What are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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A lot of individuals are there who are not satisfied with the measure & formation of their nasal & thus seek ways to alter it. Numerous clients are curious and ask What are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty Dubai & Abu Dhabi, & which one will suit them perfectly. At our location, we have various nasal surgeries available, thus this delivers our valued clients to have a diverse range of options that matches their condition.


The nasal job is mostly recognized as rhinoplasty, it is an aesthetic surgical process that reforms & enhances the appearance of the nose. The major aim of the technique is to change the measure and rectify any defects, or medical issues of the nose. 

The process is a known cosmetic technique that is more adequate, safe, & permanent, that changes the size, form & role of the nose. If any candidate is seeking a nose job, then it is essential to meet a technician of the treatment, consult our proficient specialist, and sort out your concerns.

When are the Results Noticeable?

The consequences of the procedure will be flawless and will appear balanced, refined in shape & well-proportioned. In expansion, the method will ease the client to get rid of breathing issues. But the optimal outcome will be noticeable after 7 to 8 months and will last for a lifetime.

Furthermore, after the healing period, the outcomes will be observed in the amazingly contoured nasal that our valuable clients have been looking for a long time.

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The Types of Rhinoplasty in Dubai:

As per the proficient experts at Royal Clinic, there are multiple types of nose jobs that are performed by our proficient doctors at our clinic. The several kinds of treatments include:

  • Reduction:

This process is done to reduce the size of the nose in its dimension to make the nasal appear smaller & at the same time appear more balanced.

Furthermore, the process is done to rectify & rebuild the shape of the nose, reforming the functions, & cosmetically improving the nose by settling the traumatic nasal, a genetic disease, or breathing issue. In addition, there are many clients who appeal to eliminate the bump, narrow the width, alter the angle that is between the nose & the mouth. 

  • Augmentation:

The following method is performed to increase the significant measures of the nose to provide a more cosmetically satisfying look. The amazing part of this technique is that it can add a peak to the bridge of the nose or alter the formation of the tip to enhance the projection.

  • Post-Traumatic:

This technique is done to manage the damages to the nasal that have damaged or blocked the airways, have deformation, bones that are broken, & individuals who have lost the support of the cartilage. 

  • Reconstructive:

The mentioned process is done to eliminate cancer or individuals who have facial trauma, that has caused a severe disfiguration because of a lack of tissues that have been eliminated or lost. However, the process is done to repair the tissues that are not present or are damaged that are not able to be repaired. 

  • Ethnic:

This surgery is done to surgically change the shape of the nose & create a balanced & cosmetically satisfying nasal that best suits your facial structure without reducing the client’s genetic features.

  • Refinement:

There are many individuals who are not content with the looks of their nasal, a few clients have pointed noses & others have a tip that faces downwards. This method is all our valuable contenders require to have to make the nose compliment your facial features. The expert in the process will add or eliminate the cartilage & tissue to create the tip perfect in its shape or direction.

  • Revision:

This is a technique that is surgical & prepared to repair the form and the working of the nasal that has once been worked on. A lot of individuals have issues while breathing or are not content with the aesthetic looks of their nasal as an outcome of the previous nasal processes.

  • Septoplasty:

The process is surgical that is done to rectify a shifted septum. It is the wall of the bone & cartilage that separates the nose into two split nostrils. 

  • Turbinoplasty:

The process is done to decrease the measure of the turbinates. These are the format by the side wall of the nasal that can generate obstruction. Furthermore, the method will be done by lessening the measure to enhance breathing.

  • Alarplasty:

In the quoted method, the sides also called alar, are reformed. In many scenarios, this is accomplished by reforming the nasal to increase its symmetry & design of the nasal.

What is the Strategy?

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, the methodology is done by first applying local anesthesia to the place of treatment to make it numb, minimize the pain & make the client comfortable. After that, the practitioner will make a cut and fix the issue. After the process, the expert will stitch the cuts with dissolvable stitches and in the end place a splint to avoid any major risks.

In addition, the expert will provide a few guidelines to follow in order to subside the side effects, the tips are as follows:

  • Use ice packs.
  • Take the prescribed medicines.
  • Use the prescribed ointments.

The Recovery & Charges:

The healing will take about a few months but the client can get back to the daily chores soon after the treatment. In addition, the standard Rhinoplasty Cost will vary from AED 17,500 to AED 19,500. However, the actual cost will be known at the initial meeting with the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dubai, as there are a few other elements that will impact the cost for instance the type of treatment, application of anesthesia, proficiency of the specialist, and a few other expenses.

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