Back And Neck Pain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

Back and Neck Pain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a common complaint. Everyone seems to be talking about this problem and it is also a topic of discussion even among the younger ones today. It is unfortunate how so many people regardless of their ages are dealing with this unpleasant discomfort. Not only does it make our daily tasks difficult to attend to, but also creates a negative impact on our overall health and life in particular. 

What Are The Causes Of The Pain?

Sometimes, it is both internal and external factors that could aggravate the situation. Below are a few reasons that could be causing the discomfort for you;

  • Poor Posture: an unusual way of sitting or sleeping can fuel fire to the situation. Similarly, standing incorrectly while forcing pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles may also cause soreness and lead to inflammation. 
  • Muscle Or Ligament Strain: a sudden motion or movement may end up pulling a muscle or two and cause ligament strains to hit the pressure points of the back and neck.
  • Herniated Discs: the discs toward the spinal side are like the cushion that can rupture if pressure or force is pressed on the nearby nerves.
  • Arthritis: there are so many different types of arthritis. Each one has a strong connection with one another. Hence, it can affect the placement of the spinal cords and end up triggering the pain.
  • Trauma or Injury: sometimes accidents and injuries can damage the internal muscles or directly hit the spine area which may result in short or long-term pain. In this situation, you are advised to reach out for help as soon as possible. Any delay could lead to a serious mishap.
  • Prolonged Sitting or Standing: if you remain sitting or stand by in one location or one posture. This can freeze the flexibility of your muscles. Or stretch out the veins and cause the extra pressure to cause massive discomfort.


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What Are The Prevention Techniques?

  • You must maintain a proper posture at all times. Even when lifting a heavier object, your hands and feet must be perfectly aligned together to prevent any sudden stretch out or muscle pull.
  • Practicing regular exercise is also very important. It will keep the blood flow running and at the same time, strengthen the support of your spine and overall back posture.
  • Your workplace must have a proper desk and chair. Comfortable furniture will prevent pain and promote good posture which will eventually minimize muscular stress.
  • You have to maintain your weight and overall health. Too much-stored fat could drag the body down.
  • Keep a good balance of your fitness by consuming a balanced diet. Additionally, avoid processed food and snacking habits while sitting in one place.
  • Lastly, take part in outdoor activities. You can walk, jog or even swim for an hour and improve the flexibility of your entire body. 

Management Of Back And Neck Pain:

  • If you are dealing with minor pain, the one that comes and goes on its own. We suggest applying ice to the affected areas. It will reduce the inflammation and calm the throbbing pain as well.
  • Similarly, you ought to rest well. In case a doctor has prescribed you a few medications, be sure to take your painkillers on time.
  • Physiotherapy is also very effective in terms of strengthening the muscles and improving muscle function. The heat will reduce the swelling and soothe the soreness by relaxing your muscles and promoting a smooth blood flow.
  • Some serious cases may require surgery to correct the spine dislocation. However, only an expert in charge can guide you on this matter personally and professionally.

What Is The Aim Of Our Services?

We understand a pain is equally painful whether it is a headache or Back and Neck pain specifically. The significance it holds in our daily lives is immense. However, adequate knowledge and the right strategies will reduce the risks of further harm respectively. Ideally, follow the mentioned prevention discussed above and consult with the specialist on time. These precautions are the key steps to help you maintain a good posture. Moreover, even severe chronic pain can be treated with the right treatment plan for you. Our goal is to acknowledge your discomfort and suggest the best therapies to fight the battle against uncomfortable pain to help you live your best lives. 

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