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Enhance the appearance of your misaligned teeth with the help of Dental Braces. In this great world of technology and science, orthodontic dentistry has revolutionized the world with the help of Dental Braces to help people of all ages to get a better smile and align the crowded, overbite, underbite, open bite, and crossbite teeth. Enfield Royal Clinic is providing the best Dental Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with effective results and amazing costs.

What are Dental Braces?

Braces are commonly referred to as orthodontic dental treatment. Which is basically used for the alignment of the teeth corrected. So if we have teeth crowding, or if the teeth are outside or inside. So with the help of these braces which are nothing but wires we can get the positioning of the teeth corrected and get them in a proper line.

What are the Types of Braces?

Commonly there are two types of braces available what are metal braces and ceramic braces. There also comes a different kind of braces which is Invisalign braces.

  • Metal Braces:

Conventional metal supports and their metal sections are what the majority of us imagine when we think about “supports”. It’s frequently connected with youngsters who have rich guardians or geeks. In any case, the supposed “support face” look stays a typical sight since all in all, the orthodontic treatment remains very compelling if a piece is stylishly horrendous while the metal supports are available.

  • Ceramic Braces:

These are among many support variations that attempt to settle the tasteful dissimilarity brought about by metal supports. Despite the fact that they have similar sizes and states of metal supports, they highlight tooth-shaded or clear sections that mix or disguise themselves better with the basic teeth themselves contrasted with the more self-evident and metallic look of their metal partners. In addition, there are artistic supports that utilize tooth-shaded wires to conceal them from quick acknowledgment totally.

Results of Braces in Dubai:

Braces take time to bring the results but no doubt that the results they take out are outstanding and extraordinary as well the best thing is that these results are for a lifetime with no changes in the shape of teeth. Our clients are always satisfied with their appearance whether they are kids or adults. 

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Best Dental Braces in Dubai  Dental Braces Dubai  Dental Braces in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Ideal possibilities for support are those whose teeth are in great general well-being and who wish to further develop dental blemishes, for example,

  • Sticky grin (when the upper jaw is extended or the upper lip is more limited, giving the presence of an excess of the gum tissue)
  • Overbite (when your front lower teeth chomp too near the gum by the upper teeth)
  • Crossbite (when top or base teeth fall inside or beyond the contrary teeth, making biting troublesome)
  • A lot of room between teeth (something contrary to swarming)
  • Open chomp (when the front teeth don’t contact, coming down on the back teeth and making biting less proficient)
  • Swarming (generally from a hereditary reason, yet can likewise come from nail gnawing or thumb sucking; swarmed teeth can be turned, covered, or slanted and influence your nibble)
  • Overjet (ordinarily coming about because of thumb sucking as a kid, the upper front teeth distend excessively far from the lower teeth)

Pre Procedure:

There are some things that are needed to be dealt with before the treatment starts to make sure you are going to have a 100% secured procedure. Those noted points may include:

  • Clean your teeth prior to the Ceramic treatment
  • Do a regular brush and flossing
  • If you have any periodontic issue then it is advised to have it done prior to the dental braces to have a better treatment
  • Try not to smoke or do not use teeth staining products.


At the point when dental supports are set, a cheek retractor is utilized to keep the teeth noticeable and dry during the methodology. The teeth are first cleaned to guarantee that the sections will bond appropriately, after which they are air-dried.

A conditioner is involved on the front surfaces of the teeth for 30 seconds to additionally set them up for holding the sections. This is cleared off, the teeth are dried, and cement groundwork is put on the teeth to upgrade the holding system.

Concrete is put on the rear of the sections, which are then applied to the foreordained situations on the teeth. When the sections are set up, the overabundance of concrete is eliminated, and the sections are solidified into place with a focused energy light. The retractor is taken out, and the dental curve wires are then instituted.


As it is a non-surgical treatment so it doesn’t need much aftercare but as it is a treatment for dental health then oral care is really important to have better results and health. Some of the main aftercare include:

  • Do brush your teeth twice a day to make the braces and teeth clean
  • Do floss while brushing to make sure there remains nothing inside the braces
  • Use mouthwash as well
  • If soreness felt use warm salt water
  • Try to eat soft food for 1 to 2 days
  • Avoid eating hard or chewy food


This procedure is a set of benefits. It brings a lot of benefits besides making them straight. Some of its main benefits include:

  • It decreases the risk of tooth decay or other diseases regarding gums 
  • It mends the structure of teeth which mends the bite
  • It helps improve crossbite, overbite, underbite, and open bite
  • Closes the gaps between teeth
  • Helps in aligning misalign teeth
  • Correct the issue of crowding teeth
  • Match the midlines
  • TMJ can also be treated with this
  • Boost up your confidence

Cost of Braces Dubai:

According to an estimate, the Cost of Dental Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 4999 to AED 14,999. Still, the cost is dependent on the expertise of the Dentist, the level of the clinic, the location of the clinic, and the extra charges of the facility.

The actual cost can only be determined by consulting the dentists yourself and getting charged according to your condition.

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