How Long Does Chin Augmentation Last In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Chin Augmentation is a procedure of enhancing the appearance of the chin by means of surgery or by fillers. It will make you look more defined and confident. This procedure not only enhances your facial features but also enhances your chin appearance if the chin is harmed due to any accident or due to birth defects. It can be done by different means depending upon the need of the client or the preferences of the client with respect to the desired timeline they want to have the change in their chin. There are multiple different ways of performing this procedure which is listed below along with the time duration they last for answering the queries of those who long forward to know about How Long Does Chin Augmentation Last In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Types, Procedure, and Duration of Chin Augmentation:

Following are the most done types of chin Augmentation with outstanding results:

  • Surgical Chin Augmentation:

This procedure involves the surgical placement of silicon inside the chin to make it look more prominent and in shape.


The procedure involves a few simpler steps to follow the doctor will discuss the need of the client in the first consultation, and on the day of treatment, the doctor will first clean up the area to be treated, induce local or general anesthesia, and then make a cut on the chin. After opening up the area the surgeon will make space for the silicon implant so that it can get adjusted completely and give a truly natural look. Al last the silicon is inserted and adjusted accordingly and finally, sutures are done to close the area which is then left for recovery after proper bandage.

Lasting Duration:

This procedure last for life long as the basic purpose of doing this treatment is for permanent results. The silicon implant does not melt or be absorbed by the body so it remains in its place.

  • Filler Chin Augmentation:

This procedure involves a reversible type of chin augmentation which is done with the help of dermal fillers.


The procedure starts by defining your concern regarding the look you want for your chin in the first consultation with the dermatologist. The doctor will then clean up the area and apply numbing cream or gel for the purpose of pain-free treatment. Then a dermal filler-filled injection is induced inside the chin and makes it look exactly the way you want it by filling the filler in the chin in the correct position and at last, contouring is done.

Lasting Duration:

The procedure last from 3 to 6 months because it is less costly as well as it can be redone after the specific duration ends. As well if the person does not like the enhancement done to the chin then can alter it after the filler is completely absorbed by the skin.

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