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To have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, just braces are not enough! Physiology works in a way that teeth that have taken some years to fall into the right place with the help of braces can return to their previous position. Therefore, after the end of the main stage of treatment, retention begins, fixing the result. Dental Retainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are usually put after the braces, and they hold the row of teeth in the position and do not allow it to move.  

Purpose of Treatment:

Getting the braces and wearing them for the recommended time is only the first step to a perfect smile. After the dentition has been aligned, the braces are removed to stabilize the orthodontic treatment, and the doctor recommends a removable or non-removable retainer. This treatment implies complete aesthetic rehabilitation and a stable result for a long time. 


The retention period is an essential part of any orthodontic treatment. To permanently fix the results, constructions of two main types are used: 

  • Non-Removable: A thin metal arc is attached to the part of the dentition from the inside. 
  • Removable: These are plastic and consist of a plastic base and metal arches, which usually cover the entire row. 

Quick Tip! In some cases, a combined option is often used, a hybrid of both types.


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How Important is it to Wear Them? 

The primary purpose of wearing them is to fix the results, and the duration of the retention period varies in each individual case. The most important and essential feature is strictly adhering to the orthodontist’s recommendations.  

People often forget to wear the retainer and think this part of the treatment is insignificant since the teeth are already straight. However, it can lead to the teeth returning to their original state. This change is imperceptible in the initial stages, and people realize that something is wrong only after the units have moved significantly.  

How Long do you have to Wear Them?

There are many factors affecting that influence the duration of the use of retainers: 

  • Age of the patient is an important factor as after 20, the duration of treatment increases. 
  • The degree of displacement of teeth 
  • Whether the treatment was done with or without extraction 
  • Having bad habits 

The retention period lasts twice as long as the treatment with braces; on average, it takes 3 to 6 years. 

Non-Removable Retainers:

Typically, a fixed retainer is placed on both the upper and lower jaws. A thin metal wire is fixed on the six front teeth from the inside with the help of filling material. The installation process is absolutely painless and fast. Because of its lightweight design, the patient quickly gets used to the hidden appliance


After the braces are removed, plaque is removed, and if there are any caries, they are also removed. The teeth are polished and shined and uneven edges are ground if necessary. Then he makes an impression of the jaw and creates a retention apparatus. The arc is fixed on the incisors with a filling material. The final stage of the procedure is polishing.  


It is invisible to others but requires more thorough daily oral hygiene. For cleaning, in addition to a toothbrush, flossing and using an irrigator can also help. The food debris under the arches must be removed. After every six months, professional teeth cleaning must be done.  

Removable Retainers:

These are usually made for both the upper and lower jaw. According to an individual cast of the jaw, they are made of hypoallergenic plastic. These are not noticeable, so wearing them at work or school will not cause any problems. However, compared to the other systems under consideration, the aesthetics of these appliances cannot be considered high.  


The dentist prepares the surface of the teeth for wearing a removable device. If necessary, he carries out professional cleaning and sanitation. Take impressions of the dentition. The sooner a retainer is installed, the less likely bone tissue mobility is. 


If they are worn constantly, they must be cleaned in the morning and evening to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Also, any heat treatment with hot steam or boiling water is prohibited. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before putting on the device.  

Cost of Dental Retainers Dubai:

The cost of Dental Retainers in Dubai can range from AED 899 to AED 1200. The price depends on many varying factors and is determined by the doctor after the initial consultation and an evaluation of the complexity of the problem.  

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