvenated.


The outcome of treatment is a significant boost in the number of new cells. The skin appears glowing and radiant because of the enhancement in the skin structure and tone. The treatment leaves skin moisturized and hydrated with a boost in collagen and elastin production.

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The treatment has the following advantages:

Enhances Skin: The overall texture of skin is improved with the treatment, skin tone evens out, enlarged pores are reduced and pigmentation lightens.

Boosts Collagen Production: With a boost in cell regeneration and collagen the dry, dull, and aging skin appears younger and restored.  

Anti-aging: Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with the peeling resulting in smooth and balanced skin.

Acne Control: It results in oil control which leads to lesser breakouts and the likelihood of acne is also eliminated.

Ideal Candidate:

The most suitable candidate for the treatment is someone looking to achieve healthy glowing skin and who wants to improve the tone and texture of their skin and make it appear younger and more attractive.

How Does it Work?

The peel has a high concentration of vitamin A which is the active agent that targets specific parts of the skin and improves the cell regeneration process. Proteolytic enzymes are another active substance in the peel which helps break the bonds between dead cells making it easier to remove them without damaging the rest of the cells. Lastly, the AHA and BHA components get inside the skin and improve the cell turnover and give the skin a rejuvenated and younger appearance.  


To obtain the most optimal results from any treatment you must prepare for it properly:

  • It is better to avoid any excessive sun exposure and keep skin protected with a sunscreen
  • Do not do any exfoliation treatments at least a week before the treatment
  • Avoid wearing make two to three days before treatment, the peel will work best when there are no impurities on the skin.
  • Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized and do not use any products that will dry out the skin even further.


The treatment is just an hour-long procedure that doesn’t take long to complete. The procedure can be divided into several stages:

Cleansing: To eliminate any dirt or impurities, the skin is first washed and cleansed, any makeup or other products are removed, and skin is often treated with a serum at this stage. The pumpkin exfoliation is done after cleaning.

Exfoliation: During the exfoliation, the professional will softly massage the face. Excess oil, grime, dead skin cells, and other pollutants will be eliminated in this manner.

Mask: After the exfoliation, a mask is applied. Exfoliation and cleansing help unclog blocked pores. It’s also a fantastic technique to enhance skin tone and texture.


There is no particular recovery time for the treatment, the only precaution recommended after the treatment is to avoid sun exposure and keep skin protected otherwise it will cause age spots or pigmentation.


The cost of Organic Pumpkin Peel in Dubai can range from AED 399 to AED 999. The cost varies depending on several factors and only the doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation.

Organic Pumpkin Peel Faq’s:

As compared to other peels, this one doesn't require any downtime, and you can see results immediately. The entire process could take up to thirty minutes. Make sure to use a moisturizer to nourish the newly formed skin layer.

The number of new cells increases significantly as a result of the treatment. The improvement in skin tone and structure gives the skin a radiant, glowing appearance. The procedure increases the production of collagen and elastin while leaving skin hydrated and moisturized.

You need multiple sessions in order to get the desired results. The results of these treatments begin to show even after the first session, but in order to fully benefit from them, you must have at least 4–6 peeling sessions spaced one to two weeks apart.

It reduces the appearance of dark spots and minimizes acne. Pumpkin improves fairness and removes blackheads from the face. Applying this facial once a month will enhance the softness and luminosity of your skin as well as the overall quality of your skin.

In Dubai, the price of organic pumpkin peel can vary from AED 399 to AED 999. The price varies based on a number of variables, and only the doctor can give an accurate estimate following the initial consultation.

Pumpkin contains a wealth of minerals like zinc and potassium that support healthy hair and promote hair growth. Zinc aids in the synthesis of collagen, which invigorates follicles that are dying and promotes more robust regrowth.

There isn't a specific recovery period for this procedure; the only thing to remember is to protect your skin from the sun afterward to prevent pigmentation or age spots.

How many Sessions are Needed?

With every peeling treatment, you need more than one session to achieve your desired results. The outcomes of these treatments start becoming apparent even after the first session but to achieve their full potential you need to take at least 4 to 6 peeling treatments with a gap of one to two weeks.

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