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Vitamins are crucial for metabolic reactions and accelerating other body functions. You can take supplements orally but only 10% of them are absorbed into the bloodstream. On the other hand transfusion of electrolytes through the drips is more beneficial as 100% of the essential nutrients are absorbed in the body. IV therapy is safe and effective for the replenishment of electrolytes level in the body. This therapy acts as a detoxifier, immune booster, and anti-aging agent. The drip contains a mixture of vitamins, proteins, and other electrolytes that can improve your health condition very fastly. Get IV Vitamin Therapy At Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and make yourself less prone to diseases. 

What Is It?

Iv vitamin therapy administers all nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes in the body. This therapy is done to fulfill all the nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. Those who fail to intake vitamins can get through the bag of iv therapy. It is the most recommended therapy by doctors and gives you amazing results. All the vitamins ad directly absorbed in the bloodstream and you get immediate results. It is also named a cocktail as it contains a mixture of all the essential vitamins and minerals. The major vitamins and ions are magnesium, calcium, phosphate, vitamin B, and all water-soluble vitamins.


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Who is the Ideal Candidate?

This therapy is not given in response to some diseases. It is the best way to infuse multivitamins that enter directly into the bloodstream. Vitamins help to boost the immune system, lower the body’s fatigue and lessen the chance of developing chronic diseases. It reduces the illness and makes you hyperactive by lowering muscle weakness. 

Aim of the Procedure:

  • The main function of this therapy is that it helps to prevent dehydration. 
  • It maintains the osmotic balance in the body and keeps it hydrated. 
  • Persons who feel dizziness and cramps due to a deficiency of nutrients can be treated with vitamin therapy. 
  • Moreover, it boosts your immune system and fights against many chronic diseases such as fatigue syndrome, illness, stress, and depression. 
  • It also lowers depression and anxiety and accelerates your metabolic rate. The person who has all these signs and symptoms is best to get this nutrient therapy. 

Home Care Therapy:

The majority of people face issues and reluctance in giving regular visits to clinics and hospitals.  Home care treatment allows you to get all types of treatments without coming out of your home. It contains numerous benefits for your health and saves you from the hustle of coming to clinics. 

This therapy is convenient for every individual and our expert therapists come to your doorstep for your treatment. You can get a bag of multivitamins while sitting on a couch, sleeping, or in any comfortable body state. Our qualified nurses and doctors visit your home along with the equipment needed for therapy. It also saves your time and you do not have to waste it while coming to the clinic or going back. 

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It carries many benefits related to your health. The advantages of iv vitamin therapy are as follows

  • Fastening of the Immune System:

The transfusion of all needed vitamins and minerals accelerates your immune system and helps to fight against diseases. Your metabolism works more effectively and efficiently.

  • Restore Body Nutrients:

It fulfills all the nutritional deficiencies in the body that help to regulate many body functions. Vitamins act as co-factor that binds and causes the enzymes to function.

  • Helps in the Functioning of Enzymes:

Enzymes are globular proteins that demand the attachment of a cofactor for proper regulation and functioning. If vitamins are in less quantity there will be no assisting hand in the enzyme working.

  • Save from Chronic Illness:

Balanced levels of vitamins and minerals save you from chronic illness and diseases. Muscular diseases, fatigue, stress, and anxiety are majorly caused by a lack of needed vitamins in the normal amount of the body.

  • Helps in the Healing of Wounds:

The scar needs vitamins to heal and clear out the bruise. If there are no vitamins they will now cause aggregation of blood at the scar site. 

  • Fight Against Infection:

Vitamins help in the killing of any foreign particles. It boosts your immune system which helps in the prevention of all harmful infections in the body.

IV Vitamin Therapy At Home FAQ’s:

Yes, the fluid drips work incredibly well and are safe. They deliver outcomes right away. Their complications are minimal. After the procedure, patients experience renewed energy and hydration.

Most people can receive an IV injection twice a week, and you will begin to experience the positive side effects more frequently after a few sessions. 


We are providing you with the best home care treatment. It is rare to get vitamin therapy at home and most people do not consider it safe and hygienic. We give these services of home care in a hygienic environment. All our therapists are experts and we aim to give you treatment keeping in view your easiness and comfort. You can get a saline drip at home without any fear of infection. It is now feasible for all who often face low blood pressure and can not afford to come to the office for treatment. Though the patient’s health is our utmost priority so we can not compromise his health and hygiene. The dream of patients to get IV therapies at home is accomplished now under the supervision of qualified doctors and nurses. 

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