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Health should be the top priority for every other individual. Having your routine checkups at ease in the comfortable environment of your home is a dream come true for many. Full body checkups are essential for everyone. They can inform a person about their health. Many severe health issues can be avoided if a person has his/her routine checkups done. Sometimes people are unable to visit hospitals and clinics, due to certain circumstances. Not to worry as we offer Full Body Checkups at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, by our professional, certified doctors. Not being able to visit a hospital won’t be a problem anymore, because your routine checkups can now be performed at your home.

Our Purpose:

Patient ease, care, and concerns are our top priority. Most of the time people are unable to visit hospitals, and their health gets neglected. Neglecting your health should never be encouraged. The main aim of our checkup service at home is to make sure that our patients get their routine checkups done in the comfortable environment of their homes. These checkups inform us about our overall health. Getting regular routine tests help us inform about our physical health. It also informs us about any underlying disease or issue in the early stages. Detecting a problem at its early stage can help prevent serious future problems.

Importance of Full Body Checkup:

People usually neglect to get routine checkups. Neglecting your health should never be an option, whatever the reason. Our bodies require regular checkups so that we can know how our organs are functioning. Below are some points that show the importance of full body checkups at home:

  • It provides the benefit of getting checked in the comfort of your home.
  • Getting routine checkups done decreases the risk of major health issues.
  • Helps detect the problem at its initial stage.
  • Early diagnosis of diseases helps avoid major medical bills.
  • Checking your health on a daily basis makes you live a healthy life.
  • It helps you maintain and control hereditary problems and issues.
  • An increased and healthy lifespan.
  • Helps keep track of your physical health.
  • It helps detect major chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, liver issues, and heart problems.


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Who Can Avail This Service?

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we offer Body Checkups for both male and female patients. Everyone can avail of this service through our clinic:

  • People who are unable to visit hospitals or clinics due to some circumstances can avail this opportunity and get their physical examinations done at their homes.
  • Elderly people who are unable to travel to the hospital because of their old age.
  • People who suffer from any illness.
  • Our services are not gender specific. Both males and females can benefit from it.
  • This is a beneficial service for special people.
  • People who are in isolation can also benefit from it.

How Long Do the Results Take?

The test results are usually delivered to the patients on the same day. While some examinations take a day or two for their results. The patients are provided with 100% unique and authentic results. You do not have to worry about wrong results. Our lab results are authentic and correct.

Home Checkups We Offer:

At Enfield Royal Clinic we offer a variety of different home checkups, some of which are discussed below.

  • Kidney Function Test:

Kidney tests are essential as they inform us about the health of our kidneys. The sooner one gets the tests done, the sooner they’ll know the conditions of their kidneys. Kidney failures are very common. So regular kidney examinations should be done. The doctor may do a blood test and a urine test in order to check the health of your kidneys.

  • Liver Function:

If a person feels that his/her liver is damaged. He should get a liver function test done. Our doctor will collect a sample of your blood for examination. The sample will be collected in your home. 

  • Thyroid Test:

The thyroid examination is done to check the thyroid issues and the existence of hyperthyroidism. The doctor or health care provider will draw the blood from the patient’s arm and then he will send it to the lab for testing.

  • Blood Glucose:

This is done to measure the levels of glucose in your blood. For this, the patient first has to drink glucose. After an hour the doctor will draw blood from your arm and will send it to the lab for results.

Benefits of Full Body Checkups:

Below are several benefits of this service:

  • The patients feel comfortable in their own homes.
  • They do not have to wait in long lines at a clinic, or hospital.
  • In hospitals, people have more risk of developing infections. So at your home, you’ll have less risk of developing infections.
  • You don’t have to travel when you’re not in good condition.
  • You’ll get to know your physical health better.
  • Detecting the issues at early stages will help the patients from a long list of future medical bills.

Full Body Checkups At Home FAQ’s:

Although some at-home self-checks can provide information about one's health, they cannot replace a professional medical examination. Keep an eye on your skin, breasts, dental health, hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, weight, and mental wellness. Any changes or worries should be discussed with a healthcare provider for a comprehensive evaluation and individualized advice.

A standard physical examination in the doctor’s office often entails a few steps. Your height, weight, and blood pressure will probably be measured first. Additionally, you will likely have a few tests and be asked a few general health-related questions, like Lipid profile testing, liver function testing, kidney function testing, thyroid profile testing, routine urine testing, blood glucose testing, and other tests included in a full body examination.

How Much Does A Full Body Checkup Cost?

Different treatment tests have different prices. The average price of a Full Body Checkup at Home in Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED.

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