What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Aging is a natural phenomenon. No amount of healthy diets nor any exercise can put a full stop to the process. Gone are the days, when people compromised their safety to accomplish beauty standards. Everyone wants a quick and easy fix nowadays. To be forever young is not a myth anymore. Have you not heard about the Dermal Fillers Injections In Dubai? What types of Dermal fillers are available in Dubai? Dermal Fillers are the magic potions available in the medical sciences today. An advanced technology that works as a barrier against aging, promising prolonged youthful days to life. 

Different Types of Dermal Filler?

There are a variety of Dermal Fillers that are available today. We generally divide them into three main types: Hyaluronic Fillers, Semi Permanent Fillers, and Permanent Fillers. 

  • The Hyaluronic Fillers: they are made from Hyaluronic acid. It is naturally found inside the human body. This compound is synthesized in the lab, without animal products or anything to that effect. It’s simply allocated into the syringe and used as a filler agent. Depending on the cross-linking, the filler will last a shorter or longer period of time. Hyaluronic acid is reversible. Antidot is used to melt it down if you change your mind and want it removed. It is the safest filler to opt for. It is a Lighter filler, used for temporarily improving the appearance. 
  • Semi-Permanent Fillers: they are a white unnatural micro compound known as Poly-L-Lactic acid. It is used for deep tissues like smile lines, along the jawline. Although they can last for a year, maintenance is still essential. 
  • Permanent Fillers: these are the synthesized fillers as well, meaning completely unnatural. Your body can not eat these fillers because they are made from plastic particles. They are good for thick tissues like cheeks and jawline. They can also improve the contour of the face. They work and stay longer in the skin. However, they may cause lumpiness if not dealt with cautiously. 


A Dermal Fillers Injections In Dubai works beyond the deep depths of the skin. They are used to replace the lost volume inside the skin which can also be addressed as dehydration within. Fillers are a broad category of compounds that are carefully injected into the face and neck areas. They serve as a Bondo, working as an anti-dent to plump up the surface. Fillers are a great way to improve beautification. They help to achieve a younger and fresher look. They install volume

and give a natural lift. Maintenance of 1 ml is required every 6-9 months. Or you can visit your dermatologist once or twice a year to maintain the results. 

All the fillers should be FDA-approved, otherwise, the product is highly dangerous. The usage wouldn’t be safe and can cause serious allergic reactions. 


Best What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available Clinic in Dubai Best What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available in Dubai What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available in Dubai


The first step of any procedure is whether or not you are eligible to undergo it. In order to access the treatment, the dermatologist will roughly do a half an hour examination of the whole face. This is to detect any family history. The dermatologist will also examine the face and bone areas to see where the volume has been lost. Only then an expert will be able to tell where to inject the fillers at. 


Dermatologists use different fillers for different parts of the face. Every filler injected serves a purpose of its own. The procedure of the treatment includes; 

  • A professional’s technique. Only an expert should inject a filler because they know exactly where to insert it.
  • A single shot is required one at a time. This is to prevent any risk of bruising or causing discomfort. 
  • The procedure involves the 7 points of shaping; it covers under eye hollows, temples, contours, chin, jawline, cheeks, and the laugh lines. 
  • A small amount of 0.4 cc is injected in one area. About 6-7 ml is injected in multiple locations to give the best overall results. 


Dermal Fillers are designed to provide you with endless benefits. Some of the popular results are; 

  • Plumps thin lips. 
  • Reconstructs and enhances shallow contours. 
  • Softens facial creases and wrinkles. 
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars. 
  • Restore fullness and volume to the skin. 
  • It’s seamless and doesn’t make you look like you have had a treatment. 
  • Makes you appear fresh, as though you are well rested. 
  • Creates a structure for people with loose skin.

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